Madonna Oriflamma by Nicholas Roerich. 19321. "Culture is humanity... It is Culture that is refinement in everything and is connected with Beauty, therefore it is necessary to affirm understanding and love for Beauty in all its cosmic scope." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 9. 133]


2. "... Culture has two roots – the first one is druidic, the second one is oriental. Cult-Ur means the Worship of Light." [Nicholas Roerich to Latvian Roerich Society]


3. "Culture is the cumulation of highest Bliss, of highest Beauty, of highest Knowledge." [Nicholas Roerich at Belgian Conference “Banner of Peace”]


4. "Only the values of culture will solve the most complex problems of life. Only in the name of the treasures of culture, may humanity prevail. At the very root of this concept, so sacred to us, is enfolded the entire veneration of Light, the true service to Bliss." [Nicholas Roerich at Belgian Conference “Banner of Peace”]


5. "You can be a highly civilized person and still remain uncultured. Culture is the refinement of all perceptions and is the legacy of our accumulations from past lives." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 6. 052]


6. "An ignorant person must become civilized first of all; then educated; then after education is acquired, a person becomes intelligent; then comes refinement and realization of synthesis, which is crowned by the acceptance of the idea of culture." [Letters of Helena Roerich I, 29 May 1931]


7. "The true culture of thought is developed by the culture of spirit and heart." [Letters of Helena Roerich I, 1 March 1929]


8. "The cultural heart feeds on higher feelings. And then it grows until it embraces the whole world." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1952, 558]


9. "Yes, culture is not acquired in one lifetime. A lot of savings needs to be collected ... in order to assimilate the sophistication of cultural attitudes to all areas of knowledge and art and to all manifestations of life." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 5. 084]


10. "... Refinement is a quality that is gained through the experiences of many lives. Its components are a real understanding of cooperation, fieriness of thinking, loftiness of activity, a high degree of sensitivity, love for beauty. Each of these qualities can be developed only by persistent striving." [Supermundane, 590]


11. "... culture is the common heritage of all humanity. Despite differences in customs, creeds, and languages, every act of culture is the possession of all mankind. The unification of the world through culture is the first step toward the transformation of all life. ... We have in mind not the alphabets or the style of expression but the intended meaning and ideas. Compare the finest creations of the various nations and you will see that the basic ideas are common to all. ... Verily, people must understand that each day can be radiant with humaneness. The Thinker was concerned that His disciples should understand that universal humaneness radiates even in the far-off worlds, and that everyone is a citizen of all the worlds." [Supermundane, 373]


12. "Only culture, the most lofty, most refined, will conquer all the unnecessary, disturbing distinctions, and will create that beautiful army of Spirit which, in active peace-building, will create the luminous future of humanity." [Letters of Helena Roerich I, 26 December 1931]




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