The Four Seasons. Winter. February. Allegro by A. Vivaldi


Reflection of Fire by Nicholas Roerich. 19141. "What do people do when the voice of consciousness begins to be heard? Usually they try to suppress it by every means; finding it disturbing, they reject it. Yet, if man does not recognize his own gift, how can he advance?

People often fear the so-called conscience, believing that it speaks only after bad deeds. What an error! Conscience, or consciousness, prompts one to good. …If only people would listen to warnings, they could avoid many dangers. The voice of consciousness is neither small, nor muted, and takes no pride in its independence. The true collaborator cares not to notice the source of success, and gratefully accepts the gift of Good." [Supermundane, 457]


2. "... If the decision is in the heart, then the heart should be given freedom, that is, let it go up. How it rejoices in everything that elevates and brightens the spirit. This feeling is called conscience. But conscience lives in the heart." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1960, 138]


3. "It is the conscience and the heart that should prompt how best to fulfill the duty." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 4. 167]


4. "Everyone experiences inner relief when he knows that he is acting as he should. One may explain this feeling as a conscious reflex of the nerve centers, or, as it is said, as conscience, but let us not forget also a cosmic reason for such a state. Right action will be in cooperation with the Fiery World." [Fiery World II, 320]


5. "Be true, be loyal to your pledge, to your sacred duty, to your country, to your own conscience." [Mahatma Letter to Convention - LMW 1 No. 2]


6. "Conscience is clear, and you can safely look into the eyes of the whole world. Precisely, it is necessary to achieve that state of affairs so that they will not be ashamed of anyone, even if the most secret thoughts and deeds become apparent. After all, they will all become apparent sometime and somewhere. And you have to be ready for this, too. And it takes a lot of courage to gather in order to appear before the eyes of those looking at her with their naked essence. To appear, and not to be afraid, and not to lose the dignity of the spirit." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1955, 181]



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