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A sense of Unity

The Book of Life by Nicholas Roerich. 1930s1. "The beauty of life is contained in cosmic unity..." [Infinity I, 117]


2. "…It is time to understand and recognize that God is One, and therefore there can be no separations and divisions." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 2. 115]


3. "Affirmation of unity is aspiration to the higher law, which humanity in its present state contains with difficulty." [Brotherhood, 346]


4. "The language of the spirit is the same for everyone, in all ages and among all peoples, but it is not easy to discern and understand it, and it requires a developed sense of awareness and a lot of experience. ... The joy is that although the Banners of Light of all ages and peoples are diverse, but their essence is one and the Focus is One. Let the external differences not confuse… The language of the spirit of all times is the same." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1965, 496]


5. "In fulfilling My Will you offer Me the opportunity to fulfill your will. Where is the boundary between wills that together strive toward Light?" [Hierarchy, 40]


6. "The Light is one, and the gates to it are truly international, and they are accessible to all sincere seekers of light." [Cultural Milestones by Nicholas Roerich]


And We See by Nicholas Roerich. 19227. "Certainly, the consciousness of unity can open all the locks which separate man from the Higher Truth. The world of the spirit needs to be understood. Thus, everyone can evoke a most subtle current from the depths of the heart." [Fiery World III, 129]


8. "...Unity is a real motive force. It has been said that unity is a magnet. It is a healer, health, it is rapid attainment… unity is harmony with Hierarchy." [AUM, 433]


9. "The foundation of the New World is the unity of everything and everyone and in everything." [Facets of Agni Yoga 1952, 76]


10. "Place four stones in the foundation of your actions: First – Reverence for the Hierarchy. Second – Consciousness of unity. Third – Consciousness of co-measurement. Fourth – Application of the principle, “By your God.” … For the second stone, gird yourselves with the weapons of the day, don the armor of your actions, and refresh your receptivity with a mouthful of sobering water." [Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 235]


11. "Spiritual unity is, first of all, the admission of a multitude and variety of stages of consciousness, but not the imposition of one's own. …Everything should be based on the example of Nature, which accommodates everything in itself and harmoniously selects its neighborhoods." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 3. 213]


12. "... It is possible to direct a rook when there is confidence that none of those sitting will overturn it. ...We will be united and we will win." [Notebooks of Helena Roerich, 1936.03.24]


13. "... Of course, it is not an external unity that is indicated, but a unity, or harmonization, of consciousnesses, which cannot be accomplished overnight. Such a union requires a common basis of high morality and full recognition of the unity of the Hierarchical Principle, hence perfect devotion, which teaches us, first of all, recognition. ...You can't combine sheep with tigers. Nature is our best teacher, and therefore we should look more often at how, accommodating everything, it at the same time harmoniously and expediently selects its neighbors in all its kingdoms. There are plants that will never grow together, and at the same time, each of them is useful in its place. But, being forcibly planted in close proximity, they lose their usefulness and degenerate." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 5. 99]


And We Open the Gates [And We are Opening the Gates] by Nicholas Roerich. 192214. "The whole world is held together by harmony or unity, and where this unity is broken, decomposition occurs there." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 6. 061]


15. "... Every grain of unity is already an invincible blessing." [To Our Friends by Nicholas Roerich]


16. "Love each other – beware of disunion." [Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 10]


17. "Who, then, are they who do not esteem and love unity? They have never experienced the feeling of steadfastness which is always connected with unity. They do not know valor, which is indissoluble from unity. They have renounced advancement, which is strong in unity. They have not absorbed the joy existing in unity." [AUM, 443]


18. "People ordinarily avoid the word unity; they are afraid of it. At the same time they talk much about sympathy, but they forget that these concepts are identical – one without the other is unthinkable. Likewise with other concepts; people try to accept the one carrying the least responsibility. Sympathy may be limited to words, but unity necessitates action." [AUM, 87]


19. "Yes, unification is possible only when striving for a common cause and in any absence of personal attempts. If it does not work out, it means that the participants are only interested in their own. Personal interests conceal countless reasons for discord and serve to repel each other. ... Only it, the common cause, is the cement  that can fasten individual stones on the building." [Еxcerpts by Boris Abramov from the book "Aspiring Heart" 1952, 126]


20. "Until everyone transfers their consciousness from personal interest to common, there can be no unity." [Еxcerpts by Boris Abramov from the book "Aspiring Heart" 1952, 83]


And We Do Not Fear by Nicholas Roerich. 192221. "Work with all the strength of the spirit to unite all coworkers. In unity, all the power, the expansion of consciousness will help to assimilate this principle and apply it in life. The accommodation of unity is a measure of the growth of consciousness." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 1. 50]


22. "...Without the ability to maintain unity among the co-members, no spiritual advancement is possible. Many people understand unity as the acceptance by all coworkers of only their opinions and cannot find the generosity to make a concession. Yes, there is nothing more difficult than learning how to cooperate. Meanwhile, a new stage of evolution urgently requires the establishment of such cooperation." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 6. 15]


23. "Here it is possible to ascertain the increment of force in a direct ratio; actually, where two are united in thought the result is the force of three. But it should not be forgotten that each counteracting thought consumes much surrounding energy; that is why it is so rarely possible to observe a successful unity. Truly, a single horse can hold back the entire caravan and defeat a successful consummation." [AUM, 281]


24. "The study of the progression of collective energy can demonstrate that unity is not only a moral concept but also a powerful psychic motive force." [AUM, 377]


25. "...In addition to the fact that unification evokes an intensification of Our help, it acts as a “pump,” pouring forth spatial energy. People do not realize that when they are united their energy is increased many times." [Supermundane, 385]


26. "...We insist upon the need for harmony and unity. We often speak about unification, but now We wish to point out a special aspect of this concept – harmony. Only unification will bring right results. It is true that any kind of unification will intensify energy." [Supermundane, 349]


27. "...Unity cannot be feigned and deceitful. Any lie in unity will be destructive. But unity is bright and invincible, in which there is nothing false, in which the heart is open. ...The combined power is multiplied immeasurably." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 5. 31]


28. "In the opinion of many, unity is an unnecessary anachronism. They presume that individuality is safeguarded by disunity; such is the logic of darkness. Yet sometimes amidst dangerous epidemics, by remembering simple expedients, people find salvation. Thus simple are the means of unification. They unequivocally smite the darkness." [Fiery World I, 234]


29. "But labor unity can be so close – one has only to give up two or three prejudices and habits." [Humaneness by Nicholas Roerich]


30. "Only in unity is strength. This has been known since time immemorial, yet people have always transgressed this law. Precisely unity is needed in order to carry out a difficult task. If humanity were willing, it could work miracles through unified striving." [Fiery World III, 426]



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