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Indulgence. Lenience

Two Chalices (Buddha the Giver) <br>by Nicholas Roerich. 19321. "Lenience is one of the qualities of the Higher World, therefore each one in turn must show this quality wherever there is a spark of good. Let people not weary of seeking this power of Grace. Thus in eternal vigil one may take upon oneself the service of the Higher World." [AUM, 87]


2. "Lenience enters into the symphony of the qualities of the spirit as an inseparable part. It is close to tolerance, compassion, and non-condemnation. This is the basic quality of a Bodhisattva. It is not easy to show leniency towards people who are very imperfect. But Great Spirits come to Earth for their sake and suffer for their sake. There can be no lenience without love. After all, the word itself indicates that a higher lenience descends to a lower one in order to help it rise. And the Teacher Condescends to the students to teach them climbing. This quality is difficult because it requires commensurability and the ability to speak and give according to consciousness and its capacity. The wisdom of the Teacher allows us to give such formulas and in such an expression that he can draw from their inexhaustible depth both large and small consciousness in his ability to accommodate, and can draw many times, expanding understanding more and more..." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1969, 509]


3. "Let every act of compassion be a step of your ascent. A fool beats his exhausted donkey and thus does only harm. But a wise master lets his donkey rest and feeds it, and thus receives benefit. It is the same with the ignorant. It is wrong to rebuke the ignorant in anger, for such abuse is only harmful. But there will be benefit if one makes allowance and finds appropriate words. It is not easy to empathize with the ignorant, but a thoughtful person will understand that when a passage is low, one must stoop to proceed.

Much has been said about compassion, yet every act of compassion requires that one know how to bend to the level of the needy one. Indeed, this affords a glorious ascent. …Man should constantly seek for opportunities to act with compassion. Schools should teach the benefits of compassion, and that negative judgment is fruitless. It can be avoided if one remembers that destruction is, for us, not equal to construction. Let us leave destruction to the wisdom of Cosmos; let us create.

The Thinker said, “Teacher, point out to me the way to ascend in compassion.”" [Supermundane, 847]


4. "One must find forbearance toward imperfection, for each creator was at one time imperfect. Each accumulation is the result of labor and of tension." [AUM, 23]


5. "Accept him who wants and give him who asks, but within the limits of what he asks. This will be a gift according to consonance, according to capacity, according to consciousness. And it is necessary to forget about yourself at the same time. This is indulgence. It is impossible when the egoism intervenes, putting itself ahead." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1961, 404]


6. "...Indulgence or connivance. Of course, the first gives birth to the second, but between them lies the Sword of Justice. After all, indulgence is from Light, but connivance is from darkness. ...Narrow is the place where the Sword can lie."  [Parting words to the Leader by Helena Roerich]


7. "You need to be lenient to others and strict to yourself." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 2. 083]




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