The Four Seasons. Spring. March by A. Vivaldi

Openness. Assumption

Guests from Overseas by Nicholas Roerich. 19011. "Hold your eyes open and in purity, otherwise you will not discern where is the Light." [Supermundane, 606]


2. "Truth is revealed only to the open heart." [Fiery World III, 125]


3. "With the awareness of Infinity, its richness and diversity, it is impossible to limit its understanding from today. Consciousness should be open and ready to perceive a new approach and accept new angles of view of the world around a person. Its laws are unchangeable, but their understanding depends on the stages of development of the consciousness comprehending them." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1971, 383]


4. "There are no forbidden domains for a scholar. He does not belittle any manifestation of nature, for he understands that the cause and effect of each manifestation have a profound significance." [Brotherhood, 599]


5. "A scientific task is based on tolerant acceptance, but the pseudo-scientific is full of negation. Likewise, do not burden investigators with preconceived methods. Each investigator has the right to his own path. Even if his path be a complicated one, he may discover an unexpected new detail… One should manifest the broadest tolerance, only thus is it possible to build up cooperation." [AUM, 484]


6. "Endeavor by all means to extend good will and containment. Not one affirmation of science may be found which you cannot accept; in such a manner the advantage will be on your side. You will have no grounds for irritation, because you admit any scientific consideration whatever. Sometimes you will regret a form of expression, but the essence will find a place in your consciousness. Such admittance will create a distinct advantage." [AUM, 488]


7. "… One must be spiritually experienced to be able to accept Reality. The word “accept” signifies the very essence of evolution." [Supermundane, 113]


And We Open the Gates [And We are Opening the Gates] by Nicholas Roerich. 19228. "A yogi possesses an outlook that is unlimited. A person who shuts himself in the dungeon of negation cannot be a yogi… Man rarely admits that contradictions can be of real benefit to him, but for a yogi, contradictions are merely a challenge for great victory. Young people should begin to understand how a broad outlook provides them with the best wings.

Many examples can be cited of people who gained victory because of their broad outlook. Even when they encountered seemingly insoluble problems, they could find their way thanks to their broad approach. Thus one can think of breadth of perception as the shield of a yogi.

The Thinker pointed out, “Friends, learn to think in a way that is broader than the broadest!”". [Supermundane, 870]


9. "The search for new ways is the most imperative problem... Just as it is impossible to open a present-day lock with a mediaeval key, likewise it is impossible for men with old habits to unlock the door to the future. To all We shall say, “It is necessary, necessary, necessary, to find new ways!”." [Infinity II, 84]


10. "The new is always difficult, but only it leads forward and opens up new horizons and opportunities!" [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 9. 238]


11. "But for evolution a constant renewal and broadening is required. It is correct to think about the spiral, because eternal growth affirms infinity. Creativeness is intensified in continual renovation, and infinity shines truly by the creative power of diversity. Thus traditions cannot be looked upon as a guiding principle. Usually the so-called traditions, affirmed by people, degenerate into customs. Customs pass into habits. Thus, habits will express all the stratifications of the past. Therefore, having faith in the Fiery World, one should accept all renewal as a movement of mighty time in evolution. Thus, traditions go with the passing time, but the eternal breath of motion leads to Infinity." [Fiery World III, 78]


12. "Only hypocrites fear that the Ray of Light might penetrate into the depths of their being. Open hearts form a beautiful necklace for the Higher Worlds." [Supermundane, 27]


13. "Humanity can be classified into those who allow and those who deny. The first carry within themselves the seed of the New World; the second produce only cosmic rubbish… The Thinker advised, “Inspect your own locks, and make sure that you can open them.”” [Supermundane, 854]


14. "Good does not dwell with rejection. Good has an open door, it needs no locks." [Brotherhood, 574]


15. "The thought of possibilities is already an opened path." [AUM, 576]



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