Spiritual imagination

White Horses by Nicholas Roerich. 19251. "Creative imagination is the wings of the spirit." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1954, 389]


2. "... Imagination must be cultivated. The task of every school is the opening of a well-founded imagination." [Fiery World II, 63]


3. "... A correctly developed imagination serves to broaden the consciousness, and adds to the flexibility of thinking… People think that the imagination tends to lead them away from what is real, but it is the developed imagination that permits a broader perception of reality. Let us not forget that the imagination derives mainly from the accumulation of experiences from one’s past lives. Research based on such experiences cannot produce a mirage. A widely educated person should possess a rich imagination. For such an individual the realm of the impossible is diminished, and possibilities multiply. Those who are endowed with imagination are not dreamers. The dream of the enlightened mind is true foresight." [Supermundane, 568]


4. "... By the power of the spirit, by the power of creative imagination, you can create your future and create along the shining spiral of the spirit. You never know what could have happened in the past, the future in the hands of the creative will can be created plastically in new ways and in new forms, independent of the forms of the old ones." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1955, 151]


5. "Creative imagination is one of the greatest attributes of the spirit. To one degree or another, all people have it. ...The chain of causes and effects is moving into the future in the direction previously adopted. And only creative imagination can change this direction and establish new causes that give rise to new consequences regardless of the old ones. ...The old world goes by the well-trodden paths of blood, violence, wars, cruelty… The New world creates new ways. Helps to create their imagination. And every spirit aspiring to the Light is also led by imagination, leads to new discoveries, searches and affirmation of what is not, but what is destined for man. ... Insight into the luminous future destined for humanity is accomplished with the help of the fiery power of imagination, and it will be achieved by its power. Victory is achieved by the power of the spirit, but this power is inspired and pumped up by creative imagination." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1971, 383]


Attainment by Svetoslav Roerich. 19386. "... Every dream is a command to oneself, and the Great Forces will hasten to help the bold spiritual toiler." [Supermundane, 838]


7. "Let's say to all doubters - because of the poverty of imagination, do not deprive yourself!" [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 4. 144]


8. “Imagination must be nourished by the best examples of self-sacrificing heroes. All the highest aspects of humanity must be taught, and also the many achievements that can be found in nature itself. That is why the natural sciences must be taught. Let children understand that great ways are open to them, and in improving themselves they will ask about the Supermundane World. People often destroy their own possibilities by limiting their thinking… Imagination alone can save man from reaching premature conclusions… The Thinker said, “People dream about having wings, but the swiftest wings are already contained within themselves.” [Supermundane, 742]


9. "People are definitely divided into two types. Some are able to rejoice in the heavenly architecture, but for others it is silent, or rather, their hearts are silent. But children know how to enjoy the clouds and elevate their imagination. But our imagination is only a consequence of observation. And everyone from his first days is already offered a heavenly book that is indescribable in its beauty." [Celestial Architecture by Nicholas Roerich]


10. "... The Thinker said: "... Let everyone tell us how he imagines the far-off worlds. Each one will be right, no matter how vivid his imagination, for, in truth, there is nothing that does not exist, and our imagination can invent only a small part of the reality. Do not feel disappointed that your imagination is limited, for compared with Infinity all is limited. Let us acquire true striving in the midst of Infinity.” [Supermundane, 201]



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