Calmness. Tranquillity

Thought (Thought. Aum) by Nicholas Roerich. 19461. "Tranquillity is the crown of the spirit." [Aum, 120]


2. "Action should be followed by a conscious calmness. This is not like a narcotic stupor, but is a sober and experienced use of goal-fitting strength. Much is said about calmness, and it is often described as a frozen condition. ...Calmness of action is the highest tension, like the flashing of lightning or the protecting sword. Calmness is not sleep or a tomb; in it are born creative ideas." [Supermundane, 36]


3. "Tranquillity of consciousness develops proportionately with the realization of the Higher World." [Aum, 45]


4. "For those whose consciousness is weak, calmness is perceived as not thinking, indifference, and absence of will; but for those of strong consciousness, calmness is a sign of the highest tension, indicating a broad consciousness, wisdom, and courage. Calmness is a manifestation of a great inner potential. One must consciously develop it..." [Supermundane, 682]


5. "The calm of the yogi is like the tensed power of the ocean." [Agni Yoga, 201]


6. "Because a heart is calm does not mean it is in repose. A burning heart cannot be at rest. Calmness of the heart means firmness and imperturbability. ...One should not seek to temper the heart in a state of inactivity...but rather in the tension of the heart." [Heart, 379]


7. "People talk much about the tranquillity of wise men, but it is really a great tension, so great that the surface of the energy becomes mirror-like." [Brotherhood, 132]


8. "The greatness of calmness and balance are attributes of the power of the fiery will of the human spirit over the world inside and outside. Let us affirm the fiery will in life and in action." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1953, 88]


9. "Why exactly calmness? Why not what other qualities? Is it not because calmness is the highest form of manifestation of the freedom of the spirit? It is calmness that crowns the spirit with freedom..." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1953, 329]


Tzong-Kha-Pa by Nicholas Roerich. 192410. "It is the calmness of tension that will be the crown of the spirit. Let all your anxieties and worries crown the dome of this tense calm. Calmness is a great force that gathers all hitherto scattered and restless energies into one focus, into one point, according to the principle of a battering ram, and ready for concentrated powerful action. Calmness is conditioned by the ability to control yourself, your feelings." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1957, 101]


11. "… How much people confuse peace of mind with the inner peace that is the source of peace for all else. Seeking for inner peace should be encouraged, for only this equilibrium makes higher communion possible and opens the doors for the best decisions. …People should strive for inner peace while participating in life. In the best teachings it is clearly indicated that one can be at peace even on the battlefield. …We must remind those who are lost to inaction that by their way of life they may create an illusion of peace, but their spirit will not be strengthened, nor will it succeed. … “Inner peace is an imitation of the Divine.”" [Supermundane, 254]


12. "But true calmness is gathered from the depths of inner stillness. It lives upon the trust based on knowledge." [Supermundane, 824]


13. "Do not confuse indifference with calmness. Calmness is light-bearing dawn, but indifference is darkness without a glimmer of light. Calmness is a smile of joy, but indifference is a crooked smirk." [Supermundane, 800]


14. "...Calmness as deathlike inaction, but calmness is really a state of intense psychic activity, like a still and luminous body of water fed at the bottom by healing springs bringing sustenance for the benefit of humanity. Thus calmness should be understood as work, absorbing and enlightening. The Teacher first of all tests His disciples’ ability to maintain calmness during times of special tension." [Supermundane, 725]


15. "... The more complicated the circumstances are, the more calmness is needed. …One cannot imagine to what a degree complex currents can damage the organism. That is why developing a state of calmness is beneficial." [Supermundane, 510]


16. "…Calmness is a relative state …and must be understood as harmony of thought. If one were to ask hermits how they achieve their equilibrium, they would explain that thought about the goalfitness of the universe is the best conduit to calmness. People may notice that after some time their past concerns seem less important. Thus the test of time is realized. …One should ponder upon calmness. There can be two extremes – eternal calmness, or eternal agitation. It is not possible to advance during a state of agitation, and inspiration will not descend upon those who are possessed by it.

The Thinker used to say, “A restless one is like a sack full of nutshells.”" [Supermundane, 517]


17. "Discipline in proportionality teaches us to treat everything with due calmness." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 4. 086]


Lotus by Nicholas Roerich. 193318. "The spirit that holds the light is a battering ram that breaks the darkness. ...Not what is happening outside is important, but the reaction of unshakable calmness to what is happening. ... When you meet a wave [of events], you should not think about it, but about yourself, about the center of intense calm in yourself, created, forced, approved at the very moment of the meeting." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1955, 315]


19. "It will be asked what calmness there can be when the world is in convulsion, but it is precisely when the world is in extreme tension that calmness is needed. At such times problems are not solved by usual methods. It is necessary to call forth from the depths of one’s accumulations all Primal Energy and all the steadfastness upon which calmness rests. However, there is much earthly impatience, which, like a hail of arrows, shatters the concentration. One must stop to remove these arrows and in doing so diverts one’s attention from the most important." [Supermundane, 72]


20. "Impatience is not an engine. The true engine is calmness of spirit and peace that transcends human understanding." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1953, 137]


21. "You can only win with calmness." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1953, 215]


22. "People are often confused as to whether calmness is possible when the world is in such commotion. But We have in mind a calmness of consciousness which, if attained, becomes inviolable. Then, although one may express indignation through the outer centers, or in words, the consciousness will remain serene. Such a state is not easily attained, and will not come from mechanical methods. One can extinguish outer flames by means of rhythm, but the steadfast consciousness is born of the link with the Highest." [Supermundane, 447]


23. "Truly, for all observations and conclusions a calm consciousness is needed, otherwise the perception will be distorted. But such calmness does not come from a renunciation of action. On the contrary, one can participate in all the best aspects of life while the consciousness remains calm. This is possible when man knows his future path." [Supermundane, 497]


Tidings of the Eagle by Nicholas Roerich. 192724. "The Thinker used to say, “Friend, if you want to see a clear reflection in a basin of water, wait until its surface becomes calm. Calmness is the garment of wisdom.”" [Supermundane, 690]


25. "And you learn to be calm always, in everything, under all conditions and surprises. A crooked mirror does not reflect the Truth." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1951, 24]


26. "Great equilibrium must be found between tranquillity and the realization of danger. It is inadvisable to surround oneself with terrors, but neither is carelessness the solution." [Brotherhood, 432]


27. "... Calmness is needed as a remedial condition." [Agni Yoga, 41]


28. "In order to always come out victorious, it is only necessary to keep complete calm and balance in all cases of life and under all circumstances. The one who keeps the balance is always the winner. If only people could feel the significance of this power!" [Facets of Agni Yoga 1955, 350]


29. "Keep calm at any price." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1955, 315]




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