Divertimento No. 3 in F major for string orchestra. II. Andante by W.A. Mozart


Maitreya, the Conqueror by Nicholas Roerich. 1925 "The broader and subtler the consciousness, the more graciousness it contains, for only the limited consciousness deprives all of merit. A heart cannot be truly great without this fiery quality." [Fiery World III, 395]


"Mutual gratitude is the key to harmony." [Supermundane, 619]


"Indeed, how majestic is the feeling of mutual love! And mutual gratitude is no less powerful." [Heart, 278]


"A grateful heart is always directed by justice and devotion." [Notebooks of Helena Roerich, 27.12.1934]


"Gratitude is one of the main qualities of justice. Without justice one cannot reach the path of Great Service. Therefore, in pointing out the necessity for the realization of gratitude, We only assist the Great Service. How beautiful is gratitude! It so easily kindles the fire of the heart, and, as if in the presence of the Image of the Lord, it fills the spirit with nobility... One should especially develop gratitude, because gratitude is the sister of loyalty." [Hierarchy, 182]


"Indeed, how majestic is the feeling of mutual love! And mutual gratitude is no less powerful." [Heart, 278]


"Beautiful fires of the heart are ignited when the feeling of gratitude is born; these fires shine not only in the earthly life, but also in the Supermundane World. Therefore the realization of gratitude stimulates the loftiest vibrations.

Humanity can be divided into the living and the dead, and those deprived of the feeling of gratitude will be as if buried alive. It is necessary to teach children that gratitude – not lip service, but a heartfelt expression – is beneficial. In this way are kindled powerful fires.

…The ray of gratitude will illumine the way, together with the ray of love. Indeed, gratitude is close to love, and Cooperation is born in that blessed moment of offering. Man has many reasons to render gratitude, and the festival of the spirit will shine forth in the feeling of pure offering.

The Thinker said, “Teacher, teach me gratitude toward all, near and far, visible and invisible.”" [Supermundane, 826]


"And the one who knows the meaning of gratitude is already knocking on the door of a bright future." [Russia by Nicholas Roerich]


"Gratitude is a great motive force. No one solicits gratitude, but great is the quality of this power. Gratitude acts as a purifier, and whatever has been purified is already more easily moved. Thus, gratitude is a means of hastening the path.

Some believe that by a transport of gratitude they lower themselves. What ignorance! Gratitude only exalts, purifies; it attracts new energies. Even a machine works better without dust." [AUM, 454]


"…Only humility of the spirit and the feeling of gratitude are appropriate." [Fiery World III, 52]


"Quality of thinking must be realized as healing. Gratitude is likewise the finest purifier of the organism. He who has found the seed and realized the care of the Sender can project gratitude into space. Great is the healing power of the emission of gratitude." [Agni Yoga, 31]


"An action of Karma heavily atones for each expression of ingratitude, and even the Forces of Light abandon a spirit to its own resources when these fundamentals are scorned." [Fiery World III, 396]


"Ingratitude constitutes sinking into darkness." [AUM, 156]


"Gratitude to enemies is a property of a high spirit. And deceit, and resentment, and infringement, and persecution, and everything that comes from enemies is clearly useful, because it teaches and enriches the experience of life." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1955, 472]



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