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Ability to help

Good Herbs. (Vasilisa the Wise) by Nicholas Roerich. 1941"The path of life is one of mutual help." [New Era Community, 5]


"Being able to help is a great happiness." [Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 82]


"The goal and meaning of existence is to strive upward beyond the limits of the known and to help one another… Help wherever the hand can reach, wherever a thought can fly. Thus shall we rap upon the future." [Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 160]


"Help each other, harken! Help in the small and in the great. Help is a rap upon the future. You know not which is the drop that filled the cup to the brim." [Hierarchy, 434]


"It is necessary to help everywhere and in everything. If obstacles to assistance be encountered through political, national, or social lines, or in religious belief, such obstacles are unworthy of humanity. Help in all its aspects should be extended to the needy. One must not scrutinize the color of hair when danger threatens. One should not interrogate as to religious belief when it is necessary to save from conflagration. All Teachings point to the necessity of unconditional assistance. Such help may be considered true inspiration." [Aum, 452]


"Is it necessary to help? It is so necessary that it cannot be expressed. And it should be done by a thought, and by an advice, and by a deed, and by all available direct and indirect means. After all, the main reason for the global crisis is the lack of mutual assistance. ...Meanwhile... the ongoing crisis is not of material, but of spiritual significance." ["Help" by Nicholas Roerich]


"In the East, there are such fanatics who, for fear of complicating their personal karma by interfering in the fate of their neighbor, refuse to help him and even calmly watch him drown or die in a fire, not realizing that it is this refusal to help that makes their karma heavier. Who can say when and where we pay our old debt? Only an Arhat can know when and where he should not help, but we are obliged to extend a helping hand where the heart tells us. But, of course, commensurability must be observed everywhere." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - IV. 57]


"Assist all who strive for perfectionment." [Fiery World II, 448]


"One must not fear to come forward and help wherever it is possible to elevate the consciousness." [Fiery World II, 179]


"Find the fiery forces that will help to manifest courage on all difficult paths." [Supermundane, 586]


"Let each one help where he can; no opportunities are insignificant. Where there is true striving, help is more easily granted. We try all the ways." [Supermundane, 298]


"Whoever wishes to help must be prepared to assist in every way. Only with such readiness can one find the path of application." [Brotherhood, 451]


"Timely encouragement is valuable, perhaps more valuable than many other kinds of help. The one who encourages shares part of his energy, and such distribution of one’s best possession is of value. Let all those who wish to think about the Supermundane first of all experience the joy of help. Such joy is beautiful, and it belongs not only to the wealthy. Good advice can uplift and enable someone in trouble. Everyone can share valuable knowledge. In such a condition of tensed benevolence, the one who helps acquires increased strength and resourcefulness. Blessed be all help that comes from the heart!  The Thinker taught, “Learn to help; this science is blessed." [Supermundane, 650]


"The Thinker used to say, “We must all sense where help can be applied. The less noticeable it is, the more perfect it is." [Supermundane, 498]


"... help is an art that must be developed by labors in the earthly life." [Supermundane, 894]


"On top of the material assistance is the help of the heart. And the rarest and most valuable flowers grow in this garden.” [Diary Leaves by Nicholas Roerich. March 24, 1942]


"Most ... who talk about helping and serving humanity think of doing this without sacrificing anything. The help will be valid only when the burden of the other is shared and the helper takes on his own shoulders a part of the karma of the one who is being helped. ... This is what everyone does whose heart burns with the fire of compassion." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1965, 523]


"Real help is always done at one's own expense and usually entails the expenditure of psychic energy. Such help requires a certain degree of self-sacrifice, since the pain or burden of the one who is being helped is taken upon himself and transmuted on the fires of his heart. If nothing is taken on itself, then the help is invalid. ...There are few who want to take on someone else's pain, when there are too many of their own burdens. But everyone who truly helps must necessarily give up something of his own. If he is ready for this, the help will be effective." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1968, 355]


"Thus, let us be on guard against everything which sways our thought away from that of good for others." [Fiery World II, 434]



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