Sonata No. 8 "Pathetique". Movement 2 by L. van Beethoven


Iskander and a Hermit by Nicholas Roerich. 19381. "Patience and tolerance are two of these greatest qualities we all need to acquire if we want to... advance. So, patience, tolerance and the absence of violence – these qualities will lead us the shortest way." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 9.  219]


2. "We measure our consciousness by the measure of tolerance." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 9.  233]


3. "Tolerance in everything and always should be the guiding principle in our activities, only in this way we will pass any difficult and difficult path." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 9.  224]


4. "…Accommodation and tolerance are among the first ornaments of culture." [Health of the Spirit by Nicholas Roerich]


5. "... tolerance is a fundamental necessity for evolution. Every sign of tolerance must be valued. We, Ourselves, could not help people without the highest degree of tolerance ... One should learn to distinguish each small particle of energy and pay careful attention to it. People furiously shout, “He is not one of us, crucify him!” Fools! He is indeed not one of you, he is of fire! Only the ignorant extinguish the light and then remain in darkness, complaining about their cruel fate." [Supermundane, 381]


6. "Man does not want to examine the foundations upon which tolerance and open-mindedness grow, yet these qualities are akin to compassion. They teach one to look attentively into the consciousness of one’s neighbor to understand the causes of his mistakes. People should be taught, and their moral qualities awakened, but this task is impossible without looking at each person individually. Every one errs in his own way, and the reasons for his errors may be deeply embedded. It is impossible to judge a crowd by its shouting and wailing. Everyone has his own pain and is in need of individual treatment. People must not forget about broad-mindedness and tolerance, for these bridges will be needed in the Supermundane World.  …The Thinker said, “Learn tolerance and it will teach you great patience.”" [Supermundane, 788]


7. "…Patience is the parent of tolerance. Intolerance is the offspring of ignorance. Nothing obstructs achievement as much as does intolerance. One must become attuned to an attitude of tolerance from one’s earliest years. And compassion is akin to it. Tolerance is the best way. Those who argue should not be dismissed if their words contain just one particle of truth. This particle could serve as a bridge for unity. But patience is needed to discover such particles of truth." [Supermundane, 697]


8. "Speak according to your listener's understanding. Intolerance is an outworn garment that must be discarded." [Agni Yoga, 328]


9. "Even though we may not feel close to something, if it opens up the heart of our neighbor, wouldn’t we tolerate it in order that his heart might be kindled? Or would we prefer to please ourselves and end up embittering the heart of someone close to us? Rather, wouldn’t it be a wonderful test to keenly observe just what will open somebody’s heart to the Good?” [Heart, 212]


Sacred Gift by Nicholas Roerich. 192410. "... I ask you, having open eyes to all the qualities of coworkers, to learn to be tolerant without indulgence and try to bring to life the best sides of a loved one with the fire of the heart and the knowledge of the spirit. Having shown respect for the values of everyone, we will be able to unite in a higher feeling. Therefore, I will repeat tirelessly: hurry up to learn to love each other. Nothing requires such a delicate perception and careful attitude as love!" [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 1.  073]


11. "…It is impossible to force consciousness. Therefore, show tolerance and restraint. Nothing grows as slowly as consciousness."  [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 4.  023]


12. “We are not greatly interested in the changeability of form, for the seed [of spirit] is unchangeable. Such an unchangeable seed lies in each being. Even negative actions do not prevent Us from remembering that the [spiritual] seed is the same everywhere. And this awareness makes Us tolerant. …Two who sit at one table, opposite each other, cannot be opponents if they follow the same Teacher. Inclusiveness and tolerance are one. Only treason cannot be tolerated."  [Agni Yoga, 311]


13. " The Thinker advised His disciples to develop tolerance as the means of broadening consciousness." [Supermundane, 807]


14. "Tolerance, without which there is no progress, follows from the cosmic law of adaptability." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 9. 175]


15. "Let Us explain how to understand tolerance. When We speak about a higher tolerance, We mean that Hierarchy can show leniency because the heart of the Hierarch is all-containing; it feels everything and knows all impulses and intentions, and weighs all the good and the bad … The indication about tolerance first of all must awaken in the disciple the understanding of the fact that the spirit must be freed from egoism, because selfhood carries the most frightful monstrosities." [Fiery World III, 54]


16. "Intolerance is nothing but savagery. An intolerant person... is not fit for the public." [Thought by Nicholas Roerich]


17. "Intolerance is a sign of ignobility of spirit. Intolerance contains embryos of the most evil activities. There is no place for the manifestation of spiritual growth where intolerance nests. The heart’s potential is unlimited; how impoverished a heart must be to deprive itself of the Infinite! One has to eradicate every sign, every indication that might lead to the idolatry of intolerance!" [Heart, 117]


18. "Tolerance is one of the conditions of observation. True observation is the basis of cognition. An intolerant man cannot form a just picture of things. He deprives himself of observation and loses perspicacity. What kind of cognition can be born from egoism which rejects reality? There are many examples of great truths having been subjected to distortion, because of intolerance. It may be said that intolerance is ignorance, but this definition will be too mild. Intolerance is evil; there can be no good intolerance. It invariably contains falsehood, because it conceals the truth." [Brotherhood, 409]


19. "...Intolerance is the sister of ignorance. A broad tolerance begets open-mindedness, from which issues daring." []




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