Milarepa, the One Who Harkened 1. "Evolution cannot pursue its course by way of densification; only subtle understanding and the refined cognition of Infinity will indicate the path of humanity." [Infinity I, 56]


2. "Hence, sensitiveness of receptivity aids evolution, and an inert spirit retards it.” [Infinity II, 87]


3. "Creativeness of the spirit depends upon sensitiveness of receptivity." [Infinity II, 310]


4. "The most subtle consciousness has the best receptivity." [Infinity II, 370]


5. "Perception is based on the ability to sound. And the receptivity depends on the accumulation of consonant elements. The higher the spirit, the more multi-stringed and refined its harp is and the higher its ability to sound to higher influences." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1953, 535]


6. "No receptivity is possible without heart aspiration. True, the intellect does perceive, but incomparable is the subtle action of the heart. In fact, when we say that a thought has flashed, it means the heart has revealed a saturated remembrance and perception. Indeed, only subtle energies can be joined to the subtle; therefore, the speediest attainment is through the heart. The bond with the Fiery World is established by the saturated heart, because this vessel alone permits penetration into the Fiery World." [Fiery World III, 111]


7. "Striving toward fulfillment of the Higher Will leads to sensitiveness of perception." [Hierarchy, 88]


8. "Let each one by the quality of his thinking further his own ascent and his perception of the Higher World." [AUM, 119]


Lord of the Night by Nicholas Roerich. 19189. "It is essential to accustom oneself to subtle perceptions. Indeed, one should assiduously sharpen one’s senses. Sometimes people try to accustom their ear to certain musical chords at varied distances. ...If there can be changes even in such an ordinary perception, then how many reactions take place during subtle perceptions! People do not even think about them." [Brotherhood, 590]


10. "The broadening of consciousness was stressed long ago, but it is still misunderstood. People often believe that the broadening of consciousness is simply the acceptance of everything, but then the consciousness would be turned into a cheap roadside inn! A true broadening of consciousness must increase one’s receptivity and discrimination. Only deep thinking can assist in such purification." [Supermundane, 521]


11. "...But for receptivity one must establish in oneself constant alertness. For such a quality nothing supernatural is required, one has only to be attentive." [Brotherhood, 48]


12. "... Man obeys the laws of consonance. What it resonates with, it reacts to. ...And the surrounding world is perceived by consonance. Therefore, an artist, a poet, a philosopher, a drunkard, a gambler and an ascetic – everyone perceives the world in their own way. Consonance depends on the voluntary or involuntary mood of consciousness. And the attunement or attunement of consciousness may depend on the will. Therefore, the yogi establishes his own consonance. And then the harp of the spirit is no longer receptive to the random phenomena of life, but to what the will has chosen and approved. He who has chosen the path of Beauty asserts it and will resonate with it. ...So everyone who has chosen something... will sound in agreement with the choice made. And everyone reaps the fruits of this choice." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1961, 85]


13. "It's all about consciousness. It can be closed with thousands of fasteners… Receptivity – by consonance. The mood of consciousness is set by the will. But we need constancy and a certain degree of fortitude." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1966, 1]


14. “It is possible to remain in full darkness even while facing the most beautiful art creations, if darkness is in us.” [Letters of Helena Roerich I, 19 June 1933]


15. "Bias and sensitivity of receptivity do not live in one nest." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1961, 378]


16. "It is not the manifestations of insensibility that can sustain the Cosmos! It is not measures of passivity that can create! It is not encasement in a single shell that can build! Therefore, I say that only the key of the heart and the achievement of self-sacrifice make life out of a vibration. Only the striving to independent action can develop the sensitiveness of receptivity. Therefore, the spirit imbued with quest can ascend. Only the vibration of the heart creates. One can create only through the vibration of the heart. The greatest power lies in the magnet of the heart." [Infinity II, 158]



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