Christ with His Disciples (Uncompleted) by Svetoslav Roerich.<br>Late 1930s – early 1940s1. "Perceptivity is a special quality of the consciousness. It does not depend upon the intellect; it does not depend upon surroundings; it does not depend upon the schooling – it is formed in the domain of the heart. The man who has accumulated this quality cannot be deprived of perception." [Aum, 271]


2. "Knowledge is an inalienable right of humanity. Freedom of learning is participation in evolution. Everyone who opposes freedom of learning is an enemy of evolution." [Supermundane, 798]


3. "The evidence of enlightenment is the best gift to evolution." [Hierarchy, 24]


4. "Teacher and disciple are indissoluble. Each Teacher remains also a disciple, for amid Hierarchy he will be a link in the Chain of Eternity. Likewise in the descending line, each disciple will also be a teacher.

It is a mistake to think that certain initiations elevate one to the step of absolute Teachership; only continuous discipline of cognition can be the living source of perfectment. Let us not look for limits in Infinity. Let us not understand cognition as something finite; in this limitation we lose the joy of Be-ness." [Aum, 492]


5. "Knowledge is above everything. Each one who contributes a particle of knowledge is a benefactor of mankind. Each one who collects the sparks of knowledge will be a bearer of Light. Let us learn to guard each step of scientific cognition. Disdain for science is a plunge into darkness. … Let us not forget to bear gratitude toward those who, by their own lives, inculcate knowledge." [Aum, 440]


6. "There is too much slavery in the world, and each flame of consciousness is too oppressed. Slavery and a consciously realized Hierarchy are like day and night. Hence do not be dissuaded from repeating – a consciousness of Hierarchy, Hierarchy of freedom, Hierarchy of knowledge, Hierarchy of Light." [Hierarchy, 345]


7. "... There is a Hierarchy of Knowledge, Spirits of Light standing on the Ladder of Life, who were revered by people as gods." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1962, 520]


Milarepa, the One Who Harkened by Nicholas Roerich. 19258. "Thirst is slaked by water. Thirst for knowledge is slaked by the path of approach to the Higher World." [Brotherhood, 459]


9. "One’s entire life should be transformed so that learning becomes a relentless necessity." [Supermundane, 33]


10. "The path of cognition has no end." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1971, 684]


11. "Do not be upset by ignorance, but look at it as the best arable land. Ignorance is often better than arrogant little knowledge; ignorance, bypassing average knowledge, can build bridges to the Highest." [Diary Leaves by Nicholas Roerich, March 24, 1940]


12. "Cognition is the process of liberation of thought; therefore, thought must be freed from the immobile forms that have been crystallized for centuries, [created] by ignorance, narrowness and ignorance." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1954, 632]


13. "... No philosophies will give you spirituality, because only in drinking the poison of life and all its illusions do we accumulate the cup of Amrita. ...Every broken illusion is a stage of knowledge. True knowledge is harsh, and the spiritual path is harsh." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 3. 191]


14. "Know, know more. People die from ignorance. People are suffering from misunderstanding. ...Why is the feat only in battles? Acquiring knowledge is a delicate and courageous work. We pay for every grain the price of suffering and tension. But the suffering will pass, and the knowledge will remain forever. Who will deprive you of it? With knowledge you will help, with knowledge you will advance, with knowledge you will create a New World. ...Not to wait for a New World, but it is necessary to create it." [Еxcerpts by Boris Abramov from the book "Aspiring Heart" 1951, 20]


15. "You may not know, but denial is unacceptable, because it stops the ways of knowing the world." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1957, 657]


16. "Immerse yourselves in knowledge, because ignorance is a terrible crime." [Supermundane, 586]


17. "Let us not condemn lack of knowledge, but let us sternly condemn deliberate ignorance. It must be understood where the boundary between insufficient knowledge and determined ignorance lies. One is curable, but the other is often irreparable. The one who denies knowledge is always self-conceited and pompous. Thus, by one’s everyday behavior can one’s essence be recognized." [Supermundane, 726]


18. "The world is divided according to the quality of consciousness, and the degree of ignorance is the measuring rod. Indeed, you know that ignorance is not cured by leafing through books, but by the synthesis of containment." [New Era Community, 193]



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