Sagacity. Perspicacity

The Hermit by Svetoslav Roerich. 19431. "Spiritual foresight is given only when the heart has been opened. Spiritual perspicacity can reveal the mysteries of spirit and matter." [Fiery World III, 148]


2.  "Various dogmas are especially harmful in that they propound a rigid formula regardless of the level of consciousness. ...Thus, one must learn to speak according to the consciousness of the listener. This is not easy, but it constitutes an excellent exercise in sagacity." [Fiery World I, 254]


3. "Knowledge alone will not give the fiery alertness of mind accumulated by many experiences. What is possible and what is impossible in all situations of life cannot be written down. Knowledge alone is a deadly peril, but its application is a fiery art. That is why We so esteem ready sagacity, that straight-knowledge which whispers when one should not turn the key in the lock. He who has accumulated such straight-knowledge will not be a traitor, either consciously or indirectly. To give away the key not according to the level of consciousness means to act as a traitor. Not to notice wiliness or falsification means not to be discriminating. Discrimination only on the morrow is not worth much. Such perception will not prevent one from falling over the precipice – but how sensitive must be the accumulation of sagacity! In each school the development of fast thinking must be taught; without it how can one pass through the flame?” [Fiery World I, 245]


4. "If we recall various evidences of perspicacity in children, we can hardly insist upon a mechanistic cell theory. Only later do people lose the perception both of the past and of their destination. How often adults have been saved by children! How often children have not dared to express their feelings! ...How often do adults forbid all improvisation, forgetting that this is the song of the spirit! Even if the technique be imperfect, how many beautiful seeds can be implanted through such utterances of the heart!" [Fiery World I, 267]


5. "The tension of the microcosm enhances ... the perspicacity of perceptions." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1953, 179]


6. "Talented and visionary people are the greatest treasure of the state." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 9. 151]


7. “Tolerance is one of the conditions of observation. True observation is the basis of cognition. An intolerant man cannot form a just picture of things. He deprives himself of observation and loses perspicacity. What kind of cognition can be born from egoism which rejects reality?” [Brotherhood, 409]



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