Melody by A. Dvorak

Benevolence. Goodwill

Procopius, the Blessed, Prays for the Unknown Travelers<br>by Nicholas Roerich. 19141. "Good is creative. The Cosmos is being built. And therefore the consciousness acting in goodness acts in harmony with Cosmic Laws. It is as if the very essence of life stands behind him, directing him upward. Precisely, we can say: in goodness we ascend and with goodness we rise." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1956, 26]


2. "Evolution is the realization of good. Let each one think about what he regards as good." [Supermundane, 515]


3. "The path of good will actually should be expanded. It has been affirmed as the essence of our being. Let us not forget this talisman even for an hour." [Fiery World I, 118]


4. "All that has vital capacity should be welcomed. Each spark should be welcomed; from it grows Fire. Thus, be benevolent." [Fiery World I, 119]


5. "One should understand and encompass with good." [Fiery World I, 594]


6. "To transform the consciousness means to enter a special world; it means to acquire a special evaluation of all that occurs; it means going forward without glancing back; it means leaving behind all complaints and acquiring good will." [Fiery World I, 112]


7. "Pure thinking, constancy, and benevolence bring the heart energy into action." [Heart, 596]


8. "One should sow the good with every glance, every touch. And the heart will grow in this exercise of goodness." [Heart, 410]


9. "So let us rejoice in every good. After all, it already dispels someone's embarrassment and replaces ugliness with beauty." [Benevolence by Nicholas Roerich]


10. "...Every action must be accompanied by good will. Even ordinary housework will produce good results if it is performed with good thoughts. Many good deeds were destroyed because of irritation and unkind thoughts." [Supermundane, 479]


11. "An attitude of benevolence should be cultivated in such a way that its sincerity is preserved. Amid earthly turmoil, true benevolence is not easily found, but without it one cannot assimilate even the simplest teaching.

…The Thinker taught, “Benevolence is the distinguishing quality of the one who advances on the way." [Supermundane, 509]


12. "...Human communion is possible only under conditions of complete good will. Again a moral concept becomes an actual motive force." [AUM, 397]


13. "...Good thinking is also healthy thinking, and produces a benevolent inner fire." [Supermundane, 386]


14. "One or two kind words can regenerate consciousness. Benevolence is the most powerful magnet." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 7. 127]


15. " It is useful to advise friends to send out mutually good thoughts at a definite time. In such an action there will be not only a strengthening of benevolence but also a disinfection of space…Good thoughts will be the best purifier of one’s surroundings." [Brotherhood, 195]


16. "...Each grain of truth must be accepted. The source of the truth matters not. It can be uttered in any language, can be clothed in the garments of any century ... Some heralds may have been distinguished by high learning, while others may have been illiterate, yet they were all sowers of truth." [Supermundane, 509]


17. "A scientific task is based on tolerant acceptance, but the pseudo-scientific is full of negation." [AUM, 484]


18. "One should especially rejoice in every benevolent research – it contains true benevolence." [Ancient medicines by Nicholas Roerich]


19. "First of all man should wish well to all of humanity. He should understand that destroyers will be pitiful exceptions, and that the essence of humanity is good. … The Thinker said, “Teacher, teach me to wish good to others”." [Supermundane, 828]



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