Zoroaster by Nicholas Roerich. 1931“A generous giver does not count his gifts. It is impossible to enumerate the gifts of the spirit in words. So fiery are many of them that they cannot even be described in words! And so it is that worldly concepts do not contain the subtlest and the highest. One should recall that every hour the flaming heart is performing what people call miracles." [Heart, 511]


“... the generosity of the heart is immeasurable, and the flaming heart knows no stinginess." [Heart, 430]


“The generosity of Cosmos is expressed by these unrepeatable manifestations, which will always be beyond the grasp of the human mind.” [Supermundane, 560]


 “…We do not speak here about the leveling of all consciousnesses, because, owing to cosmic multiformity, equality does not exist." [Supermundane, 211]


“... the unique and unrepeatable nature of events in the universe is characteristic of its special beauty. Even the simplest shepherd can see the individuality of each animal in his herd, but city dwellers too easily lose the ability to recognize what is individual. Generalizations are applied in addressing all issues, and recognition of the great generosity of nature is lost." [Supermundane, 577]


“Let us learn to discriminate – thus we will become generous. No limited person can become spiritually rich." [Fiery World I, 220]


“Whoever is not grudging in his work will receive bounteously." [New Era Community, 216]


“He who sows with kindness will reap more abundantly." [Supermundane, 795]


“In love we will be generous givers, not shopkeepers, and then all joy will come.” [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 7. 46]


“Only long experience and knowledge of human nature make it possible to wisely combine generosity of giving with restraint and prudence.” [Facets of Agni Yoga 1966, 698]


“The parable about the disciple who asked.

Dgulnor was considered extremely wise. He had the good fortune to be taught by a Teacher who came from the Sacred Subterranean Land. As the Teacher was missing his tongue and his right hand, his disciple, ever aspiring, asked a question and the Teacher nodded. The disciple asked two questions and the Teacher nodded twice. Soon the disciple was asking ceaseless questions, and the Teacher was nodding ceaselessly.

For three years the questions continued, and for three years the Teacher nodded. “Then according to your experience, everything is possible?” And the Teacher not only nodded but also bowed to the ground. And opening the robes over his breast, he revealed upon his bosom an image of the Blessed One bestowing with both hands. In this way was wisdom affirmed and the creativity of life exalted.

Truly, we comprehend Space in a single sigh. No word can convey the Boundless, and no thought can encompass the Light.

... Thus, it is not a negation but an affirmation that has the Hand of the Buddha above it.” [Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 187]




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