Preludes. Book 1: No. 8: The Girl with the Flaxen Hair by C. Debussy


We are Also Searching by Svetoslav Roerich. 1974 г.1. "Put aside all prejudices – think freely." [Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 1]


2. "As bees collect honey so you, too, should collect knowledge. It will be asked, What is new in this advice? Its newness is in that one should collect knowledge from everywhere. Until now knowledge had fixed limits, and entire domains of it were kept under prohibition, suspicion, and in neglect. People have not had the courage to overcome prejudices. They have forgotten that a scholar, first of all, must be open to all that exists. There are no forbidden domains for a scholar. He does not belittle any manifestation of nature, for he understands that the cause and effect of each manifestation have a profound significance." [Brotherhood, 599]


3. “People forget that only unprejudiced knowledge will help them to approach the Truth." [Supermundane, 292]


4. "Usually each one wishes according to his nature, but observe current events without prejudice. Fix your attention honestly, knowing that a great date is ensuing. ... Learn to discern. Learn to fly toward the ordained. Many are the garments and the veils, but the meaning is one." [Fiery World III,488]


5. "Man follows an intensively scientific path, and providing that the science is pure and unprejudiced, there are no notions, however lofty, that are not compatible with scientific methods." [Supermundane, 402]


6. "People often confuse the concept of objectivity with unscrupulousness. Meanwhile, these two concepts are antipodes. An objective mind searches everywhere for the basis of truth and therefore constantly exercises its ability to recognize. Recognition is the first step to true knowledge. True knowledge always rests on unshakable principles or principles, because otherwise it will not be true. The principle may have many depressions in the life application, but its basis will be the same – the basis of legality or truth. In other words, a principle or a law always acts expediently, and we already know that the highest, or cosmic, expediency is the beginning leading to beauty, therefore all actions of an open-minded person must be marked by truth and beauty.

An objective person is unshakable in his beliefs, because they are based on striving for the truth. An unprincipled person has no convictions at all, because he has deprived himself of the ability to recognize and his fate is like the fate of a ball driven by random blows of incoming circumstances. ... Therefore, we will firmly adhere to the established principles, so as not to violate them even in the slightest. For will we always be able to recognize where it is, the slightest deviation that can lead to the greatest collapse?!" [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 1. 089]


7. "Of course, when consciousness is open and free from prejudice and all atavism, perception is greatly facilitated. But in most cases, it is people enslaved by prejudice who most of all insist on the need for free perception, not noticing their connectedness in just such a fear of recognizing someone's authority. It is their limitation and enslavement that lies in this fear. A free mind is not afraid of enslavement, because it is always open to perception and new accumulation." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 5. 071]


8. "If scientists would understand that the manifestation of continuous expansion underlies the growth of science, there would be no place for criminal antagonism. … Each scientist who understands the law of the expansion of consciousness has already smashed the wall of prejudice." [Infinity II, 427]


9. "A one-sided consciousness inevitably stumbles over dogmas and is frightened by sophistry. Yet Sophia is not sophistry, and experimentation is not prejudice..." [Fiery World I, 211]


Pearl of Searching by Nicholas Roerich. 1924 10. "Prejudice is the entryway for injustice and ignorance. But people should recognize the boundary line of prejudice. This worm lives in the same house with doubt like a younger kinsman. A very keen eye is needed in order to discern such a dangerous mite. Each manifestation, each object, is usually encountered by people with varying degrees of prejudice. People try to justify themselves by saying that since they perceive objects they must as a preliminary measure preserve their unprejudiced judgment. But as a matter of fact, instead of impartiality they exhibit the most cruel prejudice. One should keep this popular weakness in mind in order to know from what to liberate oneself." [Brotherhood, 342]


11. "The conventional life has to be skillfully avoided. The best people have passed ahead of the world, which is weighed down with dark clouds. Those who wish to reach the New Country must not only cast aside all prejudices but also get there by taking a new path." [Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 172]


12. "Are there many people who can look at the actions of others without prejudice? Picture a stranger making his way with great difficulty in rain and hail, and mud up to his knees. People watch him from the windows and laugh, wondering why he didn’t stay home in the storm. Compare those who sneer and laugh with those few who sympathize and wonder what the traveler’s goal might be. Perhaps he is on his way to save a neighbor, or is a physician hastening to give help, or even a messenger bringing salvation to an entire nation. Those who serve Good will look for the good in others, but one rarely comes across such people! Most people usually look for the bad in others, and thus suspect every stranger to be a vagrant or a thief, not realizing that to accuse the innocent is an indelible crime. …  The majority will criticize without considering his task, and only a few, who are themselves persecuted, will think about the aim of the podvig." [Supermundane, 301]


13. "Consciousness should be open and open-minded, always ready to meet new understanding enlightened." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1954, 578]





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