Impromptu in G flat major by Franz Schubert


Guardian of the Entrance by Nicholas Roerich. 19271. "Since the heart is the eternal engine of the spirit, one can imagine how it paves the way for the spirit to Infinity. This engine is reliable. You can rely on him. ...You can believe it if it is cleared of all extraneous layers and litter. Pure heartfelt fire shines in all worlds..." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1963, 469]


2. "... The pure fire of the heart that creates a firm [reliable] shield." [Supermundane, 26]


3. "What to live by: spirit or earthly? Earthly – for a while and briefly, in the spirit – always. This is how consciousness is transferred to the spheres of the spirit and finds a safe haven in them." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1956, 741]


4. "…The best teraph is the human heart. …The heart alone is needed for the Abode. A beautiful heart will always suffer on Earth, but the suffering heart becomes trustworthy. A fish cannot live without water, and the eagle does not rejoice without freedom." [Supermundane, 60]


5. "Everything ends in this earthly world. And by the time the end  comes for every thing or phenomenon. And therefore it is impossible to rely on anything. Support is in the invisible. The most invisible, elusive is the most durable, reliable and stable. It’s the paradox of life." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1957, 590]


6. "The invisible-elusive treasure of the spirit is more valuable and better, truer and more reliable than the treasury of gold." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1952, 243]


7. "Only reliable people are selected for the Assignment of a particularly responsible meaning. Reliability is determined by tests. Hence the difficulty of life... Someone is easy and free. Well, then, his time has not come to prepare for the feat of life." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1956, 1019]


8. "The struggle cannot be avoided, but the victory will be complete. The hardened metal is much stronger and more reliable than the one not participated in the fires of the tests." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1956, 493]



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