The Four Seasons - Spring - April by A. Vivaldi

Readiness to sacrifice

Watercolor Composition by Boris Abramov.“Such sacrifice is forged by love and by the experiences of former lives that kindled love for those who suffer.” [Supermundane, 102]


“…sacrifices are the steps of ascent.” [Leaves of Morya's Garden I, 13]


“Sacrificial labor is the crown of the spirit.” [Fiery World III. 59]


“Sacrifice and assistance are created in secret, such is the nature of these actions. Only the Higher World knows who really helps whom.” [Aum, 197]


“Success is nothing else than the return stroke of sacrifice.” [Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 202]


“Power means possibility. In other words, every sacrifice means first of all a possibility. It is time to cast away the hypocrisy that sacrifice means being deprived. … Christ advised people to give out spiritual wealth. But since the keys to spiritual wealth are so remote from them, people have applied this advice by giving out money that they have plundered. First to plunder, and then to give things away with a tear, enraptured by one’s own kindness. As if the Teacher, when He spoke of giving, might have had in mind chairs and old coats! The Teacher was pointing to imponderable wealth. Only spiritual giving can move the cup of the scales …the shabby sacrifice of unneeded things will swing on one branch with self-love.” [Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 183]


“…is not at all easy to sacrifice when a sacrifice means a possibility, and the possibility means a benefit, and the benefit means rational cooperation…” [Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 183]


“They give and regret it. They help and reproach later. Why such offerings? ... They hang like a stone on the one who accepted the sacrifice. Only when the sacrifice turns into joy can we expect that there will be no reproaches and regrets about the good done. No one should regret joy, but remember it with pleasure even when something is received in return not what it should be. Therefore, watch your offerings and do not burden yourself with accepting joyless sacrifices.” [Еxcerpts by Boris Abramov from the book "Aspiring Heart" 1952, 115]


“The hero fearlessly looks into the face of death, ready to die in the name of love for the motherland. Sacrifice, rejection and renunciation are for them who do not know love. But for Love, it is an offering and a joyful bestowal. Love gives and brings the best that it has to the Beloved one – and that is without deliberate thoughts and labored efforts. When years of long and persistent efforts in concentration and exercise are required, Love reaches that naturally, simply and almost imperceptibly to oneself…” [Facets of Agni Yoga 1961, 272]


“Karma will catch up with you, but its quality can be changed by a voluntary sacrifice on behalf of people you do not know.” [Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 21]



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