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Inner concordance

Sacred Flute IV by Svetoslav Roerich. 19681. "If the heart wants one thing, the brain wants another, and the legs go in the third direction, there is no monolith of thought. ...As an arrow in flight, so the human microcosm, with the full concordance of all parts, gives the phenomenon of a powerful irresistible creative thought. Such thoughts move mountains." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1954, 416]


2. "Only the complete concordance of all the lights of the entire microcosm of man will inevitably and immutably lead to the desired goal." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1954, 670]


3. "Concordance, or harmony, that is, the purposefulness of the entire microcosm, tuned to one key, is the quality of an Arhat, developed by a number of persistent, persistent and often superhuman efforts." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1952, 110]


4. "As always and in everything, there is a need for concordance of the heart with the mind, that great balance on which all the improvement of life is built and which is confirmed by all the great Teachings." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 2. 024]


5. "The completeness of concordance is achieved by willpower. Increase the tension to the limit of possibility..." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1952, 380]


6. "We must strive for concordance. Concordance must be understood. This is not an ethical, but an energetic concept of wise concentration of all forces in one direction. An ordinary person is torn apart by chaotic, opposite, neutralizing energies. Only inner concordance can unite them. The usual internal composure helps a lot when asserting concordance." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1955, 375]


7. "The dynamics of complete concordance of the whole human being generates such a force of lights that easily overcomes ordinary counteractions. ... A person torn apart in himself by uncoordinated thoughts cannot manifest the power of decisions. It is necessary, first of all, to bring oneself to unity by affirming the unity of consistency. This is the only way to reveal the monolith of the spirit. The goal of an Arhat is to manifest great concordance on Earth." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1956, 80]


8. "As the affinity between elements is indispensable, so the concordance of spirit is the mother of creativeness." [Infinity I, 93]


9. "Achieving inner harmony and balance is possible only when a person adjusts himself to giving, not receiving, that is, switches from selfishness to selflessness. Then only peace of mind and silence and goodwill towards people are possible." [Еxcerpts by Boris Abramov from the book "Aspiring Heart" 1956, 364]


10. "We want to see a world of concordance and universal cooperation... The way is this! Through individual consistency to global consistency. The concordance of your microcosm is needed not for you, but for the world." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1957, 384]


11. It is indicated "About the Highest concordance on Earth: ... about the concordance within the microcosm and about the concordance of the microcosm coordinated in itself with the great world outside. This is how the two-way concordance is approved." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1956, 93]



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