Aspiration for the cooperation

Slavs on the Dnieper by Nicholas Roerich. 19051. "Cooperation must be accepted as the foundation of Existence."  [AUM, 424]


2. "The Teaching considers the whole World as a Single World Community. We are instructed to develop a sense of cooperation, solidarity and friendliness, but bodily pushing is not commanded anywhere. The exchange of labor and mutual assistance should not impose conditional restrictions. ... Every equation inevitably dissolves talent into insignificance, which leads to a loss of culture and a decrease in the level of civilization, that is, to a debauchery and, alas, to the next stage of debauchery, namely to coarsening. Therefore, Community and cooperation must be understood broadly and vitally. It is new scientific discoveries and life itself that will prompt new forms of cooperation." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 4. 109]


3. "Peace is the crown of cooperation. We know many equivalent concepts – cooperation, collaboration, community, cooperative – these are most hearty, unifying fundamentals, like beacons in the darkness." [New Era Community, 272]


4. "Cooperation and close living together are based upon the heart." [Fiery World II, 132]


5. "Cooperation is a sign of the epoch." [AUM, 422]


6. "... It is necessary for humanity to hastily assimilate two great concepts – Tolerance and Cooperation. These are the two foundations on which a New Era will be built." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 3. 094]


7. "When our gaze is directed into the future, each benevolent cooperation constitutes a wise action." [Fiery World II, 111]


8. "The development of humanity is now at a level that summons all to cooperation, because the basis of Be-ness is sensible cooperation and cognition of psychic energy, without which mankind will be thrown into chaos. External accomplishments will not save man from self-destruction. …Proper education can ward off the danger of savagery." [Supermundane, 719]


9. "Each domain of life has become so complicated that cooperation everywhere is required. Not a single branch of labor can be named in which a man can regard himself as an isolated unit. Therefore cooperation becomes, as it were, the science of life. ... In each school subject the inherent possibility of cooperation should be pointed out precisely. ... Thought must be thus cultivated in order to sense the utmost useful application above and beyond conventionality. Some may not comprehend what relationship the cultivation of thinking has to the laws of cooperation, but cooperation is the harmony of humanity." [AUM, 423]


Building of the Town by Nicholas Roerich. 190210. "It is the duty of every thinker to contribute his cooperation to the common chalice of evolution for the Good." [Decade by Nicholas Roerich]


11. "...From heart to heart – such is the law of fraternity, community, fellowship." [New Era Community, 275]


12. "Cooperation must be voluntary. …The condition of voluntary agreement must be laid into the foundation of advancement." [New Era Community, 9]


13. "Cooperation is possible only at a certain stage of purification of the heart from the self." [Еxcerpts by Boris Abramov from the book "Aspiring Heart" 1958, 418]


14. "The basis of cooperation first of all lies in taking responsibility for each other." [Heart, 559]


15. "To the concepts of cooperation should be added those of teachership, of guidance, of respect for one’s fellowman, respect for oneself, and for those who follow. Precisely at present it is impossible to lessen the significance of cooperation, as a means of broadening the consciousness. One must grow to love cooperation as a pledge of general success." [Fiery World II, 350]


16. "If there be no confidence, then cooperation is changed into a jar of poisonous scorpions. I affirm that realization of psychic energy cements the firm foundation of cooperation. Not an abstract concept but the evidence of energy will yield new thoughts." [AUM, 422]


17. "People do not realize that when they are united their energy is increased many times." [Supermundane, 385]


18. " Forces acting in direct opposition to each other are mutually annihilative. Forces acting in parallel and in the same direction are effective in their sum total and forces acting in opposition are decreased in proportion to the angle of divergence. Why cannot people acknowledge that this fundamental law of physics is also a fundamental law of cooperation!" [Infinity II, 433]


19. "A nucleus of two or three friends, co-workers, can manifest the strongest support for great works." [Fiery World III, 80]


These Shades Must Never Fade by Svetoslav Roerich. 196420. "Unity is indicated in all beliefs as the only bulwark of prosperity. It is possible to approve the best achievement if there is confidence in the unity of employees. You can list many examples when faith in employees helped high decisions. Let people... remember the value of cooperation. The grain of labor dries without the moisture of reciprocity." [New Era Community, 4]


21. “…Always recognize people by the fires of the heart, by their devotion and readiness for self-sacrifice and any cooperation, there is no other measure." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 2. 132]


22. "We need conscious friendly cooperation always, everywhere and in everything. But all artificial associations did not lead to anything good and will not lead. We already have an example of communal living in the family." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 6. 080]


23. "It is necessary to forget all the past, do not think about the insults caused to you. If only we could cooperate. Also, nations should forget about their past grievances. The future is bright, we must bring everything to it." [Tips for every day by Yuri Roerich]


24. "Cooperation is not easily achieved. For its assimilation a whole series of lives is sometimes required. People understand with difficulty the combining of individuality with communal labor. The human consciousness tosses like a ship in a storm, forgetting about synthesis." [Brotherhood, 243]


25. "The more ignorant a person or a nation is, the less cooperation there is in it."  [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 1. 071]


26. "Not by beastly ways will man perfect himself. He is a social being and each thought, each word, is social property. Man cannot live without associating with other people, and he must learn to understand this most noble existence." [Supermundane, 181]




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