Prelude No. 20 c-moll by Frederic Chopin


Pieta by Svetoslav Roerich. 1960“Among the various fires of the heart, the brightest is the flame of self-sacrifice. It is this armor that wards off hostile arrows and creates the renowned invulnerability. The fire of courage is only a part of the flame of self-sacrifice. Of course, self-sacrifice does not necessarily mean to offer oneself as a sacrificial victim; rather it corresponds to a readiness to attain victory for the cause of the Higher World.” [Heart, 536]


“The Good is there where are containment, devotion and love. The highest is in the light of sacrifice and the basest is in the darkness of treason.” Realm of Light, Vital Wisdom by Nicholas Roerich [Vital Wisdom]


“Wisely is ordained the bliss of him who sacrifices his soul for his neighbor. Often this commandment is applied to the sacrifice of one’s life, yet it is not said of life or body, but of the spirit. Thus a most difficult and lengthy task is given. In order to give one’s soul one should cultivate, expand, and refine it, then it can be given for the salvation of one’s neighbor. Thus the wisdom of the Commandment should be understood and consciously applied.” [Hierarchy, 340]


“… man can truly build his destiny. He can develop his thinking capacity to any degree and can expand his generosity to the point of self-sacrifice. His power of thought will grow as it circulates in a spiral, and the more he gives, the more he receives. This truth should be taught in schools.” [Supermundane, 206]


“What is self-sacrifice? Is it not selfless creative work of creation? Why do we understand by self-sacrifice only the bestowal of the body, when the contribution of all one’s energies to the creation of the world is the highest bestowal of oneself.” [Еxcerpts by Boris Abramov from the book "Aspiring Heart"]


“There are two kinds of thinking. One is born from feeling, in other words, from the heart, and the other from the mind, which is akin to intellect. Self-sacrifice is born from the heart, and the Brotherhood is built upon this.” [Supermundane,13]


“Attainment, synthesis, and vigilance are expressed by the tri-colored flame. Attainment is silver; synthesis is green; vigilance is yellow. This triad is developed by training one’s consciousness in the many conditions of life. One can point to this triad as the sign of one's having mastered the necessary conditions for self-sacrifice.” [Agni Yoga, 461]


“Much is said about self-sacrifice and striving toward heaven, but there are examples of lofty self-sacrifice here on Earth. Every mother, under various conditions, in her own way expresses self-sacrifice. But let us be attentive, let us be able to discern the most well concealed signs of this great feeling, for it is so profound that it shuns expression.” [Brotherhood, 212]




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