Nocturne by P.I. Tchaikovsky

Friendliness. Amicability

My neighbours by Svetoslav Roerich. 19611. "Let us also strengthen ourselves in the thought that we shall establish friendly relations with all people." [Heart, 595]


2. "... Let us turn to friendliness as a basis of life. Friendliness is not the rouge and powder of malice. Friendliness is not a veil. Friendliness is not a mask of treachery. Friendliness is not an affable grimace. Friendliness must be understood as a feeling coming from the heart, devoid of hypocrisy. There are many errors concerning the concept of friendliness, for people have become accustomed to deceive even themselves. But since the quality of friendliness is indispensable for the Fiery World, it must possess genuine honesty. First of all, Fire does not tolerate fluctuations. Hence, one must understand the quality of friendliness in its entirety. Friendliness should not be considered as some sort of achievement. One should not give praise for the quality of friendliness, for it is inseparable from an expanded consciousness. ... But let us not make of this fiery quality, weak will, subserviency, and pitiful hypocrisy." [Fiery World I, 138]


3. "It is asked – what most of all hinders every good beginning? Reply – precisely absence of magnanimity. No creative attainment, no cooperation, in fact no community is possible without magnanimity. One can observe how through magnanimity labor is made tenfold easier and, it would seem, nothing could be simpler during an inspired work than to wish only for the good and for success of one’s neighbor!" [Fiery World III, 424]


4. "It is useful to think about the best aspect of everything that is taking place. Even small signs reflecting the best in life afford a glimpse of Light. They also stimulate the flow of gratitude and magnanimity." [Fiery World I, 405]


5. "Friendliness is not violence. Growth of the heart comes not from a whip, and a beautiful garden can be grown only by beautiful actions." [Fiery World I, 161]


6. "Everyone has a great many friends, but must learn to love them. There can be no friendship without love." [Supermundane, 641]


7. "It is not easy to cure eyes that are darkened with the dust of discord. An eyewash of true magnanimity is the first expedient." [Fiery World I, 124]


8. "...I am so concerned that you should not lose a single opportunity for manifesting friendliness. The best fuel should be preserved for the fire of the heart. The store of friendliness generates true compassion..." [Fiery World I, 661]


9. "We understand that there is no more difficult task, how to bring various human consciousnesses to a harmonious relationship. This psychological field is not only the most complex science, but also the greatest art. Therefore, you should treat your friends with all care and friendliness, the latter is likely to help smooth out and circumvent many sharp corners." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 7. 008]


10. "In most cases, friendliness and cordial warmth give the best results." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 3. 070]


11. "In his very nature, a Yogi is friendly. He examines every human manifestation thoroughly, and if he finds a particle of good in it, he bases his judgment on that particle. But if the Yogi senses just cosmic rubbish, he will sweep it away, knowing that this kind of decay can be transformed only by fire. A Yogi understands that it is impossible to judge anything correctly by its changing state. It must be examined in its various stages of manifestation, prior to forming any judgment as to its essence.  Understand that this is the basis of friendliness. It is better to err on the side of good than to judge harshly.  ... The Thinker asserted, “Maintain friendliness as a torch in the darkness.” [Supermundane, 855]


12. "... The most sure path is the path of altruism. Let us recall the dangers we have escaped through magnanimity. Perhaps we do not even know the limits and dimensions of such dangers. But the heart bears testimony that precisely good-will did help in the most difficult hours." [Fiery World II, 158]


13. "One may advise many of the panacea of magnanimity. We shall not tire repeating about this remedy of spirit and body. Some day physicians too will prescribe magnanimity as a most powerful antidote." [Fiery World II, 240]


14. "... The first sign of culture is the absence of personal discords." [Hierarchy, 146]


15. "One can regard the entire illness of our planet as the result of the complete discord among those who could have united their forces for Good. It is most deplorable that even in a temple the hearts of men are not transformed for cooperation. Thus, let us ponder upon each act of friendliness, which is already a spark of cooperation." [Fiery World I, 657]


16. "Who can say when all measures of magnanimity are exhausted? The Hierarch alone can take upon himself such a decision." [Fiery World II, 89]



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