Intermezzo from opera "Cavalleria Rusticana" by P. Mascagni


Girnar by Svetoslav Roerich. 19441. "Where can be found the refinement and upliftment of thought tempered in the holy fire? Is it possible to find it in the ever-increasing heaps of artificial and over-sophisticated reasoning? No, real thought will strive toward an appreciation of the best and the beautiful, and toward the search for the most useful." [Agni Yoga, 550]


2. "What can be higher than a striving toward beneficence, toward good?" [Supermundane, 850]


3. "...Man is uplifted when he associates with the Beautiful, looks at the Beautiful, listens to the Beautiful, thinks in the ways of the Beautiful." [Supermundane, 783]


4. "And in the most difficult days, one glance at the starry beauty already changes the mood; the boundless also makes thoughts sublime." [Heavenly Architecture by Nicholas Roerich]


5. "In order to accept the current of higher tension, it is necessary, first of all, to refine one’s consciousness through lofty thinking; thus will come the expansion of consciousness and the kindling of the fire of the heart. No routine practices or exercises are needed; only thought can elevate man. Only during focused thinking can man feel the presence of the inner fire." [Supermundane, 853]


6. "Winged thought grows wings for the spirit." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1952, 485]


7. "It is art that should serve to elevate the consciousness of humanity… The concept of art already rejects all ugliness, and therefore beauty remains its only measure." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 6. 081]


8. "The higher a person's consciousness, the more subtle he is in his expressions." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 2. 038]


9. "Refinement and elevation of consciousness can only go hand in hand." [Milestones by Nicholas Roerich]


Himself Came by Nicholas Roerich. 1922 10. "…It is not easy to establish an appropriate level of beautiful and lofty thought amidst life’s misfortunes, and very few are prepared to understand that it is life’s difficulties themselves that can assist lofty thinking." [Supermundane, Preamble]


11. "Not for a single hour should one extinguish within oneself this flame of lofty thinking. … People will ask whether prolonged thought about the Supermundane will impede their earthly activities. Indeed, this thinking should accompany one even during the hour of most intense activity. It was said long ago that the Image of the Teacher should be forever retained in the consciousness. Similarly, profound thought about the Supermundane will be not an obstacle, but a living bridge to future achievement." [Supermundane, 651]


12. "...Mankind so loves panaceas. Still, there is only one panacea – the uplifted consciousness!" [Fiery World I, 127]


13. "...Thought about the Supermundane produces healing vibrations. Also one should remind often about the importance of exalted thinking. Soon physicians will recommend, in cases of psychic imbalance, thought about the Supermundane. Indeed, thinking about the Supermundane is in itself a panacea." [Supermundane, 735]


14. "...Each force attracting the spirit upward is a force of development." [Hierarchy, 128]


15. "The nature of a yogi is fiery, kindled by constant concentration and elevation of thought." [Supermundane, 919]




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