Burning of Darkness by Nicholas Roerich. 19241. "The cosmos is permeated with solemnity. ... It does not exist where human passions are raging and where vanity reigns. She's not at the bazaar… You need to feel it, you need to feel it in your heart and you need to pay your attention to it. ...A solemn state of mind lifts him above the hustle and bustle of life to the heights. The essence of a person who has devoted himself to solemnity is changing. The quality is synthetic." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1954, 526]


2. "True solemnity is built upon the highest degree of tension. Solemnity is not rest, not satisfaction, not the end; it is, precisely, a beginning – that is, resoluteness and a march forward on the path of Light." [Heart, 71]


3. "In reality solemnity is an exalted offering of all one’s best feelings, it is a tension of all superior energies, a contact with the approaching Gates." [AUM, 523]


4. "… Solemnity combines in itself ecstasy, ascent, a shield against evil, and a turning to the Hierarchy. So solemnity is salutary, but it must be perceived and maintained." [Heart, 525]


5. "Solemnity is the key by which consciousness is tuned to enter the Higher Spheres. The antipode of solemnity is vanity. Vanity dominates the psyche of the layman. ...Solemnity should be made the way of life of every day. She will not allow the immersion of consciousness into unworthy small thoughts, feelings and actions. She will guard the Innermost. It will keep you on the crest of the wave. ...Consider solemnity as the wings of the spirit." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1971, 614]


6. "We advise developing in oneself the feeling of solemnity. We call this feeling “wings.” The rays of achievement will not shine without solemnity." [AUM, 579]


7. "… The heart is leading to the world of love through the circles of the Subtle World and those of the Fiery World. But the solemnity that I am trying to impart to you leads to the fieriest waves of attainment. Not simple is the grace that reveals itself in the midst of solemn devotion, but the armor of solemnity is beautiful." [Heart, 449]


8. "A great manifestation gives rise to innermost solemnity. In this solemnity there is also expressed gratitude. Solemnity is one of the best magnets." [Fiery World II, 465]


From Beyond by Nicholas Roerich. 19369. "… The meaning of solemnity is rarely understood. One may think that such an exalted state occurs by chance, but in fact it is achieved as the result of profound and penetrating reflection, and when it grows stronger one finds oneself well established in a new state of consciousness. We do not value ephemeral flashes, but do value the inextinguishable flame." [Supermundane, 455]


10. "...The channel of solemnity is the most direct. The help of Light is easiest to fly this way." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 5. 113]


11. "In the most straitened circumstances courage gives breadth to one’s outlook and solemnity impels one to the Heights. Seekers should be tireless in their quest for courage and solemnity." [Heart, 476]


12. "Solemnity is the apotheosis of balance, when the greatness of the Cosmos is revealed to the enlightened consciousness." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1952, 345]


13. "Understand solemnity as a powerful self-defense against evil. It protects from vanity, pettiness and squabbles... Show intense solemnity, strengthen it. Guard yourself with it." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1956, 723]



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