Waltz h-moll by F. Chopin


Silhouettes by Svetoslav Roerich. 19531. "Cultural work requires weighing all possibilities. Where there is at least the slightest sprout of good – there should be shown kindness and care." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 7. 071]


2. "... Live in the consciousness that only Light should come from you and its warmth should warm everyone around you, especially those close to you. You never know where and when a kind word can dispel a gloomy cloud. Sometimes a simple affectionate touch of the hand regenerates a person." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 8. 139]


3. "People need to learn to show tenderness, care and affection. People love taking care of them. A word from the heart, a little attention, a little self-forgetfulness, and an important thing is done. A person received a particle of precious energy and to some extent was sated with it. For there are very few givers and those who can give. And the heart will grow in this continuous and conscious giving." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1956, 157]


4. "Every affectionate, well-spoken word infuses new strength and cleanses the atmosphere over a large radius." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 7. 176]


5. "When the enchanted flower of tenderness unfolds on earth,

a new star is born in the Infinite.

Numberless are the stars.

The Milky Way of happiness bridges all the worlds." [Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 334]


6. "Go fix what you've done. You will restore everything with affection and attention." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1951, 355]



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