Carnival. Op. 9 by R. Schumann


Sword of Peace by Nicholas Roerich. 19331. "The idea of life, but not death, creation, but not destruction is embedded in everything that exists, because war is something contrary to all the basic laws of the Universe. Space says no to war! Is it possible to go against the laws of Existence?! He who sows death will reap death; he who sows destruction will destroy himself; and the people of the world will flourish and succeed in all their deeds. ...We can no longer clog the path of good. The end of the dark age. Life will be wonderful. The approved world will give rise to all the values of life. Beyond the narrow confines of wars and horrors, destined opportunities will flourish. ...We will help with thoughts of peace, we will send them, like fiery arrows, into the enemy's camp. Let the idea of war burn!" [Еxcerpts by Boris Abramov from the book "Aspiring Heart" 1958, 418]


2. "The word "Peace" symbolizes joy and life and fills the hearts with hope. It brings rebirth to a new, bright era, brings happiness and brings the future closer. Yes, there will always be peace in the future, and there will be no more wars. The white dove will win the war... It's time, it's time for the feral humanity to disarm their hearts and simply, humanly approach each other and extend the hand of friendship." [Еxcerpts by Boris Abramov from the book "Aspiring Heart" 1951, 29]


3. "A yogi is peace-loving. A yogi avoids quarrels, and prevents them as best he can. A yogi knows the healing quality of peaceful emanations. ... How does a yogi come to such a realization? He develops co-measurement and goal-fitness. He understands that malice destroys the bridge of advancement. He has tamed irritation, recognizing it as incompatible with human dignity. A yogi manifests strong striving toward creating peace. Even the smallest pacifying act is a beautiful achievement. It is especially valuable in these times when humanity is destroying itself with hatred. ... A yogi may not know whom his luminous thoughts will help, but he will not tire of sending them out into space, like a purifying offering: “Let there be good in the World.”

The Thinker told a youth who wanted to become a yogi, “First, become a Peacemaker.” [Supermundane, 891]


4. "The task, or, as I like to call it, the art of creating relationships with people and among people, is the greatest of all arts. There is no nobler activity than peacemaking – but it is both the most painful and the most difficult." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 3. 070]


5. "Every broad thought, every manifestation of friendliness and peacefulness are good actions in the life of every day." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 4. 115]



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