The Swan by C. Saint-Saens

A sense of Beauty

Devika Rani Roerich by Svetoslav Roerich. 19461. "High Spirituality is an ardent Love for everything Beautiful." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 9. 178]


2. "…The essence of religion as the aspiration of our essence to everything Beautiful, to everything evolutionary, is a feeling innate in us, as is the feeling of attraction or love. And only the degree of our consciousness determines the stage of our evolution. Properly understood evolution is the aspiration to beauty in all its manifestations. On the right path of evolution there will be no negations of the foundations of Being..." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 7. 006]


3. "The divine principle in man, his intuition can act in our still coarse bodily shell only under the stimulus of higher vibrations, which are born only from striving for the Beautiful." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 7. 006]


4. "... True evolution is accomplished only on the foundations of Knowledge and Beauty." [Greetings of the Banner of Peace Conference by Nicholas Roerich]


5. "Beauty and Knowledge are the foundations of all culture and it is they who change the entire history of mankind." [Treasure of the House by Nicholas Roerich]


6. "From the slightest flower, from the wing of a butterfly, from the sparkle of a crystal, and so on and higher, through beautiful human images, through the mysterious touch of the aboveground, a person wants to assert himself on the unshakably beautiful." [Himalayas by Nicholas Roerich]


7. "Amidst various labors, thought about the Beautiful is the bridge and power and stream of benevolence. … Let us organically analyze different thoughts, and we shall see that a beautiful thought is a treasury of health." [Fiery World II, 177]


8. "Beauty should not be confused with cheap vulgar conventionality in everyday life and with luxury. True beauty is in Nature, in the refinement of feelings, in the manifestations of the inner man." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 9. 133]


9. "Origen said “With the eyes of the heart we behold Be-ness.” Only through the heart can we discern the beauty of the world manifested by the Heart of Cosmos." [Infinity, 76]


10. "To listen to the Beautiful and to look at the Beautiful, means to better oneself.” [Supermundane, 608]


Gaillardias by Svetoslav Roerich. 193811. "People have only two real joys – thinking and the ecstasy over beauty. The path to the Fiery World has been affirmed by these two manifestations. Only through them can man advance to the lofty spheres." [Brotherhood, 85]


12. "The sign of beauty will open all the "sacred gates". Under the sign of beauty, we go joyfully. We win with beauty. We pray with beauty. We unite with beauty." [New Era by Nicholas Roerich]


13. "More than two thousand years ago Plato left us a wonderful message: "From beautiful images we will move on to beautiful thoughts, from beautiful thoughts – to a beautiful life and from a beautiful life to absolute beauty." [Sources of My Inspiration by Svetoslav Roerich]


14. "Striving for the Beautiful should become the norm of our everyday attitude to life. And in this aspiration we will be able to express ourselves most fully." [Art and Life by Svetoslav Roerich]


15. "Striving for the beautiful is striving for perfection. Beauty is the highest expression of Nature's striving for perfection in its myriad forms and combinations. The search for the beautiful in life will lead us to an ever deeper understanding of it. Each combination of conditions has its highest point, the ultimate ratio – this complete, most vital, most expedient and perfect harmony of all its constituent facets in a particular space and time. The course of evolution constantly reveals new types of beauty. Often an artist, a poet can predict the ultimate goals of the natural forces at work and give us his prophetic visions, thereby becoming our guide on the royal path to more perfect combinations. Where to find this approach to beauty, how to realize the element of beauty in our life? All great art, great thought is the worship of beauty in all its diverse manifestations, and by studying the works of great people and following their instructions, we enter the sacred workshop and temple of Nature, which eternally improves its creations and seeks new combinations and new expressions." [Art and Life by Svetoslav Roerich]


16. "When we think about beauty, when we create beauty, we project our conscious perception and intuitive reactions into the sphere of greater perfection, greater harmony. We join a more progressive evolutionary state and try to update our intuition, our vision. ...The cultivation of the beautiful, the search for greater perfection, greater balance, harmony is the shortest path to the higher realms." [Art and Life by Svetoslav Roerich]


17. "Beauty is Harmony, and Harmony is that high state, which for all of us should be the goal of our aspirations. Beauty is the sacred stone of philosophers, which turns simple metals into pure gold, Beauty is the most complete expression, Beauty is the ultimate goal." [Art and Life by Svetoslav Roerich]


18. "Let's strive to make our search for beauty our everyday experience. Let's try to find beauty in all our daily duties, because even the smallest task can be done beautifully." [Art and Life by Svetoslav Roerich]


19. "Think of the best way to beautify each place, and you will be more certain to protect yourself from trash. Think how much better than the old each new thing must be, and thereby plant firm the ladder of ascent. Think how beautiful tomorrow will be, and thereby learn to look ahead." [Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 297]


20. "Beautiful is the law that thought guides man. Beautiful thought does not lead the way to darkness." [Fiery World II, 431]


Song of the Waterfall by Nicholas Roerich. 193721. "... Education in the perception of beauty is the most important aspect. Man must belong to Beauty! He can perceive it in every sunbeam. He can accept it in the harmony of sounds. Poverty is no obstacle, for Cosmos is open equally to the poor and the rich." [Supermundane, 426]


22. " Ask anyone with what he would like to adorn himself, and you will discover his level of consciousness." [Fiery World I, 653]


23. "Thoughts should be directed to the Beautiful, as a salutary medicine. ... Amidst the most grievous struggles, remember the Beautiful. It can be a panacea for the heart of the toiler." [Supermundane, 135]


24. "Sublime thinking and admiring beauty in all its manifestations are the best healers. The nervous system feeds on the beauty and violent vibrations emanating from works of art. When our consciousness understands their meaning and perceives their vibrations, then our whole being receives healing through the approval of a new rhythm. Where there is beauty, there is health. But, of course, subject to the understanding and perception of beauty." [Letters of Helena Roerich in 9 Volumes - 9. 009]


25. "Beauty will be found and recognized in all the positive qualities and high manifestations of the heart, and just as people are now ashamed of the ugliness of the external, they will also be ashamed of the ugliness of the internal. Who doesn't want to be outwardly beautiful? People spend so much effort on it. Meanwhile, external beauty alone without internal beauty is like an ornate coffin and can attract only very narrow-minded consciousnesses... In the New World, the recognition of inner beauty and its correct assessment will be revealed. The greatest beauty lies in harmony with the Higher World, when a person, merging in harmony, becomes like a Prototype and reveals the Truth.

...The key to understanding beauty and achieving it will be the heart. It will be the first to tremble when meeting with true beauty and the first to rush to beauty. Not the brain, but the heart will be the conductor of beauty. ...It will come and be established by our hands, our efforts, our will. It will become the leading incentive for human actions. It will renew and regenerate life." [Еxcerpts by Boris Abramov from the book "Aspiring Heart" 1951, 44]



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