Nocturne c-moll by F. Chopin

Protection of secrecy

Hidden Treasure by Nicholas Roerich. 19471. "You cannot trust a valuable cargo to someone who does not know its value. Only the realization of the full significance of the trustee will force you to take all measures of caution, prudence, resourcefulness, which, with steady perseverance, will lead to a brilliant victory." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 1. 107]


2. "Standing on guard is a sign of broadened consciousness. Many do not understand at all what it means to guard that which is most precious. It is impossible to rely upon those who do not know about value. But one may rejoice at each wakeful sentinel." [Brotherhood, 322]


3. "Frivolity whispers that you don't need everything Intimate. Self-conceit suggests that everything should be accessible, but a person blinded by lightning cries out for unbearable Light. A person, crushed by the enormity of a thought, complains about the impossibility of accommodating it. Truly, the Innermost is commensurability, which makes it possible to rise without staggering." [Aum, 148]


4. "Secrecy is also cautiousness and goal-fitness. …It is very important to assimilate the fact that the so-called Great Mystery is not an obstacle, but only the guarding of the path. …The Guru helps find the best path. He will explain secrecy as an undefiled treasure." [Aum, 149]


5. "The main thing is always forgotten in everything or put in the tail. But soon people will see clearly and begin, first of all, to look for the most important, the most intimate and to measure. There is no spirituality without commensurability." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 9. 056]


6. "It will be asked how to distinguish one who has acquired great knowledge. The greater the knowledge, the more difficult it is to distinguish its bearer. He knows how to guard the Ineffable." [Brotherhood, 562]


7. "...Neophytes hurry to shout about what they have heard, not thinking of the consequences; but with knowledge comes co-measurement." [Supermundane, 48]


8. "…Your desire to share with others, to give them hope and joy is so clear and close to me. But personal experience and black betrayals gradually teach me to be more careful, although now and then I occasionally err against the wise warning: "To be able to keep the secret" ... The most difficult test for me is to live among people and not trust them! But you have to go through this, too. You need to be able not to burden people with excessive trust and at the same time not to develop a terrible sense of suspicion." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 3. 110]


Sword of Peace by Nicholas Roerich. 19339. "It is not easy to find a balance between withholding and disclosing. Beginners are eager to impart all they have learned, not thinking about the consequences, and many calamities have resulted from their foolish diffusion. But experience forges the measures of wisdom, and with time one can find the true ways of dissemination. The path is difficult, and you should weigh how much those with whom you speak can contain. A panacea must be dispensed in proper measure, neither more nor less." [Supermundane, 76]


10. "Certain people strive to obtain only the new, not caring about the assimilation of the preceding. There are many dangers in such leaps into unknown ground. It is not always possible to trust such people. It is doubtful if they can guard what is entrusted to them." [Aum, 560]


11. "We always advise that one concentrate and find the power to protect the secrecy of these high attainments. These pearls are gathered with difficulty, but can easily be scattered. He who prattles too easily will break the lock of the sacred repository. Constant equilibrium is the adornment of the wise. They will gather their seeds amidst everyday labor. This labor will sow joy in their consciousness and provide consolation against offences and injustices." [Supermundane, 741]


12. "Let's protect the dream as the best bridge to the construction of reality. ...Out of a good dream, a good reality will be born." [Dreams by Nicholas Roerich]


13. "Carefully and gently it is necessary to close the vessel of the spirit from plunder. It is necessary to accumulate fire power, not letting it flow away. Conscious help is far from wasteful. A skillful host protects the priceless energies of the spirit. ...Stand like an undisturbed mountain. Learn to shine, protecting the lamp oil from theft. Shine, but guard the fire of the lamp and do not allow anyone to touch it. People do not know how to protect and store the treasures of the spirit. Learn, learn, learn to be always on the lookout. Amulets are a trusted treasure. As a precious vessel with an incense that cannot be repeated, carry the flame of your spirit..." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1952, 199]





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