Ethics in me

The flow of Karma must be understood as the approach of requital and of possibilities.
Fiery World, Book II, § 363

Why are you living? In order to cognize and to perfect yourselves.
New Era Community, § 230

All human sorrow is the result of ignorance.
Infinity, Book II, § 428

Let us not forget the wise saying, "And this too, will pass." For an impetuous motion will never bring one back to the same spot.
Heart, § 164

The entire evolution is based on refinement.
Infinity, Book II, § 374

Gratitude acts as a purifier, and whatever has been purified is already more easily moved. Thus, gratitude is a means of hastening the path.
Aum, § 454

Self-perfectment is possible only through refinement of consciousness by its seeking to surround itself with worthy manifestations.
Fiery World, Book I, § 652

The injurer first of all harms himself.
Fiery World, Book II, § 399

Love is a guiding and creative principle. This means that love must be conscious, striving, and self-denying.
Hierarchy, § 280

Turning to the Higher World must evoke ecstasy and expansion of one's forces for the expression of the beautiful. Such qualities are born not of fear but through love.
Fiery World, Book II, § 292

Verily, cooperation opens all possibilities … Cooperation is the condition of the entire life.
Heart, § 204

If the mountain is perfectly smooth, one cannot ascend to the summit. Blessed are the stones that tear the sandals of those who ascend!
Agni Yoga, § 406

Great love is laid in the foundation of the Higher World. Only a similar love responds to this quality.
Aum, § 80

The measure of success is the degree of necessity… The more unavoidable the necessity, the nearer is the step of victory.
Agni Yoga, § 424

Learn how to love, become accustomed to love everything beautiful, and develop active compassion toward everything that is not yet perfect.
Helena Roerich’s Letter of August 21, 1931

Truly it is difficult to understand why persons serving the same goal disparage each other… But mutual disparagement is one of the most shameful sins.
Fiery World, Book I, § 415

How can one attain success? Remember, through joy—not through despair, but joy.
Fiery World, Book I, § 663

Each thought of good is already an arrow of Light.
Fiery World, Book II, § 286

Let us turn away from darkness; even plants know enough to stretch out toward light.
Fiery World, Book I, § 585

As through a magnifying glass behold the good, and belittle tenfold the signs of imperfection, lest you remain as you always were.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. The Call, 32

Daring should be found to reconstruct one's life in accordance with new accumulations.
Fiery World, Book I, § 308

It is possible to become accustomed to send out good thoughts many times daily, as spatial arrows.
Fiery World, Book II, § 308

The consequence of action can be cured only by action. No verbal avowals, no oaths, are of importance.
Agni Yoga, § 52

Good is inexhaustible, but evil is limited.
Supermundane: The Inner Life, Book III, § 476

And what cleanses the spirit more thoroughly than the thoughts about the welfare of others?
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. Illumination, III-3-10

Gratitude is the setting for justice.
New Era Community, § 211

A concept of the world which embraces the Invisible World will change the psychology of the people.
Fiery World, Book I, § 617

If something is not close to us, but it opens the heart of a neighbor, would we not tolerate it only to kindle someone's heart?
Heart, § 212

You must know before you are able. You must be able before you can manifest anything. And you can manifest only what is justified in spirit.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. The Call, 224

There is no worse occupation than forcible imposition of one's creed… People are attracted by beauty and by luminous knowledge.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. Illumination, III-5-13

To discern the principal issue and to remain on the path to it means to proceed to victory.
Fiery World, Book I, § 146

If one's conviction is steadfast that Truth is one, there can be no fear that some other truth will be found.
Aum, § 484

Freedom is the adornment of wisdom, but profligacy is the horns of ignorance.
Brotherhood, § 569

Experienced people ask for tests; otherwise upon what can they affirm their strength?
Fiery World, Book I, § 634

True Service lies in the toil of patient endurance and perfectionment.
Fiery World, Book III, § 500

What is love without self-sacrifice or achievement without valor, labor without patience, and creativeness without self-perfectment! And over this entire legion of benignant values the heart rules.
Heart, § 75

It is necessary to accept the law of counteraction as a stimulus of creativeness; the stimulus which intensifies each construction.
Fiery World, Book III, § 212

One must set before oneself the loftiest goal… One must adjoin the highest quality throughout all existence. One must accept higher measures as alone worthy of the Highest Forces.
Fiery World, Book II, § 370

It is important to accustom the consciousness to the thought that all is possible.
Fiery World, Book III, § 130

How to affirm the measure of your deeds? If your deeds are useful to the world, then is their measure great.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. The Call, 410

Two signs of the authenticity of the Teaching are: first, striving for the Common Weal; second, acceptance of all previous Teachings which are congruous with the first sign.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. Illumination, III-5-13

From heart to heart—such is the law of fraternity, community, fellowship.
New Era Community, § 275

Steadfast is he who has devoted himself to the Highest. If there is any wavering in him, it means there has not been a true conception about the Highest.
Fiery World, Book II, § 314

New life can begin from each instant...Yet, for what do we exercise and regenerate our thinking? Precisely for a new life.
Fiery World, Book II, § 433

One must sow good with each glance of the eye and each touch. And the heart will grow in this exercise of the good.
Heart, § 410

The language of understanding and sympathy will open the first Gates to Infinity.
Infinity, Book I, Preface

Traveler, apprehend that your earthly life is the very smallest part of your existence.
Fiery World, Book II, Afterword

Sincerity is similar to a properly directed spear thrust and is not a diffused goodness can be shown by example. Each doubt lessens the power of the blow.
New Era Community, § 134

The manifestation of expansion of consciousness results from love of cognition and from striving for higher quality.
Aum, § 500

Our way is not that of an eternal wanderer but of a hastening messenger.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. Illumination, II-6-17

The old world and the New World are distinguished through consciousness, not by outer evidence.
Agni Yoga, § 55

If co-measurement is not observed, then the determination is also destroyed. Our determination is up to the last limit.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. Illumination, III-4-11

The quality of striving is the truest indicator of the growth of the spirit.
Hierarchy, § 45

Help whenever the hand can reach, wherever a thought can fly. Thus shall we rap upon the future.
Hierarchy, § 434

One should understand the most proximate gifts of evolution: first—psychic energy; second—the woman's movement; third—cooperation. Each of these gifts must be accepted in full measure, not abstractly.
Aum, § 414

Each Teaching of Light is primarily a development of humaneness.
Fiery World, Book I, § 75

All earthly life should be based on tolerance and compassion.
Supermundane: The Inner Life, Book III, § 553

Each speck of fear is a target for an enemy's arrow.
Agni Yoga, § 406

We oppose any coercion. We do not direct the energy without the consent of the co-worker.
Hierarchy, § 410

Daring of the spirit is the beginning of ascent.
Fiery World, Book III, § 55

The Thinker said, “If we could apply all our power to love, we would always be successful.”
Supermundane: The Inner Life, Book III, § 542

Human energy becomes inexhaustible when one trains one's thought upon the Highest Source.
Supermundane: The Inner Life, Book II, § 385

Every action must be accompanied by good will.
Supermundane: The Inner Life, Book III, § 479

The measure of understanding is the degree of love.
Agni Yoga, § 424

The Yoga of today— the link with the Highest— must be accomplished amidst the routine of everyday life. Not hiding from life, but transforming it is required.
Supermundane: The Inner Life, Book IV, § 812

Even an Arhat may not be able to clear away the consequences of thought and word.
Agni Yoga, § 50

In the spirit of each man lives the principle of good, which can saturate the whole being if these energies of Light are consciously invoked.
Fiery World, Book III, § 129

Political economy should be based upon an understanding of the values of nature and their wise use; otherwise the state will rest on sand.
Fiery World, Book I, § 320

One's entire life should be transformed so that learning becomes a relentless necessity.
Supermundane: The Inner Life, Book I, § 33

The Living Ethics consists of disciplines that enable you to become more conscious in any sphere.
Supermundane: The Inner Life, Book I, § 249

Someone says that he wishes to attain cosmic consciousness; let him better think about purifying his heart.
Fiery World, Book II, § 442

Do not tear down the temple of another if you cannot immediately erect a new temple upon the same site. The site of the temple must never be left vacant.
Agni Yoga, § 58

Contradictions are usually only different aspects of one and the same manifestation.
New Era Community, § 172

Let us accept love as the impetus for the expansion of consciousness.
Heart, § 243

Compassion does not weep, but helps.
New Era Community, § 134

Each day man must reflect about something eternal.
Fiery World, Book II, § 441

A manifestation referring to the future will kindle the heart. The most oppressive thing can be dispelled only because of the future.
Fiery World, Book II, § 443

The world is divided according to the quality of consciousness, and the degree of ignorance is the measuring rod.
New Era Community, § 193

The trial by patience is one of the highest tests.
Heart, § 212

Loyalty between friends, co-workers, is a pledge of devotion to Hierarchy. A nucleus of two or three friends, co-workers, can manifest the strongest support for great works.
Fiery World, Book III, § 80

Love every expansion of consciousness, because this is the primary aim.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. Illumination, III-6-17

To behold with the eyes of the heart; to listen with the ears of the heart to the roar of the world; to peer into the future with the comprehension of the heart; to remember the cumulations of the past through the heart; thus must one impetuously advance upon the path of ascent.
Heart, § 1

Patience is an adornment of the heart.
Fiery World, Book II, § 326

Beautiful is the law that thought guides man. Beautiful thought does not lead the way to darkness.
Fiery World, Book II, § 431

Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge! If people would ponder upon the fact that knowledge is the only salvation, there would not be a particle of the present suffering.
Infinity, Book II, § 428

Love, achievement, labor, creation—these summits of ascent preserve the aspiring strivings in all permutations.
Heart, § 75

Assist all who strive for perfectionment.
Fiery World, Book II, § 448

Agni Yoga is service to good. Learn to serve good.
Supermundane: The Inner Life, Book III, § 586

Intolerance is the sister of ignorance
Supermundane: The Inner Life, Book IV, § 714

The more complicated the circumstances are, the more calmness is needed.
Supermundane: The Inner Life, Book III, § 510

Transmission of Light connotes the transmitter's expansion. There was one flame, now it has become two. It means good has been accomplished.
Fiery World, Book I, § 192

Let every act of compassion be a step of your ascent.
Supermundane: The Inner Life, Book IV, § 847

The path of good will actually should be expanded. It has been affirmed as the essence of our being. Let us not forget this talisman even for an hour.
Fiery World, Book I, § 118

A scientific task is based on tolerant acceptance, but the pseudo-scientific is full of negation.
Aum, § 484

By love would I heal the mistaken ones.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden.The Call, 33

Discontent is only the knowledge of possibilities. Contentment is the death of the spirit.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. Illumination, II-6-2

The refinement of consciousness primarily depends on attention to the surroundings.
Fiery World, Book II, § 27

Joy is a special wisdom.
New Era Community, § 163

Put aside all prejudices — think freely.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. The Call, 1

Help each other, harken! Help in the small and in the great. Help is a rap upon the future.
Hierarchy, § 434

How to affirm the quality of your deeds? If your deeds benefit humanity, then is their essence good.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. The Call, 410

Widening the field of vision means the bringing of Light.
Fiery World, Book I, § 192

Ask anyone with what he would like to adorn himself, and you will discover his level of consciousness.
Fiery World, Book I, § 653

Desire is not an achievement. Achievement is the realization of necessity.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. Illumination, II-7-16

That man is good who creates good. Creation of good is the improvement of the future.
Fiery World, Book II, § 286

Only the heart, covered with nothing but love, links us with the Higher Forces. The fabric of love is a most sacred one.
Fiery World, Book II, § 154

Awareness of labor is the basis of development of consciousness.
Aum, § 477

People have only two real joys—thinking and the ecstasy over beauty.
Brotherhood, § 85

Our power multiplies when we transport our consciousness into the future.
Heart, § 151

Life must be filled with burning. At first man thought about himself, then about others, but afterwards his actions became useful for all that exists. He does not think any more about the usefulness, but he breathes it and gives life in Boundless Space.
Fiery World, Book II, § 276

Only a small consciousness denies, but the fiery spirit is all-comprehending.
Fiery World, Book III, § 269

Place four stones into the foundation of your actions: First – Reverence of Hierarchy. Second – Realization of unity. Third – Realization of co-measurement. Fourth – Application of the canon, "By thy God."
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. Illumination, II-9-10

One cannot discover the best path if one's eye does not follow the star of achievement.
Fiery World, Book II, § 427

Without a tense battle there is no victory.
Hierarchy, § 320

Gather about yourself so much Light that there can be no room for darkness.
Fiery World, Book I, § 504

People cannot perfect themselves if they do not realize that they are responsible for their free will.
Supermundane: The Inner Life, Book IV, § 797

In order to give one's soul one should cultivate, expand, and refine it, then it can be given for the salvation of one's neighbor.
Hierarchy, § 340

The path of joyous achievement is a hundredfold shorter than the path of mournful duties.
Fiery World, Book II, § 427

When one goes of mushrooms, one does not look for nuts. Thus, at each hour one must know what is most immediate.
Fiery World, Book I, § 413

Through devotion one can reach all gates. Let us not forget this even for a moment.
Hierarchy, § 177

Constructiveness, striving for victory, is already a bond with the rhythm of Higher Worlds.
Fiery World, Book II, § 357

Divide everything into four shares: the first—for the Highest; second—for the Common Weal; third—for your fellow-man; and fourth—for yourself. But the hour comes when only three parts remain, for the fourth will be swallowed up by the second…
Fiery World, Book II, § 457

Do not make enemies. This is an enjoinment to all. Know your enemies, beware of them, stop their actions, but bear no malice.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. Illumination, II-8-4

The criterion of the best is understood as conformity with the Highest Principle.
Aum, § 23

The ability to re-appraise within the consciousness will be the threshold of the future.
Fiery World, Book II, § 285

Good thought is the primary basis of good action. Thought dawns before action, therefore let us calculate the nature of good according to the fires of thought.
Fiery World, Book II, § 336

One should remember that powerful energies have been entrusted to man; therefore, whoever does not kindle the spirit does not fulfill his destiny.
Fiery World, Book II, § 447

Think how beautiful is tomorrow; thus will you learn to look forward.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. Illumination, III-3-6

Dirt comes not from poverty but from ignorance. Cleanliness in life is the gateway to purity of heart.
New Era Community, § 106

Happiness is in giving love; and happier is the one who loves rather than the one who is loved.
Helena Roerich’s Letter of August 21, 1931

Good must conquer evil; hence, the good must act.
Heart, § 220

Out of a wild jungle I can raise a grove, but a stone polished by worshipping foreheads will not produce a seed.
New Era Community, § 15

A man who affirms that in serving his own ideal he must destroy all others not coinciding with his path, is a destroyer of the fundamentals of evolution.
Fiery World, Book III, § 387

Seeking the mirage of alleviation does not lead to achievement. The most difficult is the most accessible.
Fiery World, Book II, § 324

Each ethical instruction is also a scientific advice.
Supermundane: The Inner Life, Book II, § 385

Whoever cannot pass around an observed object on all sides is no investigator.
Fiery World, Book III, § 509

The ladder of ascent is the measure of magnanimity, consequently magnanimity may be achieved daily.
Fiery World, Book II, § 280

The path of love is the tension of cosmic energy. Thus will people find their place in Cosmos. Not like dry leaves but as flaming lotuses they will be akin to the Highest World.
Heart, § 243

Blessed are the obstacles, by them we grow.
Aum, § 284

The strong in spirit will come to love the difficult path, for how otherwise will they test themselves?
Aum, § 522

Life is service for evolution.
Supermundane: The Inner Life, Book II, § 305

Boldness should be combined with caution. Otherwise boldness will be madness and caution will turn into cowardice.
Fiery World, Book II, § 444

The span of understanding will define the outline of possibilities.
Infinity, Book I, § 6

Nothing should deter one from sharing his knowledge and encouraging the growth of consciousness. Therein lies love for one's fellow men.
Fiery World, Book I, § 617

Do not be displeased except with yourself.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. Illumination, III-3-5

Fearlessness is Our leader. Beauty is Our ray of understanding. Simplicity is Our key to the secret doors of happiness.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. Illumination, II-4-4

The heart is a great magnet which attracts all knowledge, all possibilities, and all achievements.
Helena Roerich’s Letter of September 11, 1929

Love each other — beware of disunion.
Leaves Of Morya's Garden. The Call, 10

  Dear reader, in front of you there is the Flower of Spiritual Qualities, which everyone should strive for. It summarizes the best human qualities: spiritual and moral, cognitive, communicative, etc. These qualities and the inner work on self-improvement make the core that unites people of different religions, nationalities, cultures, social statuses.

  The on-line version of “The encyclopedia of spiritual qualities” is based on the heritage of the Roerich family:

   – Helena Roerich (1879–1955), a great spiritual worker and outstanding philosopher;

   – Nicolas Roerich (1874–1947), a great artist, world pubic figure, traveler;

   – Yuri Roerich (1902–1960), an eminent orientalist and linguist;

   – Svetoslav Roerich (1904–1993), a famous artist and public figure.

  The spiritual and philosophical heritage of the Roerich family includes first of all – 15 books of The Teaching of Living Ethics or Agni Yoga (1920s–1940s), the works and letters of Helena Roerich, the works of literary journalism and artwork of Nicholas Roerich.

  The ideas of The Living Ethics are closely connected with philosophical heritage of Helena Blavatsky (1831–1891), the founder of the theosophical movement in America, Europe and India.

  Dear reader, in front of you there is the Flower of Spiritual Qualities, which everyone should strive for. It summarizes the best human qualities: spiritual and moral, cognitive, communicative, etc. These qualities and the inner work on self-improvement make the core that unites people of different religions, nationalities, cultures, social statuses.

  The on-line version of “The encyclopedia of spiritual qualities” is based on the heritage of the Roerich family:

   – Helena Roerich (1879–1955), a great spiritual worker and outstanding philosopher;

   – Nicolas Roerich (1874–1947), a great artist, world pubic figure, traveler;

   – Yuri Roerich (1902–1960), an eminent orientalist and linguist;

   – Svetoslav Roerich (1904–1993), a famous artist and public figure.

  The spiritual and philosophical heritage of the Roerich family includes first of all – 15 books of The Teaching of Living Ethics or Agni Yoga (1920s–1940s), the works and letters of Helena Roerich, the works of literary journalism and artwork of Nicholas Roerich.

  The ideas of The Living Ethics are closely connected with philosophical heritage of Helena Blavatsky (1831–1891), the founder of the theosophical movement in America, Europe and India.

A sense of Beauty

"High Spirituality is an ardent Love for everything Beautiful."
"Properly understood evolution is the aspiration to beauty in all its manifestations. On the right path of evolution there will be no negations of the foundations of Being..."
"Beauty and Knowledge are the foundations of all culture and it is they who change the entire history of mankind."
"From the slightest flower, from the wing of a butterfly, from the sparkle of a crystal, and so on and higher, through beautiful human images, through the mysterious touch of the aboveground, a person wants to assert himself on the unshakably beautiful."
"Amidst various labors, thought about the Beautiful is the bridge and power and stream of benevolence. … Let us organically analyze different thoughts, and we shall see that a beautiful thought is a treasury of health."
"Beauty should not be confused with cheap vulgar conventionality in everyday life and with luxury. True beauty is in Nature, in the refinement of feelings, in the manifestations of the inner man."
"To listen to the Beautiful and to look at the Beautiful, means to better oneself.”
"People have only two real joys – thinking and the ecstasy over beauty. The path to the Fiery World has been affirmed by these two manifestations. Only through them can man advance to the lofty spheres." read more…

A sense of duty

"... The creation of good is the duty of man."
"Man's duty to his spirit exceeds everything else in its significance. But taking care of the spirit makes you be honest in fulfilling your duty to the Motherland, family and people. You cannot violate this duty without damaging your spirit. In both large and small, debt remains a debt in everything. The transience of earthly duties does not mean at all that they can be neglected. But the difference between obligations to one's spirit and the outside world should still be known and unmistakably understand the essence of both."
"Responsibility is a duty to oneself and to the Highest. Thought about duty will in itself be constructive striving, but for such a path one must cultivate oneself each hour."
"Next to bribery in shamefulness is the nonfulfillment of duty. …The quality of labor will create the realization of duty. Every negligence, forgetfulness and evasion can be condemned only in one’s own heart."
"The unconscious joy of duty turns into a sorrowful necessity."
"He who does not want to pay the debt puts himself in prison."
"The wise rejoices when he is given the opportunity to pay off old debts, the stupid rejoices at every receipt and wants to get even more, as much as possible, forgetting that nothing is for nothing it is not given." read more…

A sense of Unity

"The beauty of life is contained in cosmic unity..."
"…It is time to understand and recognize that God is One, and therefore there can be no separations and divisions."
"The Light is one, and the gates to it are truly international, and they are accessible to all sincere seekers of light."
"The language of the spirit is the same for everyone, in all ages and among all peoples, but it is not easy to discern and understand it, and it requires a developed sense of awareness and a lot of experience."
"The foundation of the New World is the unity of everything and everyone and in everything."
"Spiritual unity is, first of all, the admission of a multitude and variety of stages of consciousness, but not the imposition of one's own. …Everything should be based on the example of Nature, which accommodates everything in itself and harmoniously selects its neighborhoods."
"... Every grain of unity is already an invincible blessing."
"... It is possible to direct a rook when there is confidence that none of those sitting will overturn it. ...We will be united and we will win."
"The whole world is held together by harmony or unity, and where this unity is broken, decomposition occurs there."
"Love each other – beware of disunion." read more…

Ability to help

"The path of life is one of mutual help."
"Being able to help is a great happiness."
"The goal and meaning of existence is to strive upward beyond the limits of the known and to help one another… Help wherever the hand can reach, wherever a thought can fly. Thus shall we rap upon the future."
"Help each other, harken! Help in the small and in the great. Help is a rap upon the future. You know not which is the drop that filled the cup to the brim."
"It is necessary to help everywhere and in everything. If obstacles to assistance be encountered through political, national, or social lines, or in religious belief, such obstacles are unworthy of humanity. Help in all its aspects should be extended to the needy. One must not scrutinize the color of hair when danger threatens. One should not interrogate as to religious belief when it is necessary to save from conflagration. All Teachings point to the necessity of unconditional assistance. Such help may be considered true inspiration."
"Is it necessary to help? It is so necessary that it cannot be expressed. And it should be done by a thought, and by an advice, and by a deed, and by all available direct and indirect means. After all, the main reason for the global crisis is the lack of mutual assistance. ...Meanwhile... the ongoing crisis is not of material, but of spiritual significance." read more…




"It is necessary to maintain an atmosphere of friendliness in your environment. Friendliness, amicability and attentiveness to loved ones is the best policy and the creation of a strong magnet."
"Mutual help must be built upon the foundation of the loving heart. When people understand the power of the welcoming heart, they will learn one more path to Us.
The Thinker always distinguished the truly loving heart from the hypocritical one."
"Let us learn to rejoice at obstacles, knowing that the welcomed obstacle can be used to speed success. And this success will be like a fishnet overfilled with an abundant catch."
"…It was so gratifying to hear the excellent Report of the Minister of Health of India... about her visit to the Best Country [Russia]. She... was amazed and touched by the general cordial friendliness of the population. Such cordiality cannot be ordered, it comes from a heart that loves PEACE and Common work for the Good." read more…


"Cultural work requires weighing all possibilities. Where there is at least the slightest sprout of good – there should be shown kindness and care."
"... Live in the consciousness that only Light should come from you and its warmth should warm everyone around you, especially those close to you. You never know where and when a kind word can dispel a gloomy cloud. Sometimes a simple affectionate touch of the hand regenerates a person."
"People need to learn to show tenderness, care and affection. People love taking care of them. A word from the heart, a little attention, a little self-forgetfulness, and an important thing is done. A person received a particle of precious energy and to some extent was sated with it. For there are very few givers and those who can give. And the heart will grow in this continuous and conscious giving."
"Every affectionate, well-spoken word infuses new strength and cleanses the atmosphere over a large radius."
"When the enchanted flower of tenderness unfolds on earth, a new star is born in the Infinite."
"Go fix what you've done. You will restore everything with affection and attention." read more…


"From alertness comes the light of experience."
"Alertness – all-penetrating vision, all-comprehending, indefatigable, strengthening aspiration. ...And the ability to see is tested only through the cover of mist."
"Let us assimilate the joy of constant alertness and aspiration. After all, this is the basis of Teaching and being. Only aspiration carries us to further steps, only alertness and vigilance help us successfully overcome obstacles."
"Every ascent of a mountain is dangerous because it is possible to slide down, and the danger increases with each step of the ascent. The higher, the more dangerous the fall. Therefore, it is impossible to imagine the ascendant in a state of careless complacency. If carelessness is evident, then there is really no ascent, but there is either self-deception or deception. Eternal tense alertness is a companion of eternal ascent."
"Will is the antipode of reflexivity. The more of the animal state in a person, the more pronounced the reflexivity. Control and constant alertness are barriers against reflexivity... Every moment, before acting, it is necessary to request the sanction of the will. ...The will suppresses the reflex by imposing its decisions on it. This is the difference between a human and an animal. Reflex consciousness and volitional consciousness differ in that the former is subject to reflexes, the latter is free. Free will is the greatest attribute of the spirit." read more…


"…One of the main qualities on the path of spiritual advancement is gratitude or appreciation. This rarest and noblest quality composes the best stages of ascent. It strengthens both devotion and adorns Love – the crown of our Being."
"It is imperative to understand the quality of gratitude – it is the adamant of Existence."
"Gratitude is the setting for justice. The community must know the essence of gratitude. Each goalfitted action is not reduced to nothing but carries along gratitude. The essence of gratitude will be adjoined with the closest harmony of consciousness."
"... The flame of devotion and gratitude rises above other offerings, therefore let the flame and joy of these offerings illuminate and warm us on the way to the goal we have chosen, to a beautiful love in the service of the Common Good."
"... Keep the lamp of Light constantly lit in yourself... Joy and gratitude to the Forces of Light for the Help sent – the best nutrition, the best oil for such a lamp."
"Appreciation has always been noted as a high refinement, as a sign of lofty thinking. Let's say, as a sign of pure cordiality."
"There is no need to wait for gratitude or appreciation for your deeds. Spatial justice pays according to deeds. Cosmic retribution, as a spatial reaction, is inevitably the action of the law." read more…

Aspiration for the cooperation

"Cooperation must be accepted as the foundation of Existence."
"The Teaching considers the whole World as a Single World Community.
"It is the duty of every thinker to contribute his cooperation to the common chalice of evolution for the Good."
"...From heart to heart – such is the law of fraternity, community, fellowship."
"Cooperation is possible only at a certain stage of purification of the heart from the self."
"The basis of cooperation first of all lies in taking responsibility for each other."
"People do not realize that when they are united their energy is increased many times."
"A nucleus of two or three friends, co-workers, can manifest the strongest support for great works."
“…Always recognize people by the fires of the heart, by their devotion and readiness for self-sacrifice and any cooperation, there is no other measure."
"The more ignorant a person or a nation is, the less cooperation there is in it."
"Unity is indicated in all beliefs as the only bulwark of prosperity. It is possible to approve the best achievement if there is confidence in the unity of employees. You can list many examples when faith in employees helped high decisions." read more…

Aspiration for the future

"Striving for the future is an introduction to the evolution of the world, for which only the present and everything around exists."
"Precious is the striving to the future, and a special energy is attracted when thought about the future is alive. The most brilliant past cannot compare to the possibilities of the future… We offer knowledge about the past, but the heart should be filled with striving to the future. Let the ability to perceive better possibilities for mankind be developed out of such thoughts.
Do not think that it is easy to reject the past. Great knowledge must be acquired before one can recognize the spiral of evolution, which perpetually surges forward. Usually people dwell on yesterday, not realizing that each tomorrow brings new knowledge, and the day that is hardly over has already engendered new accumulations."
"Precisely, he who wishes to be liberated from the past should strive into the future. Striving with one’s entire being protects one from downfalls; take for example the moving heavenly bodies... Karma can be changed by an irresistible striving."
"Effective hope becomes aspiration and acquires the power of the fiery engine of the life of the spirit." "No matter how good the present is, the future is always wider, and deeper, and more significant. Only a decaying consciousness has no future."
"The future is the field of realization of desires and aspirations of the present. Therefore, the levers of the future are in our hands."
"When joy for the future lives in the heart, then each impediment is merely a step for ascent." "Living in the future always moves forward. And where are the limits of the future?!" read more…

Aspiration for the highest quality



Balance self-control

Benevolence. Goodwill

"Evolution is the realization of good. Let each one think about what he regards as good."
"The path of good will actually should be expanded. It has been affirmed as the essence of our being. Let us not forget this talisman even for an hour."
"All that has vital capacity should be welcomed. Each spark should be welcomed; from it grows Fire. Thus, be benevolent."
"One should understand and encompass with good."
"To transform the consciousness means to enter a special world; it means to acquire a special evaluation of all that occurs; it means going forward without glancing back; it means leaving behind all complaints and acquiring good will."
"Pure thinking, constancy, and benevolence bring the heart energy into action."
"One should sow the good with every glance, every touch. And the heart will grow in this exercise of goodness."
"So let us rejoice in every good. After all, it already dispels someone's embarrassment and replaces ugliness with beauty."
"...Good thinking is also healthy thinking, and produces a benevolent inner fire."
"First of all man should wish well to all of humanity. He should understand that destroyers will be pitiful exceptions, and that the essence of humanity is good. … The Thinker said, “Teacher, teach me to wish good to others”." read more…



read more…


Carefulness. Considerateness. Frugality

"Let us be careful of everything that comes from Above."
"Thus, refinement can turn thought toward consideration among human beings. People should not offend one another."
“It were better to understand carefulness within one’s consciousness; this will safeguard the concept of the Teacher.”
“It is inadvisable to speak to an unprepared man about harmony or vibrational combinations. Who can foresee what such a man will visualize under the concepts of harmony or vibrational combinations? But he can understand it if told about carefulness toward his surroundings. The simplest concept concerning solicitude will be a firm basis for each cooperation of Brotherhood.”
“The entrance of human manifested fire is not accomplished without realization of responsibility. In such realization will be contained that refined solicitude and carefulness which conforms with knowledge.”
“One may understand that it is necessary to exert the utmost caution, as when passing between rows of the finest vessels. If these works of fiery labor require such carefulness, the fiery waves themselves enlarge the path of our observation of the heart.”
“The battle is intense; you must apply all your carefulness.” read more…


"The ignorant may assume that caution is inaction or the gloom of fear. On the contrary, caution is a strengthening of action, watchfulness and courage."
"Caution and alertness should be able to distinguish from fearfulness and indecision. Only experience gives firmness to the hand and the ability to understand the bipolarity of qualities."
"The primitive imagination with extreme ease constructs a Maya of all sorts of visions, but when the consciousness has been broadened, deductions become more cautious."
"Express your wishes cautiously. Every one knows many parables and fairy tales which describe the ugly consequences of careless wishes. Remember about the rajah who wished to receive a beautiful palace, and did receive it, but who, on entering it, thought about an attacking tiger, which then appeared and tore him to pieces. Under the symbols of allegories there is much reality. If people would realize the power of the will, many manifestations would receive a practical explanation."
"Each caution will be valued as an action of wisdom."
"For every achievement, courage is necessary, but courage should be combining reasonable care and caution."
"When a great path lies ahead, One must carefully avoid deviations." read more…


"…Heart perception grants one a charm that gold cannot acquire. The manifestation of the anura, the “heart charm,” is valued very highly. It belongs among the qualities that can be accumulated and never eradicated. The anura, the charm of the heart, is also known as the Regal Heart. One can see how this charm begins unfolding from childhood, sometimes even being burdensome to the person who possesses it, for people of differing tensions disrupt its rhythm."
"Only the vibration of the heart creates. One can create only through the vibration of the heart. The greatest power lies in the magnet of the heart. Through it we seek, through it we create, through it we find, through it we attract."
"When the heart is burning, it is so easy to speak and affirm, the words themselves ask for the tongue, and the magnet of the heart ignites and conquers the hearts of listeners."
"...Condemnation is unacceptable, and first of all because it repels from a person those whom he condemns, even if this condemnation is carried out secretly in the thoughts and heart of a person. To clothe the heart in attractiveness, attracting people, is not an easy and rare phenomenon. We need a strong heart magnet. In him lies the secret of the heart's charm. How else can you lead people if you don't attract them and hold them with the magnet of your heart? It is believed that people can be held with a word, a brain or gold. But these ties are fragile. And such leaders often remain without followers. The heart connection persists even beyond death." read more…

Clarity of consciousness

"Light is within ourselves and we open up the way to it. …He who desires Light gives access to it, but he who sinks into a twilight of thought receives that to which he has limited himself. This is why we repeat so often about clarity of consciousness, about boundlessness of thought, and about containment."
"...Keep the consciousness clear. It is impossible to see through turbid waters. All agitation will react in a completely identical manner, in water and in the consciousness. One must find the happy medium between responsiveness and excitability. Under earthly conditions it is not easy to avoid excitement, which is so pernicious for good health. Manifestation of the link with the Higher World bestows a quality of sensitiveness and clarity which is not made turbid by the dark currents."
"A precise, clear thought creates a precise, clear consciousness."
"... Simplicity indicates clarity of understanding. The Highest Truth is revealed only in the greatness of Simplicity."
"The most sublime, beautiful thing needs clarity and goodwill. The same cheerful clarity will create a true magnet that will attract coworkers."
"...Clarity of feelings depends on clarity of consciousness, and clarity of consciousness depends on clarity of thought. The boundaries of consciousness are set by thought." read more…

Co-measurement with the Sumprime

"...The co-measurement, or, in other words, expediency, which reigns throughout the universe, must be manifested in everything. Everything must be accepted from the point of view of the common good or the benefit of all mankind."
"Everything in Space is governed by co-measurement. Justice in its highest sense is commensurability."
"The criterion of the best is understood as conformity with the Highest Principle."
"Always remember that spirituality is determined ... by the presence of synthesis and co-measurement in thinking and in actions."
"Co-measurement is a necessary measure in everything."
"Dear ones, develop a sense of justice and co-measurement. Both of these qualities are measured by the heart. Start thinking about the heart to remember it, and then listen to the sound of it. After all, the most powerful magnet is the heart. This magnet attracts all possibilities... There is nothing abstract in this, because all the subtle cosmic energies pass through the heart."
"Blissful joy is in the acceptance of the Supermundane energy. It is available to everyone who desires to turn to it. In this will also grow co-measurement, which allows one to distinguish what is the most urgent and needed."
"The ability to discriminate between the great and the small is forged in the same fire of the heart." read more…


"Perceptivity is a special quality of the consciousness. It does not depend upon the intellect; it does not depend upon surroundings; it does not depend upon the schooling – it is formed in the domain of the heart. The man who has accumulated this quality cannot be deprived of perception."
"Knowledge is an inalienable right of humanity. Freedom of learning is participation in evolution. Everyone who opposes freedom of learning is an enemy of evolution."
"The evidence of enlightenment is the best gift to evolution."
"Teacher and disciple are indissoluble. Each Teacher remains also a disciple, for amid Hierarchy he will be a link in the Chain of Eternity. Likewise in the descending line, each disciple will also be a teacher."
"Knowledge is above everything. Each one who contributes a particle of knowledge is a benefactor of mankind. Each one who collects the sparks of knowledge will be a bearer of Light. Let us learn to guard each step of scientific cognition. Disdain for science is a plunge into darkness. … Let us not forget to bear gratitude toward those who, by their own lives, inculcate knowledge." "The path of cognition has no end."
"One’s entire life should be transformed so that learning becomes a relentless necessity." "Do not be upset by ignorance, but look at it as the best arable land. Ignorance is often better than arrogant little knowledge; ignorance, bypassing average knowledge, can build bridges to the Highest." read more…


"... Learn to love, get used to loving everything beautiful and develop effective compassion for everything imperfect!"
"The greatness of the heart is measured by the measure of compassion."
"Truly, mercy, peacefulness, sympathy, kindness, solicitude toward people, are manifestations of various aspects of compassion. Love itself is close to compassion. Is not cooperation kin to compassion? All these good qualities have healing properties."
"To have compassion means to suffer with the sufferer. The feeling of suffering is an incentive to help. After all, the pain is not someone else's, but as if its own. Compassion flows from the feeling of unity. Unity and compassion are inseparable, and one follows from the other. One who feels complete oneness also has complete compassion. ...Can life stand without compassion? We see that such a life leads to death. ...Every destruction has a limit, while creation has no limit. Similarly, cruelty destroys itself, and compassion confirms the growth of the heart. And he who wants to save his soul in isolation loses it, and he who gives his soul in compassion finds an ever–increasing treasure."
"Help and compassion consist in replacing the twilight of a darkened spirit with Light."
"Only a person who has gone beyond his personality can feel the suffering of others. Therefore, compassion is a great refiner of the heart. True compassion is effective. The feeling of compassion causes action by taking the hit on yourself."
"Compassion does not weep, but helps." read more…



"Just as self-confidence in action is blessed, self-conceit is disastrous. Self-conceit is hostile to simplicity."
"The teaching speaks harshly against conceit, but faith in one's own strength when honoring Hierarchy will not be conceit and will only confirm the best results."
"…. Self-confidence is an excellent concept, but conceit is the grave of evolution."
"He who believes in his own strength attains. He who believes in the power [of the Highest] attains doubly and threefold. The one who believes in victory has already won it. Faith is the fire of the spirit put into action. One can even say that it is the fierceness of faith that creates and achieves. And enthusiasm is also ignited by faith. ... Faith can be affirmed in oneself, thereby increasing its fiery potential and its tension."
"Patience is not enough, you need confidence in the right path."
"There may be the courage of despair, there may be the courage of confidence, the courage of knowledge."
"... In the narrow spaces of life, you are guided by a Hand that knows no hesitation, and if you hold the wire tightly, this unshakable confidence is transmitted to you." read more…



"... If the decision is in the heart, then the heart should be given freedom, that is, let it go up. How it rejoices in everything that elevates and brightens the spirit. This feeling is called conscience. But conscience lives in the heart."
"It is the conscience and the heart that should prompt how best to fulfill the duty."
"Everyone experiences inner relief when he knows that he is acting as he should. One may explain this feeling as a conscious reflex of the nerve centers, or, as it is said, as conscience, but let us not forget also a cosmic reason for such a state. Right action will be in cooperation with the Fiery World."
"Be true, be loyal to your pledge, to your sacred duty, to your country, to your own conscience."
"Conscience is clear, and you can safely look into the eyes of the whole world. Precisely, it is necessary to achieve that state of affairs so that they will not be ashamed of anyone, even if the most secret thoughts and deeds become apparent. After all, they will all become apparent sometime and somewhere. And you have to be ready for this, too. And it takes a lot of courage to gather in order to appear before the eyes of those looking at her with their naked essence. To appear, and not to be afraid, and not to lose the dignity of the spirit." read more…



"The crown of the Universe is Thought, for only conscious thought can create. Therefore, a thinking person, illuminated by the light of spirituality, is called the Crown of the Universe and the Creator."
"The Living Ethics consists of disciplines that enable you to become more conscious in any sphere, but alas, people avoid such daily disciplines."
"You know how slowly the consciousness grows; the transformation of the home of the consciousness – the heart – is likewise a slow process. So it should be accepted that a person who pays no thought to the heart will not succeed in improving his consciousness."
"Consciousness in everything and responsibility for everything will unspeakably accelerate the ascent."
"Everything conscious begins to live at an accelerated pace."
"Consciousness enhances what is realized."
"Consciousness enhances the phenomenon according to the degree of awareness."
"In continuous conscious striving the energy acquires discipline. Awareness of labor is the basis of development of consciousness, that is to say, the beginning of the action of psychic energy."
"Awareness and attentiveness prepare us with a vast field for creative work."
"Only intelligent aspiration will lead to the goal."
"Only when our consciousness remains our sole possession do we feel the freedom of ascent." read more…


"Constancy and steadfastness in Good is already a conquest."
"It is necessary to learn to show balance and constancy in everything that is worthy of being kept in consciousness."
"The beat of the heart is constant. Any irregular beat of the heart is an unnatural, unhealthy condition. Likewise, a break in one’s striving to the Supermundane is also an unnatural condition. Some will say, “But the majority of people do not think at all about the Supermundane.” And you may reply that the psychic condition of most people is not natural. …Often one’s striving turns into a dead habit; that kind of regularity brings no benefit. Every sensible structure is in need of goalfitness. Only in a state of living receptivity is it possible to affirm oneself on the path and to go forward ... and people must always maintain a state of constancy."
"The quality of calmness is good, but what is it worth if there is no constancy in it? What can we say about the impermanent courage, which is replaced by fear? ...The quality of constancy is the basis on which the flowers of all other qualities of the spirit can be embroidered. Let's understand this..."
"Every failure with perseverance and constancy will certainly turn into luck. You need to feel this power in yourself, triumphant over the temporality of the opposite conditions."
"Everything is achievable – sooner or later, everything – provided constancy and persistence." read more…


"There are many things that need to be accommodated, truly, the infinity of containment is before us. Love with all your being the boundlessness of Knowledge and Containment."
"... Only a small consciousness denies, but the fiery spirit is all-comprehending." "The spirit transforms the consciousness into a manifestation of all-containment."
"The expansion of consciousness comprises all conceptions which lead to evolution."
"The first impulse of the savage is to destroy or kill everything incomprehensible to him. Intolerance is the stigma of ignorance. Containment is the crown of Great Knowledge. Use these signs to determine the specific weight of your interlocutors."
"The task is to expand consciousness and to accommodate as much as possible into it, without denying anything. And how can you deny anything when space contains everything that is, was and will be. Relatively recently, people did not know how to fly. Now they have learned. The impossible has become possible. Space exploration has begun. ...There is nothing impossible."
"Every isolation is pernicious, it is unnatural, because it is against the law of the unity of Being. And since the laws are the same in everything, everything that separates and shrinks leads to shrinkage and death. The Law of Being points to a constant expansion and boundless disclosure. Only in this unfolding, only in the unceasing accommodation of all possibilities, is eternal life." "Containment and tolerance are among the first ornaments of culture." read more…


"... The ability to maintain equilibrium is appreciated, whether in success or in failure, and the ability to continue to strive toward the chosen goal whatever the difficulties. But first one must have a goal and realize that without it there can be no advance. From such an attitude comes the possibility of great achievement. Achievement is demanded of everyone."
"Desire does not mean podvig. Podvig means comprehending necessity. Desire can grow; it can be renounced or modified. The torrent rushes forth not out of desire but out of an inevitability rooted in necessity. The spirit knows where there is a jolt of desire and where a rock of necessity. … Only when aware of dire necessity will you swim to the other side."
"It was said long ago, “Triumph over your self.” But it is equally right to say, “Assure yourself.” A victory frequently prompts a reverse blow of pride, but self-assurance strengthens one on the path of evolution."
"Yet it is not the words but the thought that convinces and regenerates the consciousness. Thought can be sharpened only by psychic energy."
"A personal example is the most convincing action."
"It is only cheerfulness and tirelessness that give credibility to creation, and amazing, attractive qualities are contained in persuasiveness." read more…


"The best action is that of the heart. Very carefully guard the heart quality. This quality comes by way of many sufferings, but the Fire of the heart is sacred Fire."
"To live with the heart means to live with the psychic life of the spirit. The Spirit lives by the heart and in the heart. ... The physical apparatus of the heart is only a conductor of the invisible. The heart is the center of the inexhaustible eternal energy of life. It is the basis of immortality. The heart is the citadel of the spirit."
"When words are unnecessary, then begins the realization through the heart."
"The heart is an organ for communicating with the Invisible World."
"The heart is an infallible judge."
"The will and the heart acting together is an irresistible force."
"The heart thinks, asserts the heart, unites the heart. ...The heart will shudder first, the heart will tremble first, the heart will know a lot before the reason of the brain dares to think. Without taking away the tortuous path of the brain, can we keep silent about the most direct achievement of the heart ..."
"…Creativeness is an expression of the energy of the heart. How beautiful is this mighty energy when perceived, educated and applied to action!" read more…




"Culture is humanity... It is Culture that is refinement in everything and is connected with Beauty, therefore it is necessary to affirm understanding and love for Beauty in all its cosmic scope."
"Culture is the cumulation of highest Bliss, of highest Beauty, of highest Knowledge."
"You can be a highly civilized person and still remain uncultured. Culture is the refinement of all perceptions and is the legacy of our accumulations from past lives."
"An ignorant person must become civilized first of all; then educated; then after education is acquired, a person becomes intelligent; then comes refinement and realization of synthesis, which is crowned by the acceptance of the idea of culture."
"The true culture of thought is developed by the culture of spirit and heart."
"The cultural heart feeds on higher feelings. And then it grows until it embraces the whole world."
"Yes, culture is not acquired in one lifetime. A lot of savings needs to be collected ... in order to assimilate the sophistication of cultural attitudes to all areas of knowledge and art and to all manifestations of life." read more…


"Daring of the spirit is the beginning of ascent. The manifestation of true daring indicates to the spirit how to affirm the measuring scale of all actions, as well as the direction, because daring admits no faint-heartedness. Daring eradicates all tendency toward betrayal. Whoever has realized in spirit true daring knows the beauty of Service. The daring one knows the path of attainment and fears nothing. … The daring one knows that the joy of the spirit is contained only in achievement. ... He knows true Service for the good of mankind."
"They will ask, "Who gave you the right to dare?" Say, "We dare by the right of evolution. The right of evolution is inscribed in flame in our hearts. We cannot be deprived of the truth of the immutability of ascent. …In recommending daring, We offer the simplest way. The heart knows the truth of this way."
"Strive for knowledge, for broad thought, and dare in your aspiration, for only the daring of thought composes new paths."
"We must understand that there is no impossible, and dare with all the strength of the spirit."
"Forces are relative. In daring they grow, in despondency they leave. And strength will be sent to the extent of good daring."
"...Higher daring is always benevolent. It opens ways to beautiful, mental creativeness." read more…


Delicacy is a spiritual and moral quality, meaning a person's exquisitely attentive, careful, and benevolent attitude towards other people. A delicate person is distinguished by deep respect for others, sensitivity and empathy for their character traits, desires and preferences, states and moods, as well as the desire to take all this into account in their behavior and relationships. Prudence, thoughtfulness and carefulness, characteristic of delicacy, lead to the expansion of consciousness, which learns to correlate and harmonize its own aspirations, the needs of people around it, and real life circumstances. At the same time, the goal of helping in the development of the best, spiritual principles in our life is always maintained. Such a goal protects delicacy from the extreme into softness, compliance and unscrupulousness. Delicacy knows how to give help imperceptibly, as if indirectly, in the form of hints, allegories, so as not to hurt the personal feelings of other people and free them from unnecessary "duty" for assistance.
Delicacy does not mean that a person will always agree and "assent" with everyone. It is just most clearly manifested in difficult moments when we have to make a remark to others, express a point of view different from that expressed by the interlocutor, etc. It is then necessary to mobilize all the mental strength, generosity and attentiveness to speak calmly, equably and peacefully. read more…

Desire for Learning

"The measure of understanding is the degree of love. One can memorize lines word by word, yet one remains dead if the knowledge has not been warmed by love."
"Love is the essence of knowledge and the reason for the knowledge given."
"Each subject can be studied only with love. Each difficulty can be conquered by the power of love."
"It will be said that one cannot be a person of encyclopedic knowledge in today’s scientific world. But it is not omniscience that is the goal. A respect for knowledge is possible that will free people from skepticism and negation."
"The heart understands where there is deviation, where curiosity, and where a thirst for knowledge – that is how you should discriminate between those who approach. Do not give the fire to the light-minded, nor entrust the curious with counting the leaves of the Teaching."
"Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge! If people would ponder upon the fact that knowledge is the only salvation, there would not be a particle of the present suffering. All human sorrow is the result of ignorance. Therefore, every expansion of consciousness is cooperation with evolution. Every manifestation that obstructs the expansion of consciousness is antagonistic to evolution. Hence, the actions of the enemies are criminal and their karma is dreadful. Knowledge, let us reiterate, will put an end to the suffering of mankind." read more…


Determination firmness


"...Devotion to the Good is the foundation of life."
"Devotion is the greatest quality, because it is based on the cosmic law of attraction, on which the entire universe rests."
"Devotion is the rarest quality and will most likely lead to the goal. ... "Devotion is the basis of spirituality.""
"The shortest path, the path of the heart, is accessible to few, or rather, is chosen by few, because it requires a great quality of devotion, this rarest nobility… It is devotion that works wonders, it is the first quality that defines spirituality. Spirituality is unthinkable without this quality."
"Through devotion one can reach all gates. Let us not forget this even for a moment. Precisely, let us be filled with the smile of devotion, and let us bless the daily routine."
"Where enlightened working hands, where devotion and ardor of the heart, there will be success."
"With what measure you measure, this will be measured to you. And the measure of full devotion and full aspiration will be the most fruitful."
"...How close the concepts of devotion and love are to the concept of victory." read more…

Dignity of spirit




"Discretion is always beneficial."
"The future is the field of realization of the desires and aspirations of the present. Therefore, the levers of the future are in our hands. What we want, what we dream about, what we strive for, we will have in the future, if in the present we take care to sow the necessary seeds in space and in our aura. ...Carefully, discreetly sow the seeds, remembering the future shoots, inevitable and inescapable, and it is good for you if the seeds of your desires and aspirations are good and consonant with evolution."
"The most important thing is to abstain from acts of questionable rightfulness. One should develop within oneself this sense of right action and thus not waken the monster. It is far better to discriminate in one’s actions than later regret the deeds."
"Be discreet with your words and think hard before you say a word."
"It is necessary to decide with much discretion where something is important but seemingly everyday thing. Sometimes the most common thing contains the resolution of something important. Often one word already warns something essential. Often a person is warned of danger with a single exclamation. It is good if he hears a warning in this hasty word, too."
"The true winner remains like this if he does not rest on his laurels, but continues his bright progress with redoubled discretion." read more…


"To discern the principal issue and to remain on the path to it means to proceed to victory."
"… The so-called gift of discrimination is no gift at all but the result of labor and experience. The ridiculous word intuition is based on nothing but a limited understanding. One can acquire discrimination not through intuition but through many accumulations. ... Human beings have gone through many situations and have thereby refined their ability to judge. You can be sure that a person who lacks discrimination led a crude existence, which he made no attempt to leave behind, and thus deprived himself of the benefit of perceiving through the heart. The human heart is not young, for its substance is permanent."
"True spirituality requires true discrimination, which is inherent only in the heart, but in a heart completely free and not obscured by the self."
"...One should know which forces are admissible for construction and which can bring harm. Discrimination can be attained only through adherence to the Highest Consciousness, because only the scope of pure striving can reveal the affirmed Covenant of Service. Hence, one should learn to acknowledge all the higher laws, constructing life upon them."
"Verily, only the heart is able to penetrate into all actions, into all motives, into all entities, manifesting discernment. …Only that source which is saturated with the fire of subtle energies can offer a true measure of the judgments." read more…


Eagerness to help

"The Thinker said, “Participate in all of existence. It is meant for you and you are meant for it.””
"A Space citizen is someone who makes Space as his personal job, and does not make his personal business as the whole world."
"The spirit striving to Infinity participates in cosmic cooperation."
"People must be participants in evolution. They must intensify good will in order to merge their accumulated power with the current of higher energies. Man cannot be indifferent to the betterment of life."
"The joy of sympathy is the joy of a New World. Pushing this concept to the limits of Space, we come to merge with the Cosmos. Sympathy is impossible without unification. ...The joy of empathy is the joy of expanding consciousness and accommodating. ...The manifestation of such empathy makes a person an employee of the Cosmos, an accomplice of the entire ongoing evolutionary process. Empathy grows with the growth of consciousness, gradually embracing one sphere after another. It does not lead away from life, but communicates to the fullness of it."
"How wonderful it is to be participants in building the New World. By helping to build it on the Earth, we create it in ourselves. And vice versa – without working on the construction of Happiness, it is impossible to assert it in yourself." read more…


Endurance fortitude


"Enthusiasm is a torch that ignites everything around you. The quality is invaluable!"
"…We welcome enthusiasm as a kindler of the fires of the spirit."
"Nothing can be built without enthusiasm! Where there is enthusiasm, there is the fire of the spirit."
"… Exaltation is a blessed intensifier… If cosmic explosions can be creative impulses, then human explosions are likewise needed for evolution."
"In all historical battles, only the one who had more firmness and enthusiasm endured. In history, we see that neither money nor quantity gave a preponderance, but only the power of the spirit composed the achievements. There are many examples where it was not the amount of money, but the power of thought and action that created great consequences."
"When enthusiasm lives in the heart, then all obstacles are overcome. The fire of enthusiasm works wonderfully."
"It is necessary to influence the environment through science, art, morality and to raise enthusiasm and heroism. It is necessary to maintain enthusiasm in everything and always, if it is aimed at the common good."
"Everything will come, my dear ones, just so as not to lose the spark of enthusiasm, you can build only on enthusiasm. Everything is drawn to this fire..." read more…

Farsightedness of spirit

"A prophet is a person who possesses spiritual foresight. Recall that there is nearsightedness and farsightedness on the physical plane, and it will be easy to understand the quality of spiritual farsightedness.
It would be utterly ignorant to deny prophecy. It would be completely stupid to reproach the prophets.
If we investigate the prophecies that happen to have been preserved, examining them with an impartial, scientific eye, what do we see? We find people who, with no regard for personal profit or loss, caught a glance of an approaching page of history, were alarmed, and forewarned the people. Among what are known as prophecies one does not find selfish intentions, one does not find criminal self-interest, one does not find slander. The symbols in the images seen are attributable to the tinting in the distant lenses."
"... N.K. is not only a benevolent prophet who calls for pure thinking, abstinence and all-forgiveness, as people do see him, but he is also a true leader and builder, for he knows the battle of life and he arms his co-workers for participation in this battle. He strikes at everything dark and ignorant. Sometimes it seems that his wisdom and foresight are endless..."
"The follower of wisdom likes to look ahead for a long time."
"He is right who can completely cover the judgments of his adversary without touching upon the beginning or end. For this one has to be – if only in small measure – a prophet, or rather a truly far-sighted one." read more…


Flexibility of consciousness


"The true traveler reflects lucidly on the path which lies behind and clearly expresses the desired direction. He will appraise former circumstances and will foresee the better possibilities."
"Nothing is finite, nothing is immovable; therefore let us be consciously concerned with that which may be foreseen."
"When We turn attention to details, it means that these are what can improve the situation. Quality of work depends upon correlations seen in advance. An approach that only paints with broad brushstrokes is reminiscent of the work of the giants, who had to leave the picture long ago on account of their crudeness. But the spirit knows neither giants nor dwarfs; it knows striving for a state of perfection in which all the bells of the Cosmos ring out. So let us recall the conditions for perfectment."
“In fact, caution in details will be the most effective key to attaining great achievements. People mistakenly assume that details are unimportant on the path of ascent. Even the most beautiful, heroic actions rested on details that were foreseen in good time."
"The observed chaos of thinking around the world requires extreme foresight and caution."
"Not the happy fool of popular tales, but the warrior, vigilant, with foresight – such is the image for the present time." read more…

Freedom of spirit

Freshness of perception

"The structure of the eye is a miracle. But they are used to this miracle, no one thinks about it. And everyone began to stare, but not to look, to look, but not to see. Similarly, the ability of perception ... can lose the irrepressible freshness of wonderfulness and, covered with a touch of ordinariness, lose part of its flame. ...We will preserve the spirit of strangeness in everything and not let the gray dragon [of ordinariness] triumph. He will make everything gray."
"... The replacement of the old with the new is often painful; the struggle is sometimes difficult, but the spiral that directs puts consciousness in a state of constant renewal. Therefore, the freshness of novelty, vigor and youthfulness of the spirit is noted in the upward striving of consciousness."
"The Arhat possesses the ability to prevent his feelings from becoming blunted. This rare ability is acquired by Him only through fiery tension. …Everyone who approached Him felt his unfailing freshness of heart. This continuous acuteness is attained not by a special technique, but by a simple opening of the heart. … Yet, because of the deadening influence of daily routine, how many priests have lost that which they had accumulated! Daily routine is the great testing stone. It opens the Gates of Eternity and affirms Fire." read more…

Friendliness. Amicability

"Let us also strengthen ourselves in the thought that we shall establish friendly relations with all people."
"It is asked – what most of all hinders every good beginning? Reply – precisely absence of magnanimity. No creative attainment, no cooperation, in fact no community is possible without magnanimity. One can observe how through magnanimity labor is made tenfold easier and, it would seem, nothing could be simpler during an inspired work than to wish only for the good and for success of one’s neighbor!"
"Friendliness is not violence. Growth of the heart comes not from a whip, and a beautiful garden can be grown only by beautiful actions."
"It is not easy to cure eyes that are darkened with the dust of discord. An eyewash of true magnanimity is the first expedient.
"... The most sure path is the path of altruism. Let us recall the dangers we have escaped through magnanimity. Perhaps we do not even know the limits and dimensions of such dangers. But the heart bears testimony that precisely good-will did help in the most difficult hours."
"... The first sign of culture is the absence of personal discords."
"One may advise many of the panacea of magnanimity. We shall not tire repeating about this remedy of spirit and body. Some day physicians too will prescribe magnanimity as a most powerful antidote." read more…


“A generous giver does not count his gifts. It is impossible to enumerate the gifts of the spirit in words. So fiery are many of them that they cannot even be described in words! And so it is that worldly concepts do not contain the subtlest and the highest. One should recall that every hour the flaming heart is performing what people call miracles.”
“... the generosity of the heart is immeasurable, and the flaming heart knows no stinginess.”
“The generosity of Cosmos is expressed by these unrepeatable manifestations, which will always be beyond the grasp of the human mind.”
“In love we will be generous givers, not shopkeepers, and then all joy will come.”
“Let us learn to discriminate – thus we will become generous. No limited person can become spiritually rich.”
“Whoever is not grudging in his work will receive bounteously.”
“He who sows with kindness will reap more abundantly.”
“Then according to your experience, everything is possible?” And the Teacher not only nodded but also bowed to the ground. And opening the robes over his breast, he revealed upon his bosom an image of the Blessed One bestowing with both hands. In this way was wisdom affirmed and the creativity of life exalted.” read more…

Giving. Donation

“In its essence, the heart is an organ of higher action and giving; that is why every act of giving partakes of the nature of the heart. Every positive Teaching enjoins giving. Such an affirmation is truly practical, for without giving, the heart does not endure. Naturally, one has to understand giving in all its justice. Giving should not be understood as just contributing money or donating objects one no longer needs. True giving is of the spirit. Let every heart pour forth streams of spiritual gifts. Not without cause is it said that every beat of the heart is a smile, a tear, and gold.”
“To give is a divine attribute.”
“Only giving in whatever form can justify life and give meaning to life. …the goal of life is to give, and not because the one who has anything also must give, but because the giver destroys the fence of selfhood, goes beyond it and includes the sphere of consciousness of others in the circle of his consciousness and thereby expands his own.”
“The degree of receiving is the degree of giving. Those who give more will receive more. …People without a heart are not capable of giving. Giving is an attribute of the heart, just as light is an attribute, a property of the Sun.”
“In measuring the right amount to give, the proper standard is that of love and responsibility. To give too little is contrary to love, but it is no better to give too much.”
“True giving, which does not mean oneself, but the recipient, is first of all commensurate. It is always produced according to the consciousness of the recipient.” read more…

Good nature. Complacency

"The beautiful concepts of goodness and kindheartedness should not be demeaned by the ignorant. To them a good-hearted person seems foolish and is not to be trusted. What can be higher than a striving toward beneficence, toward good? It is the wise man who directs all his forces toward good. ... Goodness offers protection against this, but man must first acquire true goodheartedness. It will help to avoid irritation, violent anger, and malice. We are not talking about unimportant and impractical matters. The world is so engulfed in hatred that the life preserver of good is indispensable. Man should search for the many forgotten or corrupted concepts. He must learn to apply them in their true meaning. Much good can be found buried in the dust of the ages.
The Thinker insisted, “Put on the armor of goodwill and you will become unconquerable."
"Only with balance and complacency can one hope for rapid progress."
"...Show patience, everything will come as it is more useful and, therefore, better. Keep only complacency, you will be protected from many things."
"... It is necessary to defend oneself with benevolence, responding to evil with good, with a calm and bright thought. In no case can you allow yourself to sound in unison with an unkind thought sent from the outside. Keeping complacency and unbreakable balance, you can throw away waves of harmful and dark influences unharmed." read more…

Good spirits


"The broader and subtler the consciousness, the more graciousness it contains, for only the limited consciousness deprives all of merit. A heart cannot be truly great without this fiery quality."
"Mutual gratitude is the key to harmony."
"A grateful heart is always directed by justice and devotion."
"Beautiful fires of the heart are ignited when the feeling of gratitude is born; these fires shine not only in the earthly life, but also in the Supermundane World. Therefore the realization of gratitude stimulates the loftiest vibrations.
Humanity can be divided into the living and the dead, and those deprived of the feeling of gratitude will be as if buried alive. It is necessary to teach children that gratitude – not lip service, but a heartfelt expression– is beneficial. In this way are kindled powerful fires.
…The ray of gratitude will illumine the way, together with the ray of love. Indeed, gratitude is close to love, and Cooperation is born in that blessed moment of offering. Man has many reasons to render gratitude, and the festival of the spirit will shine forth in the feeling of pure offering.
The Thinker said, “Teacher, teach me gratitude toward all, near and far, visible and invisible.”"
"And the one who knows the meaning of gratitude is already knocking on the door of a bright future." read more…


"The great law of harmony moves the entire Cosmos."
"Harmony is the Law of the Higher World."
"The greatest beauty lies in harmony with the Higher World, when a person, merging in harmony, becomes like a Prototype and reveals the Truth."
"Every universe, every world, every person should strive for individual expression based on harmony. The cosmos appears, precisely, as the creator of the Great Symphony, but not as a destructive Unison. Unity does not presuppose monotony, but directs to the highest Harmony."
"You can feel yourself a part of the whole, a part of the world, part of the Cosmos only when life flows in harmony with it, in harmony with its Laws."
"Always remember the potential madness of free will. In this malady, one imagines that his will is unrestricted and begins to violate the fundamental laws. Such madness has been known since ancient times and can lead to great destruction. But the will is of value only when it is strictly in harmony with the laws of life. Most people do not understand this, for to them the will is equivalent to willfulness, but a wise man knows that will and freedom are united in the Law of Be-ness. Unless we understand this harmony of will and freedom we shall distort facts and hear a joyous pealing of bells in the sound of a fire brigade!"
"The harmony of the human microcosm is the coordination of all its energies into a single whole for striving towards a single goal. This harmony is the coordination of all human qualities, united by consonance into one indivisible whole." read more…




"People speak about humaneness and think that it is limited to mercy and compassion, but humaneness is a manifestation of all that is good in the microcosm."
"Each Teaching of Light is primarily a development of humaneness. Remember this definitely, for the world has never before been in such a need of this quality. Humaneness is the gateway to all other worlds. Humaneness is the basis of straight-knowledge. Humaneness is the wings of beauty. ...We also recognize each other through humaneness."
"... Only humaneness makes us Higher Beings..."
"A spark of higher energy has been given to each man, and as its bearer he is invested with a lofty duty. He is a bridge to the Higher Worlds. Thus in denying the Higher World, the ignoramus repudiates his own humanity. A reminder about the Higher World is a touchstone for the testing of each spirit."
"So much indispensable self-control must be manifested in order for man to acquire the necessary humaneness."
"Patience, tolerance lead to humanеness, and people need humanеness right now. The arrogant mechanical civilization has forgotten about the most necessary thing for evolution – humaneness."
"The Thinker, when asked about the basis of earthly life, answered, “Human, be more humane!”
"Let us think about everything in a human way and we will not err." read more…

Humility. Humbleness

“For only self-denial and self-sacrifice can give understanding of humility. Truly, We see the giants of spirit and the heroes who devote themselves fully to the humble tasks for the good of humanity. We know of great experiments being humbly carried out in the earthly laboratories for the benefit of humanity.”
“Human conceit is the most terrible and the most common obstacle to spiritual progress. One must know how to fight this foe unremittingly. Humility is ordained to us and is expressed first of all by self-renunciation, or rejection of egoism.”
“… The main basis is great Humility. Humility, which has nothing to do with humiliation, but is expressed in the understanding of the great principle of Hierarchy and self-denial on the path of Service.”
“The quality of humility does not mean humiliation but includes the ability to humble one's egoism and desires and curb one's lower self.”
“Humility or humbleness is a high and rare quality, it is born only in pure hearts, whose have been much tempted and purified by great sufferings, and it is strengthened by penetrating knowledge of the essence of things. It is humility, like simplicity, that comes with great knowledge.”
“Humility is the worthy carrying out of Service.”
“Humility is needed to humble one's egoism, but daring is needed to advance.” read more…


"... It is good to listen carefully to what the heart says, because the heart feels in you. But it must be free from preconceived thoughts: they are like a shutter from the light. It is difficult to have a pure, open to open-minded perceptions and a calm, balanced heart. Otherwise, the mirror of the spirit is distorted and does not give the correct display."
"The Path of Light will appear when you dare to look at things scientifically and without prejudice."
"The judgment of the spirit is severe and impartial."
"How important it is to realize impartially the intentions of the spirit! Three traits of character will help to cognize the potentiality of motive: the trait of honesty, the trait of self-abnegation, and the trait of service. The manifestation of each trait will give the spirit the sword against egotism."
"Do not condemn, but give an impartial analysis of the offense and draw clear conclusions. Push the fact into the future and take into account the consequences, and the committed offense will condemn itself without any condemnation."
"Let goodness be for free ones. They can cooperate inviolably, paying due tribute to everyone, and show benevolence impartially. The experiences of life, properly understood, lead to liberation. ... As an untethered balloon uncontrollably flies up, so consciousness rises when all the threads of attachment to the earth and the personal are untethered. Impartiality is a product of freedom." read more…

Impetuosity. Mobility

"They will ask you how to traverse life. Answer: Like crossing an abyss upon a taut string – Beautifully, carefully, and fleetly."
"Please understand that the spirals of evolution can be accelerated only if senseless human opposition ceases."
"Let us not forget the wise words, “And this, too, will pass.” An impetuous motion will never bring one back to the same place."
"The speed of life will seem frightening until people develop a speed of thought sufficient to outstrip it. People must accept cosmic conditions or there will be dangerous discord."
"Each striving is saturated with the fire of spirit."
"...The warmth of the heart speeds as swiftly as a sunbeam."
"But one should become accustomed to the hurried path, no other exists. A great number of unfortunates and sufferers are counting the moments, waiting for help. Indeed, ought we not hasten?"
"To pass life "like an abyss on a string" means to pass it swiftly. We will understand impetuosity not in the legs, but in the aspiring flight of the spirit into the future, in the aspiring progress forward..."
"...The impetuosity of the spirit is very good if it has a constant and definite rhythm, but breakdowns or interruptions are always very dangerous. One breakdown can carry you far back. Therefore, if a person can firmly and steadily follow the path he has set for himself, then he will achieve his goal." read more…

Indefatigability. Tirelessness

"The heart prays for eternal life of the consciousness. It knows that there is great good if the consciousness be uninterrupted and passes the ascent untiringly..."
"One must prepare oneself for constancy in everything. Thence comes indefatigability, thence comes invincibility."
"An indefatigable spirit is needed to advance along a constant progression."
"Indefatigability, fearlessness, thirst for knowledge, tolerance and ability for enlightened work – these are the qualities of truth seekers."
"Pure hearts can show steady support for the Great Service without fatigue or carelessness. How destructive is the dull nature of carelessness! And how many people, even among those who know, are unable to avoid it! In ancient times it was called the “grey serpent.” Let friends adopt the manifestation of vigilance and attentiveness."
"Darkness suppresses and extinguishes every flash of Light, but the warrior of Light is indefatigable, the hand does not get tired in doing, the sacred fire of the heart does not go out. The winner overcomes the darkness. The microcosm of the ascetic spirit burns with its Light, like a lighthouse on a dark night, and shines for everyone."
"One should not look back and thus stumble on the stony path. Only forward, untiringly forward! Let each mistake be a stepping stone to a new victory." read more…

Indulgence. Lenience

"Lenience enters into the symphony of the qualities of the spirit as an inseparable part. It is close to tolerance, compassion, and non-condemnation. This is the basic quality of a Bodhisattva. It is not easy to show leniency towards people who are very imperfect. But Great Spirits come to Earth for their sake and suffer for their sake. There can be no lenience without love. After all, the word itself indicates that a higher lenience descends to a lower one in order to help it rise."
"Lenience is one of the qualities of the Higher World, therefore each one in turn must show this quality wherever there is a spark of good. Let people not weary of seeking this power of Grace. Thus in eternal vigil one may take upon oneself the service of the Higher World."
"...Indulgence is from Light, but connivance is from darkness."
"You need to be lenient to others and strict to yourself."
"Let every act of compassion be a step of your ascent. A fool beats his exhausted donkey and thus does only harm. But a wise master lets his donkey rest and feeds it, and thus receives benefit. It is the same with the ignorant. It is wrong to rebuke the ignorant in anger, for such abuse is only harmful. But there will be benefit if one makes allowance and finds appropriate words. It is not easy to empathize with the ignorant, but a thoughtful person will understand that when a passage is low, one must stoop to proceed.
…The Thinker said, «Teacher, point out to me the way to ascend in compassion.»" read more…



Inner concordance

"If the heart wants one thing, the brain wants another, and the legs go in the third direction, there is no monolith of thought. ...As an arrow in flight, so the human microcosm, with the full concordance of all parts, gives the phenomenon of a powerful irresistible creative thought. Such thoughts move mountains."
"Only the complete concordance of all the lights of the entire microcosm of man will inevitably and immutably lead to the desired goal."
"Concordance, or harmony, that is, the purposefulness of the entire microcosm, tuned to one key, is the quality of an Arhat, developed by a number of persistent, persistent and often superhuman efforts."
"As always and in everything, there is a need for concordance of the heart with the mind, that great balance on which all the improvement of life is built and which is confirmed by all the great Teachings."
"The completeness of concordance is achieved by willpower. Increase the tension to the limit of possibility..."
"We must strive for concordance. Concordance must be understood. This is not an ethical, but an energetic concept of wise concentration of all forces in one direction. An ordinary person is torn apart by chaotic, opposite, neutralizing energies. Only inner concordance can unite them. The usual internal composure helps a lot when asserting concordance."
"As the affinity between elements is indispensable, so the concordance of spirit is the mother of creativeness." read more…

Inner integrity

"Not pulling apart in pieces, but a monolith. Inner concentration, not flying in different directions. Wholeness, not flakes. The diamond is especially valuable because its particles are especially tightly connected. This is his strength. It is not difficult for the wind to scatter a pile of sand, but no wind will break off a particle from a diamond. In striving for solidity, the spirit crystallizes and a stone is formed on which it is truly possible to build strongholds. A house is being built not on sand, but on stone. This is the only way the structure of life will stand."
"The monolith of the spirit depends on the unity of thought, quality and action."
"It is most pernicious when halfwayness insinuates itself into one who is affirming himself upon the path, because then there results duality of thought and action. Hence, halfwayness is the enemy of the Teaching, and when We see halfwayness in relation to Hierarchy, this destructive attitude must be eradicated; for without integrity there can be no construction. Hence, the disciples must understand how important it is to have complete striving. For this one should renounce personal comfort, conceit, self-pity, self-deception, and should always remember that Hierarchy must not be burdened."
"Only in complete striving can the spirit unfold its wings."
"Just learn to aspire. Do not scatter, but assemble yourself into a monolith; fuse the scattered parts of your essence into one whole. Choose the best shape for the alloy. Try it on for the future. Affirm the perspective of life." read more…

Insight. Seeing with the eyes of the heart

"Every object is perceived by people in accordance with their inner state. People cannot accept the simple truth that maya originates in their own consciousness, and that it is necessary to escape from the snare of self-hypnosis.
Despite misleading outer impressions, man can glimpse sparks of reality. He can oppose the self-hypnosis of maya with the knowledge that dwells in his heart. …But there are a few seekers of truth who even in their earthly state can penetrate to the real essence of things."
"But man can also sense when a path can lead him astray, and though he may not be able to point to the cause of his feeling, his heart knows that something should be avoided. Usually people will call such a feeling intuition, and they will be right, but they have to first admit in their consciousness the existence of intuition.
Such intuitive feelings must not be ridiculed. Man can be illiterate and at the same time bear within himself this gift of intuition. Intuition commonly is regarded as directed into the future, but it is a help to the present and works throughout one’s life. Thus let us treasure the accumulations gathered over many lives and during labor in the Supermundane World. …The Thinker declared, “Manifest insight in everything in your life.”" read more…


"… Inspiration is inherent in all people. Ordinarily it is attributed only to scholars, poets, musicians, artists, but each one who is concerned about his own consciousness may receive this higher gift."
"Honest creators and workers can bear witness that the best solutions come from without. Like a powerful dynamo, the Fiery World emits a shower of the best formulas. One should not only make use of them but also testify about them in the highest terms. Thus one can be united by the fires of the heart with the Supreme Light. This is not conceit, for Light knows no obstacles."
"... Problems can be solved by a higher degree of inspiration."
"Happiness is in inspired work."
"...How carefully one must protect the great innate quality of inspiration. We have already mentioned it, but one should turn special attention to this link with the Supermundane World. The very word “inspiration” points to some kind of external guidance. Do not think that such a link can be created instantaneously; it requires many tests over many lives. … Man can be a creator in any field. High quality in any kind of labor is in itself an inspiration." read more…



"...The quality of action depends upon one’s invigoration. …This state of enlightened tension can arise during any labor. The ancients called it a divine greeting, for it alone could endow every task with the radiance of perfection."
"…The true meaning of invigoration. This beautiful concept proves the communion that exists between the Higher Worlds and the forces of the human spirit. Those who deny the existence of the spirit and the soul should not use the word “invigoration,” yet they love to repeat it, not really understanding its meaning. ... Enough has been said about the conscious creativity that brings clairvoyance and clairaudience, but to achieve these one must first understand what kind of powers he will manifest and what kind of Cooperation is ready to help him. Only then can true invigoration be affirmed. The Thinker advised that even in daily life one should not forget about invigoration."
"... The miracle of invigoration creates the most beautiful approaches."
"Decorating the future with all the colors of inspiration is the light of dawn. The decoration of the past is like a wreath of the grave. ... As the hour of aspiration is like a whirlwind, so turning back is like corruption."
"... With all your strength, rush into the future. Let the new construction inspire you so much that there is no time or desire for other things." read more…


"He who feels the presence of the spirit already rejoices in recognition of his boundlessness."
"Joy is the health of the spirit."
"The joy of the spirit provides all possibilities."
"Joy is also a way of cognition, for the Ineffable is known with joy. Being sounds like the joy of life, and the best hymns to the Father of Being sound with joy. Joy is the key to life."
"Not for despair and tears, but for joy of spirit, have all universal evidences of Beauty been created."
"He who has learned joy has already stepped onto the path of wisdom."
"Buddha taught his son to maintain joy, because this is a most difficult challenge on Earth."
"... Joy generates power. ... joy is a special wisdom. Truly, joy must be recognized, and realized. Gloomy people are clouded over by troubles and sorrows and they cannot see joy. ... From the far-off worlds down to the smallest flower joy offers herself to people. A new supply of strength comes to you every time you allow yourself to be joyous, for there is an intensity in joy that opens the next gate. ... Sadness will be forgotten, but sparks of joy shine forever."
"The path of joyous achievement is a hundredfold shorter than the path of mournful duties."
"After all, there is joy in suffering and fighting for the Highest. And how much happiness is with Victory!" read more…

Justice. Fairness

"The quality of good is a great saturation of action by justice and by the heart."
"…All the Great Teachings say: “For good – good, but for evil – justly.” If it were otherwise, a wave of evil would flood the world."
“It is impossible to express in a word of law just when the necessity of this or that action becomes evident. Unwritten are the laws of the heart, but only therein does justice dwell, for the heart is the bridge of the worlds. …The sword of knowledge flashes at the command of the heart."
"Consciousness is the measure. …Consciousness is the judge of motive. Karma provides the means, but often they are in repayment of old karmic debts. There are so many aspects to life, and only consciousness can be the judge. Therefore, develop consciousness. If we limit ourselves by dead laws, it would be better to move to a cemetery. …But how precise must be the chisel inscribing justice, and how subtle can be the wiliness of self-justification!"
"Until a person has developed a perfect sense of justice, it is preferable for him to err due to an excess of leniency than to commit the slightest injustice."
"During the hour of human injustice, recall spatial justice. ...If we are certain that we serve evolution, we can rely upon the justice of space."
"He who sows will reap. Nothing can alter the law of Justice. It can be applied in non-earthly measures, but the sowing will have to be lived down according to the strength of consciousness."
The Thinker said, “Learn true justice, for every day you pronounce judgments.” read more…

Keenness of sight

"For some, being always on vigil is chains, but for others it is wings. The unwise say, “When danger comes, we will stand watch.” But will they perceive danger if their spirit has not developed its keenness of sight? Many qualities are dormant in the consciousness, and one must be able to draw them out of the depths of this treasury."
"The spiritually blind will not perceive the beauty of the Higher World, and keenness of sight must be cultivated. It cannot be gained at once. The development of vigilance results from one’s desire to safeguard everything High and Beautiful. Because of this striving one will always be on untiring vigil, which leads to Beauty. The Thinker said, “Remember, always be ready.”"
"…Let us not fall into bigotry or suspiciousness. The latter is to be distinguished from keenness. It has been said that keenness is straight, whereas suspiciousness is crooked."
"Indeed, as an eagle on the summit, do not lose keenness. Sharp-sightedness grows only through perils. Welcome dangers!" read more…

Kindness. Love of good

“The path of virtue is not a singing of psalms, but labor and service.” “…Devotion to the Good is the foundation of life.”
“As through a magnifying glass behold the good, and belittle tenfold the signs of imperfection, lest you remain as you always were.” “The thought of Good is the measure of consciousness.”
“Also, let us pray that our eyes be opened to good. Many eyes, dust-blinded, do not fully discern the good. Because of their affliction they discern only coarse forms. One must manifest extreme tension in order to avoid crushing the seedling of good.”
“One should sow the good with every glance, every touch. And the heart will grow in this exercise of goodness.”
“…Each thought of good is already an arrow of Light.”
“How to affirm the quality of your deeds? If your deeds benefit humanity, then is their essence good.”
“What is love of good? It must be understood that it not only includes the performance of good deeds, but also the ability to be enraptured by good. … Only delight in good produces warmth of the heart. The manifestation of love of good reveals a multitude of details of good which are touching in their essence. … And how beautiful it is to be able to rejoice at good!”
“Thus, side by side with love of good must be aversion to evil. Love of good alone, without aversion to evil, will not be real. Aversion to evil is a highly active quality, it is the touchstone against evil. The mind cannot sufficiently well discern evil. A great many reasonings may be found in which a viper is concealed. But the heart feeling of repulsion to evil does not err.” read more…


"Where can be found the refinement and upliftment of thought tempered in the holy fire? Is it possible to find it in the ever-increasing heaps of artificial and over-sophisticated reasoning? No, real thought will strive toward an appreciation of the best and the beautiful, and toward the search for the most useful."
"What can be higher than a striving toward beneficence, toward good?"
"... Man is uplifted when he associates with the Beautiful, looks at the Beautiful, listens to the Beautiful, thinks in the ways of the Beautiful."
"And in the most difficult days, one glance at the starry beauty already changes the mood; the boundless also makes thoughts sublime."
"In order to accept the current of higher tension, it is necessary, first of all, to refine one’s consciousness through lofty thinking; thus will come the expansion of consciousness and the kindling of the fire of the heart. No routine practices or exercises are needed; only thought can elevate man. Only during focused thinking can man feel the presence of the inner fire."
"… It is not easy to establish an appropriate level of beautiful and lofty thought amidst life’s misfortunes, and very few are prepared to understand that it is life’s difficulties themselves that can assist lofty thinking."
"... Mankind so loves panaceas. Still, there is only one panacea – the uplifted consciousness!" read more…


Love is a moral quality and a feeling of spiritual kinship, attraction to the world and unity with it and its manifold manifestations; it is a deep striving for the good of all that exists. Love is an active, leading principle; it is always effective, it transforms and creates. Its source is the highest spiritual principle of humanity and the cosmos. Love opens the eyes of the heart, capable of seeing the unconditional value of everything in the world.
"Love can create universes. Love and Wisdom are equal."
"…God is love, and the whole existence of the Universe is based on love and nothing else!"
“Victorious love is the crown of life, the foundation, the magnet, the fire and the engine of life...”
“Only the heart, covered with nothing but love, links us with the Higher Forces. The fabric of love is a most sacred one."
"Love is the crown of Light."
“The beloved, to which we strive, is attracted by love. Love is the strongest magnet."
“My dear, happiness is in love, and the happier is not the one who is loved, but who himself knows how to love.”
“If you want to ascend tirelessly, love. Learn fiery love, knowing neither oblivion, nor interruptions ..."
" ... Love must be strengthened. This is the simplest approach to the most difficult. "
“Love is the key to its entrance. Love is the power of overcoming. Love is the healing spring, the inexhaustible.”
"By love would I heal the mistaken ones.” read more…

Love of mankind

"The feelings of love and friendship for family and loved ones are beautiful, they teach us the most wonderful and lofty. They are the necessary steps leading us to the acceptance of Cosmic Love, which is intended for every person who understands his great purpose."
"Love for humanity is the result of the development of the heart, which is achieved through thinking."
"Above all love there is one universal love."
"People can help themselves by helping their neighbor."
"Learn to find the patience to listen to others speak of their pain. Find the benevolence to give wings to the joy of others. You do not know the source of their sufferings. You do not know the cause of their joy, but learn to offer warmth and encouragement to others."
"However, nothing should deter one from sharing his knowledge and encouraging the growth of consciousness. Therein lies love for one’s fellow men."
"The history of each state shows how many wayfarers have crossed its land. Honest study leads one to contemplate mankind as a whole."
"It is necessary to return often to the thought about humanity as a single heart. There is too much ignorance and impediment where there should be amiable cooperation." read more…


"On the foundation of trust is raised the mountain of fidelity, which is the adornment of the Universe. In the concept of faithfulness are joined the best aspects of life–love, beauty, devotion, courage, and wisdom. Faithfulness is a result of wisdom developed over many lives. The opposites of faithfulness, false-heartedness and betrayal, are the shame of humanity. If faithfulness has such an antagonist, then it is truly at the summit of the mountain. ...Fidelity is valued as a great treasure. Cosmic Justice rewards fidelity generously..."
"Friends can be lightminded and careless because of lack of faithfulness. When We value something greatly, We guard it. Thus, let the bedrock of trust and the mountain of faithfulness stand firm."
"A faithful friend is faithful always and in everything. We will prefer a faithful friend to all others. ...Appreciate by loyalty and devotion, forgiving other shortcomings."
"Adamant—thus was called this quality of loyalty in ancient times. Loyalty, steadfastness, and unwavering determination build a stronghold against doubt, wavering, and treason. ... The Thinker advised, “Remember that loyalty is a reliable shield.”"
"A sovereign asked a sage, “How do you tell a nest of treason from a stronghold of loyalty?” The wise man pointed to a crowd of gaily dressed horsemen and said, “There is a nest of treason.” Then he indicated a solitary wayfarer and said, “There is a stronghold of devotion, for solitude can betray nothing.”" read more…


"The ladder of ascent is the measure of magnanimity, consequently magnanimity may be achieved daily."
"The best panacea for all the blows of fate is benevolence and magnanimity."
"Magnanimity conquers all hearts. Magnanimity is the key to all Locks. Magnanimity is the Crown of the royal Spirit."
"The magnanimity of the heart knows that there is no more worthy action than to create wonderful relationships between friends."
"...The full measure of magnanimity must be shown. The king of the spirit is the one who first extends his hand."
"...he who is more magnanimous must realize his responsibility. Precisely, magnanimity will protect from irritation."
"They call out in their suffering, and the generous heart is unable to reject their calls."
"Great Service knows no repose; by incessant vigilance is the spirit strengthened. A heap made up of small earthly truths must be covered with the dome of magnanimity."
"Magnanimity and love are the nourishment of the heart, without these energies the heart dries up." read more…


"Mercy, compassion, pity, love, and all the benevolent efforts that We enjoin, are they not wondrous paths of communion with the highest energies? People should get used to regarding these luminous qualities as actual means for connecting with the higher worlds."
"It is good if we learn to love difficulties, for, truly, only personal experience, personal experiences and sufferings teach us great patience and mercy – the qualities that underlie all achievements."
"The Thinker instructed, “If you learn to open your heart so that it can embrace another’s pain, you will then be able to find the needed words of comfort.”"
"Someone has said that people are most competent at preserving stones and metals, less so with plants, still less with animals, and least of all with man. You can judge for yourself how just is such an understanding. Man is a most subtle organism, and yet the most cruel treatment falls to his lot."
"Self-abnegation, mercy, compassion, courage are forged in life. Nothing abstract can mold the strength of the spirit." read more…




Non-condemnation. Ability to forgive

"Listen, but judge not. Often precisely an outflow of poison liberates a man for a new path. The Teaching extends aid not by negation but by attraction."
"Brother will not censure brother, for he knows that condemnation is dissolution. Wisely does a brother help at each turning of the path."
"When the public apprehends all the evil of condemnation, it opens new gates to the future. So much time is thus freed for cognition, for the art of thinking, for the creation of true good; and in these the best fires of the heart are kindled."
"It does not happen that a person is completely and unconditionally bad. You can see sparks of Light in everyone and try to strengthen them, instead of extinguishing them with condemnation and unwillingness to admit their presence. Thinking badly about a person makes him even worse, but by elevating him, we give him the opportunity to rise. Appealing to the best that is in a person, we open the way for him to the Light."
"What is the difference between discussion and condemnation? Discussion, or analysis of a person's character and his actions, is necessary for his knowledge, but condemnation is harmful. ...Condemnation has no benevolence in it, it is poisonous and evil. ...To know or discuss does not mean to condemn at all. You need to know."
"Only limited people condemn. Not out of condemnation is perfectment born." read more…


"Put aside all prejudices – think freely."
"As bees collect honey so you, too, should collect knowledge. It will be asked, What is new in this advice? Its newness is in that one should collect knowledge from everywhere. Until now knowledge had fixed limits, and entire domains of it were kept under prohibition, suspicion, and in neglect. People have not had the courage to overcome prejudices. They have forgotten that a scholar, first of all, must be open to all that exists. There are no forbidden domains for a scholar. He does not belittle any manifestation of nature, for he understands that the cause and effect of each manifestation have a profound significance."
“People forget that only unprejudiced knowledge will help them to approach the Truth."
"Usually each one wishes according to his nature, but observe current events without prejudice. Fix your attention honestly, knowing that a great date is ensuing. ... Learn to discern. Learn to fly toward the ordained. Many are the garments and the veils, but the meaning is one."
"Man follows an intensively scientific path, and providing that the science is pure and unprejudiced, there are no notions, however lofty, that are not compatible with scientific methods."
"If scientists would understand that the manifestation of continuous expansion underlies the growth of science, there would be no place for criminal antagonism. … Each scientist who understands the law of the expansion of consciousness has already smashed the wall of prejudice." read more…

Openness. Assumption

"Hold your eyes open and in purity, otherwise you will not discern where is the Light."
"Truth is revealed only to the open heart."
"There are no forbidden domains for a scholar. He does not belittle any manifestation of nature, for he understands that the cause and effect of each manifestation have a profound significance."
"A scientific task is based on tolerant acceptance, but the pseudo-scientific is full of negation. Likewise, do not burden investigators with preconceived methods. Each investigator has the right to his own path. Even if his path be a complicated one, he may discover an unexpected new detail… One should manifest the broadest tolerance, only thus is it possible to build up cooperation."
"… One must be spiritually experienced to be able to accept Reality. The word “accept” signifies the very essence of evolution."
"The search for new ways is the most imperative problem... Just as it is impossible to open a present-day lock with a mediaeval key, likewise it is impossible for men with old habits to unlock the door to the future. To all We shall say, “It is necessary, necessary, necessary, to find new ways!”."
"The new is always difficult, but only it leads forward and opens up new horizons and opportunities!"
"The thought of possibilities is already an opened path."
"Good does not dwell with rejection. Good has an open door, it needs no locks." read more…


"Optimism and joy are constructive for yourself, for the space, and for others."
"... The truth is unshakable that despondency, in other words pessimism, is fear, doubt, hesitation, ignorance and defeat. Whereas optimism is courage, faith, steadfastness, knowledge and victory."
"The fiery consciousness affords that invincible optimism which leads to Truth. In its essence Truth itself is positive. There is no negation where Fire creates. …Thus, one must be guided along the higher level, not being disturbed by the imperfection of one’s surroundings."
"Man is the master of his microcosm, which should sound the way he wants it. You can tune yourself to the key of joy, love, aspiration – to any key, and sound in it completely regardless of what is happening outside. The optimist is happy about everything, the pessimist is disheartened. Why? Is it because they took different keys in their hands? Everything will make a coward tremble, but danger gives birth to new courage in the heart of the hero."
"It's better to be optimistic. A dissatisfied person is also right, because he has reasons, but it is better to be satisfied with a little than to poison himself with the wrong side of life. The work is difficult, but it is better to do it joyfully."
"A smile is the best weapon of the spirit. The smile of goodness is luminous. ...Learn to win and overcome the insurmountable smiling or with a smile." read more…





"True patriotism is not in narrow nationalism, but in true selfless love for the Motherland, in respect for everything and for all nations inhabiting and enriching and elevating it! The true power and beauty of the country lies precisely in this diversity with a single great foundation of the Motherland. ...Patriotism is the highest, noblest and most sacred feeling, but narrow nationalism or chauvinism is self-destruction."
"We can be against the war with all our heart, but we know the beauty of duty to the Motherland. In the history of our state, the Highest, Most Peace-loving Ascetic inspired the people and even sent his monks to fight against the enemies of the Motherland. We honor Him for that. His Covenants we go with!"
"In the name of love for the Motherland, the hero of death looks fearlessly in the face, ready to die for her. Sacrifice, rejection and renunciation are for them who do not know love. But for Love, it is an offering and a joyful return."
"True patriotism and leavened patriotism are two antipodes. One concept is inclusive and therefore growing, the other is exclusive, compressing and therefore dying. The laws are the same in everything." read more…


"The word "Peace" symbolizes joy and life and fills the hearts with hope. It brings rebirth to a new, bright era, brings happiness and brings the future closer. Yes, there will always be peace in the future, and there will be no more wars. The white dove will win the war... It's time, it's time for the feral humanity to disarm their hearts and simply, humanly approach each other and extend the hand of friendship."
"A yogi is peace-loving. A yogi avoids quarrels, and prevents them as best he can. A yogi knows the healing quality of peaceful emanations. ... How does a yogi come to such a realization? He develops co-measurement and goal-fitness. He understands that malice destroys the bridge of advancement. He has tamed irritation, recognizing it as incompatible with human dignity. A yogi manifests strong striving toward creating peace. Even the smallest pacifying act is a beautiful achievement. It is especially valuable in these times when humanity is destroying itself with hatred. ... A yogi may not know whom his luminous thoughts will help, but he will not tire of sending them out into space, like a purifying offering: “Let there be good in the World.”
"Every broad thought, every manifestation of friendliness and peacefulness are good actions in the life of every day." read more…

Persistence perseverance


"The selfish egoist condemns himself to terrifying loneliness and complete oblivion. My dear ones, happiness lies in love, and happier is not the one who is loved, but who knows how to love himself. When this truth is realized, all happiness will come. Therefore, our beloved, learn to love, get used to loving everything beautiful and develop active compassion for everything imperfect. Be affectionate and polite to your subordinates, for this is a privilege and decoration of the King of the Spirit.
I love the legend about Akbar very much. On the days of celebrations, when all the rajahs and peoples subject to him brought gifts to him, Akbar chose the most modest gift among the piles of luxurious offerings and, pressing it to his heart, appeared in front of the assembly, thereby paying attention to the smallest of his subjects and emphasizing that the gift was dear to him, brought not from excess, but prompted by the heart. So do you too, appreciate not by appearance and position, but by thought and inner qualities. And, of course, the best thoughts and a devoted heart are more often hidden by worn clothes and a modest position. Appreciate small employees. Both precision and politeness are the privilege of kings”. H. Roerich read more…

Power of observation

Protection of secrecy

"You cannot trust a valuable cargo to someone who does not know its value. Only the realization of the full significance of the trustee will force you to take all measures of caution, prudence, resourcefulness, which, with steady perseverance, will lead to a brilliant victory."
"Standing on guard is a sign of broadened consciousness. Many do not understand at all what it means to guard that which is most precious. It is impossible to rely upon those who do not know about value. But one may rejoice at each wakeful sentinel."
"Frivolity whispers that you don't need everything Intimate. Self-conceit suggests that everything should be accessible, but a person blinded by lightning cries out for unbearable Light. A person, crushed by the enormity of a thought, complains about the impossibility of accommodating it. Truly, the Innermost is commensurability, which makes it possible to rise without staggering."
"Secrecy is also cautiousness and goal-fitness. …It is very important to assimilate the fact that the so-called Great Mystery is not an obstacle, but only the guarding of the path. …The Guru helps find the best path. He will explain secrecy as an undefiled treasure."
"The main thing is always forgotten in everything or put in the tail. But soon people will see clearly and begin, first of all, to look for the most important, the most intimate and to measure. There is no spirituality without commensurability." read more…


Quick wit


"Knowledge alone will not give the fiery alertness of mind accumulated by many experiences. What is possible and what is impossible in all situations of life cannot be written down. Knowledge alone is a deadly peril, but its application is a fiery art. That is why We so esteem ready sagacity, that straight-knowledge which whispers when one should not turn the key in the lock. He who has accumulated such straight-knowledge will not be a traitor, either consciously or indirectly. To give away the key not according to the level of consciousness means to act as a traitor. Not to notice wiliness or falsification means not to be discriminating. Discrimination only on the morrow is not worth much. Such perception will not prevent one from falling over the precipice – but how sensitive must be the accumulation of sagacity! In each school the development of fast thinking must be taught; without it how can one pass through the flame?”
"I would like to tell you about two of Akbar’s commanders.
One of them received very detailed instructions, while the other got only the most fragmentary orders.
Finally, the latter appealed to Akbar, saying, “Why don’t I deserve detailed instructions? Look at all the victories I’ve brought you.” Akbar answered, “Your comprehension held back the flow of words. Let each moment that you saved be commemorated with the most precious of pearls.” That is why great joy is felt by those who can comprehend, and thereby conserve a drink from the Source." read more…


Readiness to sacrifice

“Sacrificial labor is the crown of the spirit.”
“Such sacrifice is forged by love and by the experiences of former lives that kindled love for those who suffer.”
“…sacrifices are the steps of ascent.”
“Success is nothing else than the return stroke of sacrifice.”
“Power means possibility. In other words, every sacrifice means first of all a possibility. It is time to cast away the hypocrisy that sacrifice means being deprived.”
“They give and regret it. They help and reproach later. Why such offerings? ... They hang like a stone on the one who accepted the sacrifice. Only when the sacrifice turns into joy can we expect that there will be no reproaches and regrets about the good done. No one should regret joy, but remember it with pleasure even when something is received in return not what it should be.”
“The hero fearlessly looks into the face of death, ready to die in the name of love for the motherland. Sacrifice, rejection and renunciation are for them who do not know love. But for Love, it is an offering and a joyful bestowal. Love gives and brings the best that it has to the Beloved one – and that is without deliberate thoughts and labored efforts. When years of long and persistent efforts in concentration and exercise are required, Love reaches that naturally, simply and almost imperceptibly to oneself…”
“Karma will catch up with you, but its quality can be changed by a voluntary sacrifice on behalf of people you do not know.”
“Sacrifice and assistance are created in secret, such is the nature of these actions. Only the Higher World knows who really helps whom.” read more…


"If during the process of evolution instinct has developed into feeling, then refinement will lead to straight-knowledge. Each refined sensation means contact with the Spatial Fire. Therefore, only the highest Agni Yogi transmits to humanity the subtlest receptivity. The entire evolution is based on refinement."
"Evolution means refinement and improvement. Evolution can still be defined as the gradual transformation of the dense into the subtle, in order to then become fiery. It is the refinement of everything and in everything that happens."
"The refinement of the spirit is determined precisely by the degree of its reverence for higher values."
"Refinement of thought provides a passageway to refinement of life. Refinement is also upliftment and growth."
"Evolution in refinement, and above all in the refinement of sensations and straight-knowledge. With the refinement of the inner man, the range of feelings and perceptions of the brain increases and grows incalculably! True Knowledge becomes the lot of a refined person."
"Refinement of the heart’s condition calls forth special activity on the part of all the senses. The senses of smell, hearing, sight, and taste act continuously. There is no silence, because once the earthly sounds are still, the echoes of the Subtle World begin to be heard. There is not a moment without smell, for even the purest air is full of fragrances. There is no visual void. … So without breaking away from this world, the heart makes us participants in a multitude of subtle manifestations." read more…


"Since the heart is the eternal engine of the spirit, one can imagine how it paves the way for the spirit to Infinity. This engine is reliable. You can rely on him. ...You can believe it if it is cleared of all extraneous layers and litter. Pure heartfelt fire shines in all worlds..."
"... The pure fire of the heart that creates a firm [reliable] shield."
"What to live by: spirit or earthly? Earthly – for a while and briefly, in the spirit – always. This is how consciousness is transferred to the spheres of the spirit and finds a safe haven in them."
"…The best teraph is the human heart. …The heart alone is needed for the Abode. A beautiful heart will always suffer on Earth, but the suffering heart becomes trustworthy. A fish cannot live without water, and the eagle does not rejoice without freedom."
"The invisible-elusive treasure of the spirit is more valuable and better, truer and more reliable than the treasury of gold."
"Only reliable people are selected for the Assignment of a particularly responsible meaning. Reliability is determined by tests. Hence the difficulty of life... Someone is easy and free. Well, then, his time has not come to prepare for the feat of life." read more…

Resistance to Evil by Spirit

"Resistance to evil is one of the fundamental qualities of those who are in search of Hierarchy. Physical qualities will not give tenacity against evil, but the spirit and the fire of the heart will create an armor against the cunning of evil. But how to understand evil? Certainly, first of all, it is destruction. But replacing an old house with a new and better one will not be destruction. By destruction is meant dissolution leading to an amorphous state. One must know how to oppose such destruction. One should find the strength of spirit to overcome the cowardice inherent in non-resistance."
"Resistance to evil must be laid at the foundation of every construction. ...What did Christ Himself do? Did He not drive out the merchants in the Temple with a whip? And how severely He rebuked the Pharisees and scribes! Will we reproach Him for contradicting himself, understanding His words "forgive your enemies" as non-resistance to evil? No, it's time to illuminate the Teaching of Christ in its true sense… In all the Teachings it is forbidden to pay evil for evil, but everywhere righteous indignation and spiritual resistance to evil are indicated. Everywhere they talk about the Sword of the Spirit and about the highest Justice. Only cowardice can see justice in the connivance and acceptance of the trampling by dark [ignorant people] of all that is light."
"Good cannot call for violence, but it must defend itself, it must be able to fight and resist evil, otherwise evil will flood the world." read more…



"... To be practical and resourceful on Earth, and at the same time to know the invisible, fiery reality that exists beyond the transient changing forms. So two worlds: the world of the truly existing and the world of external forms, combine harmoniously in consciousness. This will be the merging of worlds in the human mind."
"... It is necessary to accommodate the opposites: it is necessary to become not of this world, and at the same time, it is necessary to stand firmly on the ground, firmly with human feet and hands to do things. It is necessary to show resourcefulness, simple, everyday, earthly, it is necessary to be more practical than the most practical people, and at the same time to be not of this world, to be only a guest of this world of transient and temporary conditions, to be only a traveler of the boundless path..."
A person "must show a solid practical ingenuity in everyday affairs and a clear, clear thought in the field of spiritual phenomena. And if he doesn't want to, no outsider should notice any signs of unusual in him. Christ was a carpenter, Sergius was a builder. All of them firmly trod the Earth, although Their World was not of this world."
"Practical acumen, quick ingenuity are our favorite traits in a person's character. They can be exercised and developed… To surprise people with ingenuity, you need to have a lot of it yourself." read more…


"One cannot talk about ethical law if cause and effect are not accepted as a continuous thread. People cannot perfect themselves if they do not realize that they are responsible for their free will."
"We are all responsible for every thought, for every word and action before the whole Cosmos. The law of Karma is immutable."
"Consciousness in everything and responsibility for everything will unspeakably accelerate the ascent."
"By the breadth of responsibility, one can judge the breadth of consciousness."
"...Responsibility increases in proportion to knowledge."
"They need to realize responsibility for thought. Formerly people were responsible for their actions, and later the significance of the word was understood; but now is the time to become aware of the conflagration of thought. You should get better at keeping silence and purifying your thoughts."
"People still lend greater importance to the spilling of a sack of ordinary seeds than to the spilling of destructive words. Any rodent can pick up the seeds, but even an Arhat may not be able to clear away the consequences of thought and word."
"The basis of cooperation first of all lies in taking responsibility for each other."
"…Everyone is responsible not only for himself but for the consciousness of all humanity." read more…


"In cosmic space each manifestation calls up an entire chain of effects."
"The echo of earthly events reverberates with thunder on the Higher Worlds and on the distant stars. Everything is One, everything is closely connected with each other, and space is the carrier of these threads that connect everything into a Single Cosmic Whole."
"One may become convinced that the heart can be in constant service to Hierarchy. With it the heart does not lose its responsiveness to all everyday questions."
"Truly, a sympathetic and loving heart is the best conductor and connector of all worlds..."
"The spirit-creativeness and independent action of a sensitive server fierily imbue space. Thus the subtle heart responds to all cosmic occurrences. Thus, verily, the visible reverberates with the invisible, the present with the future, and the predestined takes place."
"We will take care of each other, showing the greatest sensitivity and responsiveness to the peculiarities of each."
"It is impossible to see through turbid waters. All agitation will react in a completely identical manner, in water and in the consciousness. One must find the happy medium between responsiveness and excitability." read more…

Reverence of the Highest

"Without a link with the Higher World humanity would be unthinkable, it would be worse than the beasts! Thus, one may regard this bond with the Higher World as the foundation of Be-ness."
"One must assert striving to the Highest as the essence of life and assume a reverent attitude toward this salutary striving."
"Thus, let us commune with the Higher World, not by a command but by inclination of the heart. One may transform earthly life only through the bond with the Higher World, otherwise suffering will not diminish; on the contrary, it will lead to ruin. Ignorance must be uprooted, but the best enlightenment is manifested from Above."
"He who knows how to discern the presence of the Higher World in the smallest things is already on the path of ascent. Indeed, it is needful in everything to link oneself to the Higher World. Without such attachment, the path will be a long one."
"Only the heart, covered with nothing but love, links us with the Higher Forces. The fabric of love is a most sacred one."
"Certainly, each one who contacts the Higher World experiences a trembling, but this unavoidable sensation has nothing in common with fear. Fear is cessation of creative energy. Fear is ossification and submission to darkness. Whereas turning to the Higher World must evoke ecstasy and expansion of one’s forces for the expression of the beautiful. Such qualities are born not of fear but through love." read more…

Sagacity. Perspicacity

"Knowledge alone will not give the fiery alertness of mind accumulated by many experiences. What is possible and what is impossible in all situations of life cannot be written down. Knowledge alone is a deadly peril, but its application is a fiery art. That is why We so esteem ready sagacity, that straight-knowledge which whispers when one should not turn the key in the lock. He who has accumulated such straight-knowledge will not be a traitor, either consciously or indirectly. To give away the key not according to the level of consciousness means to act as a traitor. Not to notice wiliness or falsification means not to be discriminating. Discrimination only on the morrow is not worth much. Such perception will not prevent one from falling over the precipice – but how sensitive must be the accumulation of sagacity! In each school the development of fast thinking must be taught; without it how can one pass through the flame?”
"The tension of the microcosm enhances ... the perspicacity of perceptions."
"Talented and visionary people are the greatest treasure of the state."
"Various dogmas are especially harmful in that they propound a rigid formula regardless of the level of consciousness. ...Thus, one must learn to speak according to the consciousness of the listener. This is not easy, but it constitutes an excellent exercise in sagacity." read more…




“Success is determined by purposeful self-denial. ... It is love that contains the ability to renounce one's own and oneself in the name of the beloved.”
“… renunciation of possessions but at the same time life in the midst of possessions; complete freedom from worldly desires but at the same time profound interest in the earthly work. All these antitheses should be harmonized in the consciousness of a disciple. The main thing to comprehend is that all renunciation primarily is achieved in spirit.”
“When a man is not personally attached to anything, he makes room in his heart for the universal containment. Nothing clutters the mind so much as personal manifestations. They leave no room for anything else. But beyond the small world of the personal lies the boundless ocean of the impersonal Cosmos. A cosmic citizen is one who has made the Cosmos his personal matters but has not treated his personal matters as of the world significance.”
“In the name of the Supreme in himself, a person renounces himself. Self-denial is the key to reaching the Higher Worlds. They can be achieved by it.”
“The heart will act as a trustworthy timepiece that calls one to thought about everyone and everything. There is no need to sit in tiring meditations; thought about the world is short and reflects the renunciation of self so simply. May all go well with the world!” read more…





“Among the various fires of the heart, the brightest is the flame of self-sacrifice. It is this armor that wards off hostile arrows and creates the renowned invulnerability. The fire of courage is only a part of the flame of self-sacrifice. Of course, self-sacrifice does not necessarily mean to offer oneself as a sacrificial victim; rather it corresponds to a readiness to attain victory for the cause of the Higher World.”
“The Good is there where are containment, devotion and love. The highest is in the light of sacrifice and the basest is in the darkness of treason.”
“Wisely is ordained the bliss of him who sacrifices his soul for his neighbor. Often this commandment is applied to the sacrifice of one’s life, yet it is not said of life or body, but of the spirit. Thus a most difficult and lengthy task is given. In order to give one’s soul one should cultivate, expand, and refine it, then it can be given for the salvation of one’s neighbor. Thus the wisdom of the Commandment should be understood and consciously applied.”
“Much is said about self-sacrifice and striving toward heaven, but there are examples of lofty self-sacrifice here on Earth. Every mother, under various conditions, in her own way expresses self-sacrifice. But let us be attentive, let us be able to discern the most well concealed signs of this great feeling, for it is so profound that it shuns expression.”
“What is self-sacrifice? Is it not selfless creative work of creation? Why do we understand by self-sacrifice only the bestowal of the body, when the contribution of all one’s energies to the creation of the world is the highest bestowal of oneself.” read more…



“Selflessness ... is an ardent beautiful courage and audacity in the name of the Common Good.”
“Each activity is valued ... according to the degree of selflessness that it contains.”
“It is selflessness that is the key to success. Therefore, if the aspiration… is sincere, then everything will come.”
“The strongest index of achievement is self-renunciation. Indeed, it is necessary to understand this cosmic concept in all its beauty. Not only on the field of battle is the spirit adorned with the power of selflessness. To traverse the path of life impetuously, to cross all lives as upon a wire, to pass over all abysses in song, is possible only for the selfless spirit. All structures which follow the cosmic designation are erected in fiery striving…”
“Indeed, the heart does not admit egoism. The heart lives in self-abnegation. Thus, strong is the heart when it is concerned about the future, not thinking about self.”
“The most unfailing way is the path of self-sacrificing achievement.”
“The self-sacrifice in the achievement links the spirit with the highest manifestations of Be-ness. Fullness of life may be expressed by the spirit who carries the chalice of self-sacrifice on his way toward Infinity.”
“… evolution has never been brought about by the majority but has been realized by an unselfish minority who are ready to subject themselves to the thrusts of the ignorant.” read more…

Sense of proportion

Sense of Rhythm. Musicality

"In the human organism rhythm and harmony lie dormant, but we must awaken them, for this music must become an important part of our education. Without rhythm and harmony we will not enter the Highest Realms. The Universe exists by motion, which is regulated by rhythm, but people do not realize that the beat of the heart is a symbol of the movement of the Universe."
"Rhythm is a powerful lever of life, especially when consciously called by the will. Save and strengthen what you think is necessary with the rhythm. Go with rhythm to a distant goal, for great power is hidden in it."
"Rhythm should be expressed in all work, in all creativeness, in all of life. Only experienced workers are aware that rhythmic labor is the most productive."
"Constant aspiration is harmonious and generates beautiful rhythms, while impatience is discordant and acts fitfully, disturbing the rhythm."
"Where it is necessary to succeed in something, a rhythm is approved and introduced. He collects and accumulates the force necessary for movement and creates the inertia of a powerful movement."
"Reiteration generates an accumulation of precipitations, providing an increased power of psychic energy, but these precipitations should be subject to a certain rhythm... every good deed is rhythmical." read more…


"Sensitiveness reveals a degree of culture."
"A sensitive heart must be treated with care. It beats not for itself, but for the General Good."
"Manifestation of the link with the Higher World bestows a quality of sensitiveness and clarity which is not made turbid by the dark currents..."
"Sensitivity is detachment from oneself and the transfer of consciousness into the object of observation. Whether it's a space, or a person, or a book, or an idea – the self everywhere interferes with proper concentration. ...Spirit and self are antipodes..."
"Sensitiveness applied by the spirit gives keenness of perception. Thus, by applying the sensitiveness of the heart one may reach the highest aspirations."
"But still, sometimes the pain inflicted on loved ones hurts the nearest heart very much. And it must be refined to such an extent that it responds sensitively to any pain around. A sensitive heart is a symbol of compassion. Only it can contain the pain of the world. The burden of such a heart is great. ... Suffering for people near and far, for the whole world unspeakably sharpens the receptivity of the heart."
"The most difficult art is the art of creating relationships between people. No art requires the development of such patience and such refined sensitivity."
"One needs to cultivate thinking intensely in order to attain sensitiveness." read more…


"Evolution cannot pursue its course by way of densification; only subtle understanding and the refined cognition of Infinity will indicate the path of humanity."
"Hence, sensitiveness of receptivity aids evolution, and an inert spirit retards it.”
"Creativeness of the spirit depends upon sensitiveness of receptivity."
"The most subtle consciousness has the best receptivity."
"Let each one by the quality of his thinking further his own ascent and his perception of the Higher World."
"The broadening of consciousness was stressed long ago, but it is still misunderstood. People often believe that the broadening of consciousness is simply the acceptance of everything, but then the consciousness would be turned into a cheap roadside inn! A true broadening of consciousness must increase one’s receptivity and discrimination. Only deep thinking can assist in such purification."
"...But for receptivity one must establish in oneself constant alertness. For such a quality nothing supernatural is required, one has only to be attentive."
"Bias and sensitivity of receptivity do not live in one nest."
“It is possible to remain in full darkness even while facing the most beautiful art creations, if darkness is in us.” read more…

Service to Common Good

"Caring for the Common Good, caring for one's neighbor is the highest task!”
“The future of humanity, the future of the Cosmos – is there anything more sacred?”
“Divide everything into four shares: the first – for the Highest; second – for the Common Weal; third – for your fellow-man; and fourth – for yourself. But the hour comes when only three parts remain, for the fourth will be swallowed up by the second. Such divisions are called fiery. Nothing but the heart can indicate the boundary lines between them.”
“Only an enlightened consciousness understands the fullness of its dependence on the Common Good. The Common Good was and is the foundation of every Covenant.”
“He is a hero who acts self-sacrificingly, unwaveringly, consciously, and who, acting in the name of the Common Good, thus brings nearer the current of cosmic evolution.”
“Every step of truth is directed toward the common good – this is the defining criterion.”
“How to affirm the measure of your deeds? If your deeds are useful to the world, then is their measure great.”
“Thought and work directed to the Common Good will be a strong weapon against evil.”
“…lofty knowledge and true service for the Common Good create the foundations for the health of the spirit.” read more…

Severity. Strictness

"Benevolence and sternness are one and the same concept."
"...Severity for the sake of justice and mercy. Severity and mercy are basically one concept."
"Sternness and cruelty are quite different concepts. But people do not know how to distinguish the harmony of sternness from the spasms of cruelty. Sternness is an attribute of justice, but cruelty is misanthropy."
"Who, then, should be treated especially austerely? Definitely oneself."
"... It is necessary to remember the Teacher's testament – "Severity to yourself and an open heart to your brother. Only the good eye creates"".
"The opening of the heart, pity and compassion for people is the path of Great Service to humanity, the path of Heroism. But at the same time, we must remember that the path of compassion should be the path of wise severity and effective help, but not sentimentality and therefore often unfair evaluation."
"It is needful on the one hand to cultivate kindheartedness and on the other to understand austerity. For many, such a task is completely insoluble; only the heart can prompt when the two qualities will not contradict each other. The heart will prompt when it is necessary to rush to the help of one’s neighbor. The heart will indicate when to stop short the madness of a fierce animal."
"Severity is needed where there is a persistent unwillingness to notice one's shortcomings or self-justification."
"The best joy emanates from austerity." read more…

Sharpness of consciousness



"The cosmos is permeated with solemnity. ... It does not exist where human passions are raging and where vanity reigns. She's not at the bazaar… You need to feel it, you need to feel it in your heart and you need to pay your attention to it. ...A solemn state of mind lifts him above the hustle and bustle of life to the heights. The essence of a person who has devoted himself to solemnity is changing. The quality is synthetic."
"True solemnity is built upon the highest degree of tension. Solemnity is not rest, not satisfaction, not the end; it is, precisely, a beginning – that is, resoluteness and a march forward on the path of Light."
"In reality solemnity is an exalted offering of all one’s best feelings, it is a tension of all superior energies, a contact with the approaching Gates."
"… Solemnity combines in itself ecstasy, ascent, a shield against evil, and a turning to the Hierarchy. So solemnity is salutary, but it must be perceived and maintained."
"Solemnity is the key by which consciousness is tuned to enter the Higher Spheres. The antipode of solemnity is vanity. Vanity dominates the psyche of the layman. ...Solemnity should be made the way of life of every day. She will not allow the immersion of consciousness into unworthy small thoughts, feelings and actions. She will guard the Innermost. It will keep you on the crest of the wave. ...Consider solemnity as the wings of the spirit." read more…

Solicitude. Considerateness

"…the Great Service is great solicitude. One cannot imagine a day or an hour when a man may be without care, that is to say, can dispense with thinking. Thus, care must not be regarded as an arid burden, but rather as a distinguishing quality of man. Among the privileges of the Bodhisattvas, solicitude for everything that exists is the gem of their crown. Likewise, solicitude should be welcomed as the kindling of Fire. Not petty reflections, but a most solicitous thought strikes sparks of light from the heart. It is unwise to avoid cares, for one must make haste with the fires of the spirit. Those who fear cares reveal but meager accumulations. The experienced wayfarer says, “Burden me with care when I enter the Beautiful Garden.” Man, who has received the gift of thinking, has accepted not the least of these responsibilities. It has been said that the smile of a rich man is of slight value, but the poor man who has retained his smile will become the companion of God. So does the folk understanding value a smile amidst cares. My advice is that you realize that the number of cares cannot be lessened. Only thus do we realize that joy is a special wisdom."
"Every concern related to a bright undertaking is only a joy for us. Where there is no care, there is no love."
"The wise man's concern is not for himself, but for the world."
"... All personal hardships are experienced easier when we have a great task and care for others ..." read more…

Spirit understanding. Spirit-knowledge

"The actions of the spirit are lightning-fast and are connected with the work of a fiery thought. You can just know without resorting to the usual methods of cognition."
"Hence, the knowledge of the spirit is such a powerful guide, for it will always lead to the foundations of Existence."
"…The clearer the earthly consciousness, the quicker the awakening of the spirit."
"Expansion of the consciousness will establish the knowledge of the spirit..."
"Spiritual understanding or spiritual comprehension is needed, that is, knowledge of the spirit… Intellect... is based on external feelings. Insight into the future is not available to it. It cannot instantly solve a complex mathematical problem, as Kovalevskaya did, and it cannot see life in Distant Worlds. The knowledge of the spirit, and only it, will raise a person to the next stage of evolution. And the intellect will serve the spirit as a tool for a good master ... in order to merge with him to go further to the heights of knowledge of the world."
"...The knowledge of the spirit is alien to ordinariness and when confronted with it loses its clarity and simplicity. Hence the constancy of the struggle between earthly knowledge, or earthly wisdom, and the knowledge of the spirit, or insight into the realm of what really exists." read more…

Spiritual imagination

"Creative imagination is the wings of the spirit."
"... Imagination must be cultivated. The task of every school is the opening of a well-founded imagination."
"... A correctly developed imagination serves to broaden the consciousness, and adds to the flexibility of thinking… People think that the imagination tends to lead them away from what is real, but it is the developed imagination that permits a broader perception of reality. Let us not forget that the imagination derives mainly from the accumulation of experiences from one’s past lives. Research based on such experiences cannot produce a mirage. A widely educated person should possess a rich imagination. For such an individual the realm of the impossible is diminished, and possibilities multiply. Those who are endowed with imagination are not dreamers. The dream of the enlightened mind is true foresight."
"... By the power of the spirit, by the power of creative imagination, you can create your future and create along the shining spiral of the spirit. You never know what could have happened in the past, the future in the hands of the creative will can be created plastically in new ways and in new forms, independent of the forms of the old ones."
"Let's say to all doubters - because of the poverty of imagination, do not deprive yourself!"
"... Every dream is a command to oneself, and the Great Forces will hasten to help the bold spiritual toiler." read more…

Spiritual tension

Spirituality. Qualities of the spirit

Spirituality is a harmonious manifestation of the spirit in the human mind; it is a symphony of spiritual and moral qualities of human consciousness.
“Only that which promotes is valuable; it is useful and necessary only that which promotes ascent. ... The values of the spirit are of particular importance, because they can be kept by taking with you on a long journey ... You can’t carry until the end any outfits, clothes, or shoes: they will wear out and turn into trash; but courage, but stamina, but knowledge, but love, but devotion, but spiritual abilities – it is possible not only to carry, but also to multiply. It is said: “Do not lay up treasures for yourself on Earth...”, for earthly treasures and earthly things are all temporary and you cannot take them with you to the Higher World, but collect treasures in Heaven, that is, collect invisible values of the spirit in yourself, in your highest 'I AM'…”
“...quality is the garment of the spirit.”
“Infinity is in everything. The qualities of the spirit are also infinite. ... Each of them can be deepened and strengthened. The qualities of the spirit are the forms of the fires affirmed or affirming in the microcosm of a man. …By accumulating crystals of affirmed qualities, a man multiplies his imperishable treasure and builds himself a fiery abode for the spirit. The qualities of the spirit are affirmed and grow in application to life. There are no abstract qualities. Quality is a form of manifestation of the activity of the spirit.” read more…




"If during the process of evolution instinct has developed into feeling, then refinement will lead to straight-knowledge."
"Straight-knowledge knows immutably the essence of everything that is happening and everything that has to come into contact with, knows the direction of evolution, knows the future. Straight-knowledge is a synthesis of spirituality… And it will be easier to awaken this knowledge for oneself to that person, who listened and listens more to the heart, choosing it as a guide on one’s life paths."
"Straight-knowledge is the kindled fire of the heart..."
"Straight-knowledge used to be called intuition. Straight-knowledge is composed of accumulations in past lives... That is, it is not just knowledge, but straight-knowledge, because all the knowledge we receive is primarily based on feeling. This is especially pronounced in all transcendental experiences."
"Now is the time to insist upon synthesis of action. Straight-knowledge will provide this synthesis during earthly existence."
"It is straight-knowledge that is the only criterion for judging and recognizing both the highest and the lowest."
"Now the heart is being established as an organ of higher direct cognition, as a carrier of the ability of straight-knowledge. When the thought sinks into the heart, then the innermost gates open. Search in the heart. There is a way in it." read more…

Strength of spirit

Striving for perfection

Striving. Aspiration

"Man is the creator of his striving, striving is the creator of his destiny."
"Hence, the quality of striving is the truest indicator of the growth of the spirit; and consciousness is manifested as the affirmed power of creativeness."
"Striving is the essence of the magnet of the spirit in action. Striving is fiercely magnetic."
"Striving will give birth to opportunities. Therefore, the key to the doors of opportunity is always in our hands."
"Let us turn away from darkness; even plants know enough to stretch out toward light."
"In the Teaching, it is constantly indicated to strive in everything as high as possible. For the spiral of aspiration must inevitably settle, but the higher it was sent, the higher its next starting point will be."
"You can study how the success of outer actions depends upon the striving of the heart."
"The plane will fall if it stops moving. It is also inevitable that the spirit will fall if its aspiration is extinguished."
"He who moves toward achievement must proceed as if summoned by a work bell. For the striving one the thinnest surface is sufficient. Aspire!"
"Devotion is aspiration, and aspiration is "sesame"... to all achievements." read more…



“…Understand your reciprocative feelings and express them in the language of your heart. This language of understanding and sympathy will open the first Gates to Infinity.”
"Devotion is not slavery, it is a smile of understanding and sympathy. Ponder upon this beautiful word, sympathy, for it expresses harmony based upon the consonance of feelings. Everyone longs for sympathy, but so often it is demanded for oneself only, without regard for reciprocal feelings. Many misfortunes have their root in this misconception.
The Thinker used to say, “Man demands sympathy, but where is his reciprocal feeling? He considers himself to be most unhappy, yet does he consider the misfortunes of others?”"
"The right empathy helps and raises another person without sinking into his darkened state and not being infected by it. One must have the ability to sympathize, otherwise it is not help, but the multiplication of darkness."
"…The art of adopting the language of one’s companion in conversation pertains to great development of consciousness. … No arrogance will be contained in it; on the contrary, it means an interest in the understanding of the companion in conversation."
"A smile of sympathy is one of the good paths to peace." read more…

Synthetics of consciousness

"It is possible to express simply the whole complexity of life only synthetically. Synthesis is the solution of life. Just as an infinite number of representations of homogeneous objects fit into one concept and are expressed by it, so the complexity of life phenomena is embraced by a synthetic understanding. It's from the Light. Synthesis means unification. Cosmic consciousness is synthetic consciousness when the infinity of the manifested universe merges into one single world in the great and eternal space now and here..."
"Synthesis is the mutual understanding of the connection of the parts of a phenomenon, and the understanding of the whole phenomenon as a whole, and its connection and its place in the Cosmos. Each phenomenon is considered as part of a single whole… From here, a great understanding of both man and what is happening outside of him will be born. Everything finds its place, and everything falls into place."
"...Synthetic mind or memory is a rather rare phenomenon and a consequence of large accumulations in past lives. Only an expanded consciousness can group the collected information into the cognition of entire cosmic phenomena. All significant discoveries were the result of synthetic generalization..."
"The specialist follows the same track, deepening it. Synthetics can touch everything. Synthesis does not mean a little bit of everything, but the comprehension of the essence of the phenomenon in connection with the whole." read more…

Taciturnity brevity


"The greatest tact gives the best results..."
"It is absolutely necessary to show the highest tact in dealing with people."
"A lot can be changed and stopped with a tactful approach."
"Tact will tell you what to emphasize and what to soften."
"The greatest prudence and tact must be applied. We must be as pure as crystal."
"... Friendliness has always been considered the best policy, but its degree should be prompted by tact, in our language – by a sense of awareness, which, alas, is so difficult to awaken."
"Let the sensibility show ... all the necessary tact, let nothing of value be missed, remembering how often an apparent trifle gives a strong weapon against the enemy."
"Every great idea is so easily ruined by tactless actions."
"... The unification of consciousness does not come immediately, it is not easy to achieve, and you need to show a lot of mutual patience, tact, cordiality and generosity. But when it is achieved, then everything really becomes possible ..." read more…


"Each aspirant must make every touch subtler, must show the tenderest solicitude. All the burdens of those close to him must be accepted wholeheartedly—that is how an impregnable fortress is created. And that is how to go forward!"
"I appreciate every manifestation of the heart. The tenderness of the heart is not easy to accumulate. It had to work hard to become responsive to someone else's pain and to know the highest joy."
"You have that sincerity, tenderness and caring attitude that are so rare, but it is these qualities that give beauty and joy to life."
"Even the tenderest, most compassionate heart should not be lacking in courage. The heart is a rock on which strongholds are built."
"A strong hand can touch very gently without losing its strength. Only weakness of spirit is inexcusable under any circumstances."
"It is a most useful thing to be able to combine the tenderness of love with the austereness of duty. The new life will not be deterred by contrasts. It will not exert compulsion with one yoke, but will bestow breadth of receptivity." read more…

The strength of spirit will


"Patience and tolerance are two of these greatest qualities we all need to acquire if we want to... advance. So, patience, tolerance and the absence of violence – these qualities will lead us the shortest way."
"We measure our consciousness by the measure of tolerance."
"Tolerance in everything and always should be the guiding principle in our activities, only in this way we will pass any difficult and difficult path."
"…Accommodation and tolerance are among the first ornaments of culture."
"…Patience is the parent of tolerance. Intolerance is the offspring of ignorance. Nothing obstructs achievement as much as does intolerance. One must become attuned to an attitude of tolerance from one’s earliest years. And compassion is akin to it. Tolerance is the best way. Those who argue should not be dismissed if their words contain just one particle of truth. This particle could serve as a bridge for unity. But patience is needed to discover such particles of truth."
"Speak according to your listener's understanding. Intolerance is an outworn garment that must be discarded."
"Even though we may not feel close to something, if it opens up the heart of our neighbor, wouldn’t we tolerate it in order that his heart might be kindled? Or would we prefer to please ourselves and end up embittering the heart of someone close to us? Rather, wouldn’t it be a wonderful test to keenly observe just what will open somebody’s heart to the Good?” read more…

Trust. Faith

"Faith is the presentiment of knowledge."
"Firm faith is an unshakable state of consciousness. I believe in spite of everything and in spite of everything. I believe because my heart feels and knows. ... Faith is a special state of consciousness based on things invisible, but accessible to cognition by the spirit. ... Faith is an unconscious knowledge of what is, but what is invisible to the eye. The brain does not know yet, but the heart already feels and anticipates the coming knowledge. Faith is the engine of life, because it transfers the immutability of the future to the present."
"Faith is the knowledge of the spirit of what is certain and what must be established immutably. This is the awareness of the future, of what should be. The power of the spirit is manifested in faith and sensitivity. ...Faith is the fire of the spirit brought into action."
"In contrast with confidence there is depression. Precisely distrust begets this awful viper. But trust awakens the most fiery, the most divine instincts of the spirit. Beings of the Fiery World can approach people in hours of trust, and the miracle of enthusiasm creates the most beautiful approaches. Trust must be cultivated, as otherwise people sink into inertia. Trust is straight-knowledge."
"Without trust, no achievement is possible, especially spiritual is not available. Being itself is based on trust, and nothing can be created and developed without this connecting element. Trust is close to love, and everything in the world is held only by love."
"It is through trust, through self-denial, that the opening of the heart is achieved." read more…


"The perfecting of earthly labor will not harm the cognition of the distant worlds."
"In the case of do-gooding, bribery is unacceptable, because self-serving do-gooding ceases to be such. A Teacher cannot charge a fee for Teaching Life. Teaching is distributed and good is done free of charge. This condition is the main one."
"Learning to give to people without binding yourself with a bribe will be a great achievement. But sometimes a high spiritual gift is accompanied by an unconscious thought about retribution for it, about the desire for recognition and appreciation, in a word, about some kind of compensation for the benefits given to people. It is the self that weaves its web, in which the spirit is entangled. The Sun sends its rays and light into space, receiving nothing in return, and most importantly, demanding nothing for it. Be like the Sun."
"... We must learn to perform our work as best as possible, first of all, out of love for the work itself, but not for its results. Only then will our work be beautiful. The key to all achievements lies in this selfless love for everything we do and undertake."
"The true fire-blossom is actual selflessness; however, it must not only be evident in actions but must live in the consciousness."
"Those who accept evolution will work in its field for the sake of evolution itself, those, who do not, will wait for some personal rewards." read more…



Victory of spirit

"Darkness is finite, but Light is manifested infinitely. Each one who knows this simplest of truths is already invincible."
"…There is no defeat in Infinity."
"… Victory will come when one commands oneself to overcome the obstacles. ... In a beneficent command the vibrations are created that unite one with the Higher Forces."
"Victory by good will be the most brilliant and striking victory. You can kill with a snake's sting, but you can't win, because winning will also mean convincing."
"The ancient covenant "Do not extinguish the Spirit" is deep. Not the vanquished one who was defeated, but the one whose lights bent and went out under the blows from outside. But the winner is always the one whose heart's fire burns victoriously and powerfully in the face of any counter phenomena, no matter how heavy and strong they may be."
"The one who is stronger in spirit is the winner."
"... He conquers all who will be able to defeat himself."
"It is to stand up to the end and go through everything without hesitation and without retreating in spirit that will be the victorious way."
"Perseverance, firmness and actions, even against evidence, will always bring victory in a just cause." read more…


"...All vigilance is needed, and all fear should be rejected. ...Fortunately, vigilance can be developed without limit, and one should not hesitate to repeat that at times of highest tension, the highest degree of vigilance must be manifested. It is not fear that compels one to such an affirmation, but a desire to serve in the best possible way. Heroes are born out of this desire."
"...If evil has spread so widely, then it will be reflected in all affairs. That's why such unprecedented foresight and vigilance are needed."
"Let us strengthen our vigilance and be ready for the feat of doing good in all conditions of life."
"No vigilance will be excessive. It is not fear, but protection from evil. Stay always on the lookout."
"It is impossible to relax vigilance for a moment. The watch is constant. To soften in the ecstasy of victory or security means to suffer damage."
"Vigilance and self-control are only good when they are constant. A break in them is like a broken chain."
"And the little things require special vigilance. People forget that life consists of little things, and by missing the small, they lose the big." read more…


"We are watchful and careful for the best execution of the commission. ...Thought of danger agitates many of our centers and in disorderly fashion consumes the precious energy. Thought of danger reflects even upon the pulse; but the heart is strengthened by the desire to carry out well the mission. Thus, let us act in the most efficient manner."
"Continual intenseness will be the best. …This jubilant readiness grows from habitual watchfulness."
"Watchful attentiveness can reveal many things not perceptible to the ignorant."
"Consciousness must always be on watch, both in sleep and in reality."
"Big enemies are rare, small ones are countless. ...Small enemies, due to their inconspicuousness and innumerable, require exceptional care and watch. Where the beast will not get through, a mosquito will fly in there. Of course, there are nets against mosquitoes, but you can only weave such a network with continuous vigilance, because the break will be like a hole in the grid. The quality of the watch developed in this way will be a very valuable acquisition and will be useful in any activity… It eliminates distraction and unconsciousness and gives thoroughness and clarity to every work. It will not allow forgetfulness and deviations of thinking to the side." read more…


"Intellect is not wisdom. Straight-knowledge is wisdom. Intellect is reason. Wisdom makes decisions that long ago had already germinated. Intellect is at the threshold of wisdom, and when sharpened it moves into the realm of synthesis. Reason and a mind trained to one specialty are only corners of the future house. Those with narrowly specialized minds can pave for themselves a brilliant future, but they must continue to incarnate until their minds lose their narrow specialization. Only when the intellect loses this can it become wise. Each specialty is meant for conditions of life on Earth, whereas the synthesis of spirit opens all spheres."
"So wisdom is contrary to the intellect, but there is no ban on adorning the intellect with wisdom."
"The stratification of observations over the extent of many lives, laid in the depths of consciousness, is called dormant wisdom. ...It is instructive to observe the acquisitions of knowledge and inclinations already manifested in childhood, which cannot be explained in any other way except as former accumulations."
"How insignificant is the number of those who really want to learn, everyone is only trying to teach! But a wise man collects honey of knowledge all his life like a bee..."
"Discipline of spirit affirms the wise..." read more…

By color
A sense of Beauty A sense of duty A sense of Unity Ability to help Accuracy Activity Affability Affectionateness Alertness Appreciation Aspiration for the cooperation Aspiration for the future Aspiration for the highest quality Attentiveness Audacity Balance self-control Benevolence. Goodwill Bravery Calmness Carefulness. Considerateness. Frugality Caution Charm Clarity of consciousness Co-measurement with the Sumprime Cognition Compassion Concentration Confidence Conposure Conscience Conscientiousness Consciousness Consistency Containment Conviction Cordiality Courage Creation Culture Daring Delicacy Desire for Learning Detachment Determination firmness Devotion Dignity of spirit Diligence Discipline Discretion Discrimination Dispassionateness Eagerness to help Efficiency Endurance fortitude Enthusiasm Farsightedness of spirit Firmness Flexibility of consciousness Foresight Freedom of spirit Freshness of perception Friendliness. Amicability Generosity Giving. Donation Good nature. Complacency Good spirits Gratitude Harmony Heroism Honesty Humaneness Humility. Humbleness Impartiality Impetuosity. Mobility Indefatigability. Tirelessness Indulgence. Lenience Industry Initiative Inner concordance Inner integrity Insight. Seeing with the eyes of the heart Inspiration Intrepidity Invigoration Joy Justice. Fairness Keenness of sight Kindness. Love of good Loftiness Love Love of mankind Loyalty Magnanimity Mercy Moderation Modesty Nobleness Non-condemnation. Ability to forgive Objectivity Openness. Assumption Optimism Orderliness Originality Patience Patriotism Peacefulness Persistence perseverance Politeness Power of observation Protection of secrecy Purity Quick wit Quick-wittedness Readiness Readiness to sacrifice Refinement Reliability Resistance to Evil by Spirit Resolution Resourcefulness Responsibility Responsiveness Reverence of the Highest Sagacity. Perspicacity Self-activity Self-control Self-denial Self-dependence Self-discipline Self-respect Self-sacrifice Self-sufficiency Selflessness Sense of proportion Sense of Rhythm. Musicality Sensitivity Sensitivity Service to Common Good Severity. Strictness Sharpness of consciousness Sincerity Solemnity Solicitude. Considerateness Spirit understanding. Spirit-knowledge Spiritual imagination Spiritual tension Spirituality. Qualities of the spirit Steadfastness Steadiness Straight-knowledge Strength of spirit Striving for perfection Striving. Aspiration Swiftness Sympathy Synthetics of consciousness Taciturnity brevity Tactfulness Tenderness The strength of spirit will Tolerance Trust. Faith Unselfishness Valour Veracity Victory of spirit Vigilance Watchfulness Wisdom

At the beginning of the XX century the ideas of The Living Ethics (Agni Yoga) got their further development and explanation in the philosophical writings by Boris Abramov (1897–1972), the Helena and Nicolas Roerich spiritual disciple. These writings had been created since the 40s of the XX century, but they were first published in Russian only in 1993 under the title “Facets of Agni Yoga”.


Natalia Spirina (1911–2003), the disciple of Boris Abramov, carried out a variety of public work in Russia, in Novosibirsk. And her refined poetry reflects the philosophical ideas of the Living Ethics.


The main aim of the Flower is to research the essence, distinctive features and characteristics of the development of spiritual and moral qualities of a man, to distinguish these qualities from looking similar manifestations of the lower senses and qualities. This research extends our knowledge on moral qualities, self-improvement mechanism and helps to understand better complex mental-and-psychic processes in our consciousness.


For more information about life and works of the Roerich family you can visit the cite of Nicolas Roerich Museum in New York

The complete texts of the Living Ethics books in English, German, Icelandic, Italian, Spanish and French you can find on the cite of the Agni Yoga Society (New York)



Looking forward to your cooperation.


International Children's Day.

Birthday of Mikhail Glinka (1804-1857), composer, father of the Russian classical music, author of operas.

Birthday of Vasily Polenov (1844-1927), Russian artist, master of historical, landscape, religious and genre painting, architect and teacher.

World Environment Day.

Birthday Diego Velázquez (1599-1660), Spanish realist painter, who laid the foundation for the psychological portrait in the European art.

Pushkin Day in Russia. Birthday of Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837), Russian poet and writer.

Birthday of Nikolai Fedorov (1829-1903), Russian religious philosopher, one of the founders of Russian cosmism.

Birthday of Robert Schumann (1810-1856), German romantic composer.

International Friends Day.

Russia Day. "Our Fatherland is a stronghold of the New World. Her future is radiant"("Facets of the Agni Yoga").

Birthday of Edvard Grieg (1843-1907), composer, founder of the Norwegian classical music.

Birthday of Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), French philosopher, mathematician and physicist.

Alfred Haydock Remembrance Day. Alfred Haydock (birthday unknown, 1892-1990), spiritual disciple and follower of Nicholas Roerich, writer.

Day of memory and sorrow. 22.06.1941 - beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

Birthday of Erich Maria Remarque (1898-1970), German writer.

Birthday of Anna Akhmatova (1889-1966), Russian poet, writer and literary critic.

Birthday of Richard Bach (born 1936), American writer and journalist.

Day of the friendship and unity of the Slavs

Birthday of Mother Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997), Albanian and Indian spiritual ascetic, founder of the women's monastic community " Missionaries of Charity", Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (1979).

Russian Youth Day.

Feast day of the Prophet Amos (c. 850 - c. 783 years. BC), third of 12 "minor prophets", bright preacher (Orthodox tradition).

Birthday of Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900-1944), French writer and poet.

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