Nocturne Des-dur by F. Chopin


India by Svetoslav Roerich. 1939"...Innate delicacy did not allow them to burden you (N.K. Roerich – comp.)..." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 1. 060]


"...Tell her that I have kept the most beautiful memory of her and was very sorry that she left our places so soon. I really liked her, because she is very well–mannered - a quality that is almost absent in modern society. Her restraint and delicacy attracted me very much…" [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 5. 001]


"...It should be taken into account that our employees are literally overloaded, working even at night, and it is indelicate to fill them up with this work, which the author himself should have done, especially since N.K. wrote that Golovin speaks English." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 2. 072]


"This issue is very delicate and difficult and, of course, should be resolved so as not to cause acute complications with the family…" [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 2. 029]


"If such an exhibition is to take place, then I would ask you, Karl Ivanovich, to write to Mrs. Pyats on this issue, who, being close to art, will understand this extremely delicate issue, and maybe it will be possible to find some solution to protect N.K.'s art from joint performances with amateur by Mr. Gushchik's attempts. Maybe, in order not to upset and infuriate him, to offer an exhibition of his copies in a separate room and with an indispensable full house, that these are copies from reproductions, but not from the originals and the work of Mr. Gushchik? I think that the artistic flair of the organizers, especially the husband of Mrs. Piats, will tell you how best to approach." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 2. 107]


"Dear Ekaterina Konstantinovna, I was very glad to receive your letter dated March 19 and to find out that you are in perfect health, as evidenced by the handwriting of your letter. I was also touched by your concern for our affairs and the delicacy of your hints." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 3. 058]




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