Piano Concerto No. 23. Andante № 23. Andante by W.A. Mozart


Prophet [Beda the Preacher] by Nicholas Roerich. 19451. "People speak about humaneness and think that it is limited to mercy and compassion, but humaneness is a manifestation of all that is good in the microcosm." [Supermundane, 697]


2. "Each Teaching of Light is primarily a development of humaneness. Remember this definitely, for the world has never before been in such a need of this quality. Humaneness is the gateway to all other worlds. Humaneness is the basis of straight-knowledge. Humaneness is the wings of beauty. The essence of humaneness is the substance of the Chalice. Therefore, above all, on Earth let us be clothed in humaneness and recognize it as an armor against the dark forces. A fiery manifestation will visit the heart through humaneness. Thus we shall realize once again to what a degree the farthest is the nearest. We also recognize each other through humaneness." [Fiery World I, 75]


3. "... Only humaneness makes us Higher Beings..." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 9.  224]


4. "A spark of higher energy has been given to each man, and as its bearer he is invested with a lofty duty. He is a bridge to the Higher Worlds. Thus in denying the Higher World, the ignoramus repudiates his own humanity. A reminder about the Higher World is a touchstone for the testing of each spirit." [AUM, 67]


5. "So much indispensable self-control must be manifested in order for man to acquire the necessary humaneness." [Fiery World III, 157]


6. "Patience, tolerance lead to humanеness, and people need humanеness right now. The arrogant mechanical civilization has forgotten about the most necessary thing for evolution – humaneness. Moreover, it is necessary to repeat hastily about this simplest basis. Life is staggering from all kinds of sabotage." [Diary Leaves by Nicholas Roerich vol.3, March 24, 1942]


7. "Precisely, people have completely forgotten about duty and responsibility – these two foundations of humaneness in us." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 3.  244]


8. "The Thinker, when asked about the basis of earthly life, answered, “Human, be more humane!” [Supermundane, 883]


9. "Let us think about everything in a human way and we will not err. …Think humanely about Our Inner Life, and in all your thoughts preserve the beauty of the thought-form and learn to love the idea of labor for the Common Good." [Supermundane, 542]



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