Desire for Learning

Sacred Words (The Words of the Teacher; Holy Words) by Svetoslav Roerich. 19441. "The measure of understanding is the degree of love. One can memorize lines word by word, yet one remains dead if the knowledge has not been warmed by love." [Agni Yoga, 424]


2. "Love is the essence of knowledge and the reason for the knowledge given." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1952, 300]


3. "Each subject can be studied only with love. Each difficulty can be conquered by the power of love." [Aum, 80]


4. "It will be said that one cannot be a person of encyclopedic knowledge in today’s scientific world. But it is not omniscience that is the goal. A respect for knowledge is possible that will free people from skepticism and negation." [Supermundane, 490]


5. "The heart understands where there is deviation, where curiosity, and where a thirst for knowledge – that is how you should discriminate between those who approach. Do not give the fire to the light-minded, nor entrust the curious with counting the leaves of the Teaching." [Heart, 468]


6. "Put the aspiration to true knowledge, which does not know human distinctions, as the basis of unity. But how to achieve true knowledge, you will be asked? Tell me – this knowledge lies in your spirit, in your heart, be able to wake him up. Striving for Beauty will be the key to it. This knowledge lies in every striving for the Common Good. This knowledge is scattered in all the Great Teachings given to the world." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 1. 070]


7. "Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge! If people would ponder upon the fact that knowledge is the only salvation, there would not be a particle of the present suffering. All human sorrow is the result of ignorance. Therefore, every expansion of consciousness is cooperation with evolution. Every manifestation that obstructs the expansion of consciousness is antagonistic to evolution. Hence, the actions of the enemies are criminal and their karma is dreadful. Knowledge, let us reiterate, will put an end to the suffering of mankind." [Infinity II, 428]


8. "People prepare themselves for death instead of educating themselves for life.  ...We are amazed at the difference between an idiot and a genius, but our imagination falls short in extending this divergence into infinity." [Fiery World I, 597]



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