Nocturne No. 4 F-dur, Op.15 No.1. Andante cantabile by F. Chopin

Solicitude. Considerateness

One Who Safeguards by Nicholas Roerich. 1925-1926  1. "But the Great Service is great solicitude. One cannot imagine a day or an hour when a man may be without care, that is to say, can dispense with thinking. Thus, care must not be regarded as an arid burden, but rather as a distinguishing quality of man. Among the privileges of the Bodhisattvas, solicitude for everything that exists is the gem of their crown. Likewise, solicitude should be welcomed as the kindling of Fire. Not petty reflections, but a most solicitous thought strikes sparks of light from the heart. It is unwise to avoid cares, for one must make haste with the fires of the spirit. Those who fear cares reveal but meager accumulations. The experienced wayfarer says, “Burden me with care when I enter the Beautiful Garden.” Man, who has received the gift of thinking, has accepted not the least of these responsibilities. It has been said that the smile of a rich man is of slight value, but the poor man who has retained his smile will become the companion of God. So does the folk understanding value a smile amidst cares. My advice is that you realize that the number of cares cannot be lessened. Only thus do we realize that joy is a special wisdom." [Fiery World I, 522]


2. "Every concern related to a bright undertaking is only a joy for us. Where there is no care, there is no love."  [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 2.  078]


3. "The wise man's concern is not for himself, but for the world." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1960, 359]


4. "It is inadmissible to be an egoist and to think only about self. In both thoughts and actions we must spread abroad concern about better earthly conditions. Let us not hide ourselves in the folds of our mantles when it is necessary to exert all keenness and good will toward humanity." [Brotherhood, 211]


5. "... All personal hardships are experienced easier when we have a great task and care for others ..." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 4.  071]


6. "Cooperation lies in mutual solicitude and hearty labor." [Fiery World II, 246]


7. "It is impossible to care for that which is not loved." [AUM, 138]


8. “The man who has cognized the essence of all things is not in need of them. The consciousness must be the object of primary consideration." [New Era Community, 246]


9. "Man must apply himself to the purifying of thinking. This will be action for the good of humanity. The Thinker advised that at all times, while inhaling and exhaling, man should maintain himself in a state of purity." [Supermundane, 587]


10. "Often a person, having mastered a possibility, then becomes careless about it. The festival flower is brought down into ordinary life, as something ordinary. Of course flowers are always pleasing, but it is better to transform everyday life into a festival of the spirit than to dirty the flowers with everyday dust." [Agni Yoga, 304]




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