Sonata in E minor. Ch 3 by J. Haydn


Messengers [Message] by Svetoslav Roerich. 19531. "Knowledge alone will not give the fiery alertness of mind accumulated by many experiences. What is possible and what is impossible in all situations of life cannot be written down. Knowledge alone is a deadly peril, but its application is a fiery art. That is why We so esteem ready sagacity, that straight-knowledge which whispers when one should not turn the key in the lock. He who has accumulated such straight-knowledge will not be a traitor, either consciously or indirectly. To give away the key not according to the level of consciousness means to act as a traitor. Not to notice wiliness or falsification means not to be discriminating. Discrimination only on the morrow is not worth much. Such perception will not prevent one from falling over the precipice – but how sensitive must be the accumulation of sagacity! In each school the development of fast thinking must be taught; without it how can one pass through the flame?” [Fiery World I, 245]


2. "I would like to tell you about two of Akbar’s commanders.

One of them received very detailed instructions, while the other got only the most fragmentary orders.

Finally, the latter appealed to Akbar, saying, “Why don’t I deserve detailed instructions? Look at all the victories I’ve brought you.” Akbar answered, “Your comprehension held back the flow of words. Let each moment that you saved be commemorated with the most precious of pearls.” That is why great joy is felt by those who can comprehend, and thereby conserve a drink from the Source." [Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 267]


3. “The joy is not in the traditional order of things, but in the finding of new ways. The sensitive eye discerns the benefit of the new. It is not a mistake for the one who is perceptive to be rewarded.” [Agni Yoga, 435]


4. "The shield of the spirit grows stronger from the enemy blows received. Enemies teach better than friends. Let us rejoice in the enemies, for they will sharpen our vigilance, resourcefulness and ingenuity. And where an inexperienced person will pass by without noticing anything, the consciousness, sharpened by the experience of enemy attacks, will see a lot and protect business, and friends, and themselves." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1965, 131]



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